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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Lease Questions



  • I certainly can ali9986. Mercedes-Benz Financial's November buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 GL450 with 15,000 miles per year are .00131 and 55%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The residual values for a lease with 12,000 miles per year would be 2% higher. The 10k residual would be 3% higher.

    I believe that the conquest program did continue in November.

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  • Hi ali9986. The money factors that you posted are correct.the 71% residual value is correct for a 24-month 10k lease, but I'm not sure what terms the 50% resid corresponds with.

    The last time that I checked, the MSD policy that you described was correct. Of course, you can't have a negative money factor, but I don't think that there is a money factor that MB won't allow deals to go below.

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  • Hi dkalbs. This looks like a good selling price to me. As far as the money factor goes, just as the dealer what factor they are using. MB Finance's current buy rate for this truck is .00131 for consumers who qualify for its top credit tiers.

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  • Hi glipper,

    just wanted to share my recent deal on 2012 GL 450 @ MB Princeton. I think you can still do better.

    MSRP = $71510 (pkg1, parktronic, blindspot,apperance pkg, trailer hitch)
    Negotiated Price is $63000
    Fleet Employee Discount is $3k
    24 months lease
    with FEP discount --> 10k mile/yr is $572 and 12k mile/yr is $605
    w/o FEP discount --> 10kmile/yr is $702

    I think the MF is .00141 and RV is 71% and 70% respectively. Good luck!!!
  • Thank you for sharing the 63,000 negotiated price. Is that net of a Conquest discount? What is the Fleet Employee Discount, and is that reflected in the 63,000 price? Just trying to understand what is attainable for me. I am eligible for the Conquest discount, but not sure about the fleet ee discount.

    Thanks again.
  • balbsl,

    conquest discount wasn't included in my negotiated price since I don't have any other luxury car. I believed the FEP discount from my company is 3K and I think it varies from company to company. I also think they can't combine either program.

    here's what I've noticed, I just asked them to give me the best price on my spec and to ensure to include the negotiated price (I didn't mention FEP or Conquest) and they all came back with the following based on these MSRP

    Here's from three dealers that quoted me: - ~2k drive out cost and no downpayment
    MSRP = $70,510 ; NP = $63100 == $730/month 10k/24months
    MSRP = $72,210 ; NP = $65897 == $825.89/month 12k/24months
    MSRP = $71,510 ; NP = $63000 == $703/month 10k/24months

    then I just mentioned the FEP discount... one came back "No" and one came back "yes".

    The average discount off the MSRP on 2012 GL450 seems to be in 7.5k w/o any program (unless this is the Winter Sale Event discount)

    Hope this helps and good luck!!
  • Hi dkalbs,

    Looks like you picked the last one (MSRP $71510) as your final deal. However, per your previous email, your payment/mo is about $572. this means your final price was $60,000, right?

    If it then this would the best deal I have ever seen. Please confirm.
  • @dkalbs - Just to confirm - I am looking at at the last option too (MSRP = $71,510 ; NP = $63000 == $703/month 10k/24months ), and it seems like my dealer can't even get close to the 63K sales price. How did you get it down there? That's really the crux of this issue since without it, I can't get close to the monthly numbers that I would need.

    Who is your dealer (you can mention dealer without the sales guy's name here)?

    Thanks so much for your help,

  • Just purchased a 2012 GL450 yesterday at a orange county, Ca dealership.

    vehicle options:

    359: ext: capri blue metallic
    154: int: cashmere MB-Tex
    P02: premium 2 package
    220: parctronic
    234: blind assist
    289: wood/leather steering wheel,
    319: lighting package
    335: GL appearance pkg
    550: Trailer hitch
    581: 3-zone climate control
    866: rear seat entertainment pre-wiring
    056: accessory rear seat entertainment system

    MSRP = $79,030 (incl $875 destination)
    Invoice = $73,691 (incl $875 destination)
    Negotiated selling price = $67,030 ($12,000 or 15.18% off MSRP) ($6,631 or 9% off Invoice)
    finance rate= 1.9% for 66 mos
    drive out cost = $20,000 (first mo $844, down $18556, DMV fee $545, doc fee $45)

    payment $844/mo

    btw, the deal includes MBZ offered $4000 conquest cash rebate incentive that worked for me since I own a bmw and a lexus.

    btw: got the preliminary negotiation w/ $67000 done over the internet through email exchanges (~30 mins) and couple of hours later drove there, finalized the deal for $67030 w/ manager's approval and picked up the car in about an hour.

    Let me know how the deal went?
  • ali9986,

    just picked up the SUV last Thursday. The final price was in the high $59k close to $60k. I took the 12k miles/year for $605/month.
  • krimgold,

    You have to shop around with different dealership in your area. I specifically mention that I need arctic white and I am only paying the basic drive out cost (processing fee, 1st month payment, registration and upfront tax) - no downpayment. Fortunately, I didn't have to bargain, both salesperson just gave it to me that way and I know that was already a good deal, then I asked for the money factor and residual value which will affect your monthly payment, make sure to ask them about those. MB @ Princeton is what I ended going for.

    can you share what the following:
    Negotiated Price
    Money Factor
    Residual Value
    lease terms and yearly mileage
    monthly payment

  • DKalb, thanks for the quick reply! I would love to help out your sales guy if possible. Can you please email it to me please at I have 4 cars that I can give him if the price is right.

  • This is the exact same deal I get a few days earlier except for a different color and I am on a lease. With multiple deposits, I have a 24-month lease of $562 tax included.
  • Hi carman,

    Your bottom line number does not make anything out to anybody. To better understand on your deal, can you mention the following (just like i did in my email)?

    As minimum:
    MSRP =
    Invoice or exact options =
    CAPITALIZED cost =
    24 mo Money Factor (MF) =
    24 mo Residual Value (RV) =
    24 mo no of miles driven per/year =
    # of MSD = Drive out pocket total =
    Drive out cost (incl security deposit) =
    Aquisition fee =
    DMV reg fee=
    Doc fee =

    In order to secure a good deal, you should be known all these numbers the by now for your deal.
  • I just leased a 2012 GL350. Palladium Silver with Black Tex. MSRP was 70,470. Negotiated price was $63,500 including $4000 conquest for the Audi I own. 36 months and 12,000 miles per year. I also had a trade. They gave me $31,000 and I owed 25,000. The trade eliminated the NJ taxes. The equity was used for inceptions and the rest as cap cost (I'm normally against that but figured it was a trade as opposed to writing a check). So roughly a $3,700 cap cost reduction. Also, I gave them 10 security deposits ($7,500) and signed up for autopay. Also put 3 years prepaid maintenance in the lease.

    $640/month for 36 months. I live in Northern NJ.

    Probably not the best deal ever, but I'm pretty happy with it.
  • *Update*

    I just got a call from the dealer saying that Mercedes rejected my application. They said that you can't put a cap cost reduction and multiple security deposits on the same lease. So, the equity I have in my trade is effectively going to the multiple security deposits and my payment goes up by $100/month. Net net it's all the same, I just bring less money to the dealer tomorrow to pick up the car. But have you ever heard of this?
    Car _Man can you confirm this? Thank you!
  • Please let me know what part of the country you are located and dealership. I'm in Atlanta and they are only offering 4-5,000 off list.

    Looking for one-pay lease 24 months. Any tips?
  • Does anyone know December promos from Mercedes? Better than November? I've seen lots of postings/ads for 2012GL with package 1 at 500-550/month as a one-pay with 7,500 miles/yr on a 24 month lease but can't find anyone to sell me one.

    Any thoughts on how they are getting there? Coupons/Promos

    Seems like a great deal: IF REAL!!
  • Just wanted to pay it forward and post my results since I used alot of the information from these boards to get there. Here is the lease I signed today at Greenwich dealership.

    Capri Blue 2012 GL450
    Cashmere Interior
    P1 package
    Wood/Leather steering Wheel,
    Lighting Package
    Trailer Hitch
    Running Boards
    Rear Seat Entertainment

    MSRP $73,390
    Selling Price $63,000

    There was a 4K incentive used, seemed like Winter Event and Conquest are the same thing or are being used interchangeably. And then he was willing to go 2500 or so under invoice.

    24 Month/ 10K miles
    .00131 MF
    71% residual

    $637/month with taxes included
    $2200 due at signing (doc fee is kind of high for these guys but the deal was so good they wouldn't budget)

    Hope this helps someone in there negotiations.
  • That's similiar to the deal I got yesterday at a Benz store in White Plains, NY. The same exact M.S.R.P. but it is silver with black interior. 24 month lease with 10,000 miles per year.

    $577 per month with tax included
    $1,846.00 due @ signing.

    The selling price was $61,540.00 and they told me the winter event was the same at conquest as well. They wanted to charge $1,095 for the bank fee and after speaking to the Manager I got it for the published rate of $795.
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