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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Lease Questions



  • tlecotleco Posts: 34
    Ok 24 months $550 or a about $1300 plus out of pocket $2500 or total payment
    Of $15500
    70% residual of $70k is $49000
    I am wondering who is paying the different
    If you can walk out with $950 payment here in Texas you are lucky
  • gunssgunss Posts: 7

    Great deal indeed! Where in New York did this take place? I live in Rockland County, 10901 zip code.

    Please advise if you can. Thanks!
  • llngoc2llngoc2 Posts: 15
    I got my local dealer to come down to this for a 2012 GL450 for a 12k/year 24 months lease:

    MSRP: $72005
    Net Cap cost: $59350 (After $12655 off MSRP)
    Money factor: 0.00140
    Residual value: $50403 (70% residual)

    Acquisition fee: $1095 ($300 markup here)
    Deposition fee: $595

    How realistic it will be for me to negotiate the buyback price down at the end of the lease? My intention is actually to purchase the car at the end.

    BTW, the exact car we want is on transit but the dealer wants us to complete lease paperwork today and have it submitted next Tuesday when the car arrives. Does anyone see any issue with it?
  • tlecotleco Posts: 34
    Residual is HIGHER so you monthly payment is LOWER.
    If you want LOWER residual so you can buy back then your monthly payment will be higher. You got $12000 off and still want lower payment and lower buy back... What else do you want? Free service for life? free tires and brakes???
    may as well ask them while you are at it
  • llngoc2llngoc2 Posts: 15
    Thanks for information.
  • skinsoskinso Posts: 8
    Hi everyone, just picked up the last GL450 in one of the SoCal Dealership with all the extra options below:

    -3-Zone Automatic Climate Control -Inc: Rear Air Conditioning

    -Accessory Chrome Pkg -Inc: (4) Chrome Door Handle Inserts Hood Fin Covers Chrome Mirror Housings

    -Accessory Rear Seat Entertainment System

    -Blind Spot Assist

    -Class Iv Trailer Hitch -Inc: 7500Lbs Towing Capacity

    -Gl Appearance Pkg -Inc: 20" X 8.5" Twin 5-Spoke Aluminum Wheels P275/50R20 All-Season Run-Flat Tires Brushed Aluminum Rubber-Studded Running Boards

    -Lighting Pkg -Inc: Headlamp Cleaning System Bi-Xenon Headlamps W/Active Curve


    -Premium 2 Pkg -Inc: Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror Comand Hard Drive Navigation System Ipod/Mp3 Media Interface W/Cable Pwr Front Seats W/Memory Pwr Folding Exterior Mirrors W/Memory Auto-Dimming Driver Side Exterior Mirror Pwr Liftgate Pwr Tilt/Telescopic Steering Column W/Memory Rearview Camera Sirius Satellite Radio W/Hd Radio 115V Pwr Outlet Harman Kardon Logic7 Surround Sound System W/Dolby Digital 5.1 Keyless Go
    -Rear Seat Entertainment System Prep

    -Side Running Board Illumination Kit

    -Wood & Leather-Wrapped Multi-Function Steering Wheel

    MSRP is $79185, got a 10k discount on sale price, and paid $2,500 drive off including first month payment. monthly payment is $750, 8.75% sales tax included. 10k miles per year.
    The dealer marker up the money factor by 0.0001 from 0.0014 to 0.0015. residual is 71%.

    Is that a good deal?
  • rx5zigenrx5zigen Posts: 5
    Great deal! Which dealer and where?
  • llngoc2llngoc2 Posts: 15
    I am from Northern CA, Dublin area.
  • llngoc2llngoc2 Posts: 15
    So this is my final deal and the car is on the driveway!!!

    The car:
    2012 GL450
    Appearance package
    Blind spot assist
    Pre-wire for rear entertainment system
    Tow hook

    MSRP: $72005
    Net Cap cost: $61144 (After $12655 off MSRP plus $1095 acq fee and $699 for 2 year maintance)
    Money factor: 0.00140
    Residual value: $50892 (70% residual)
    (Somehow the 2 years was charged at $699 and the residual is raised so the net cost of the maintenance is $250 to me)

    This is a 24 months with 12k per year.

    I ended up with a minimal cost driveoff at $1214 with $635 monthly payment. (including $51 of sales tax) I think I got a decent deal and am happy with it.
  • Congrats on the great deal. If you dont mind, can you please share the dealership and the initials of Client adviser. I have done this before without compromising the forum rules.
  • llngoc2llngoc2 Posts: 15
    This is Pleasanton MBZ and I used the internet sales quote service. But the deal worked because of the conquest credit (expiring on 7/31?)
  • lex13lex13 Posts: 11
    I used this deal as a play against the dealer. My MSRP was 75k, I got about 13.5k off and 71% residual for 10k miles. Thanks for the help appreciated. I got it at Fletcher Jones in Newport Beach.
  • llngoc2llngoc2 Posts: 15
    This is an awesome deal. I wonder if SoCal should be getting better pricing as I was able to get much better price from a SoCal dealer for my 911 last year. But the same dealer who also has a MBZ franchise would not give me more than $10k in discount when I tried to deal again so I ended up dealing locally. What is the MF you got?
  • mjf415mjf415 Posts: 5
    Picking are getting slim in the greater NY area for 2012 GL450s. It was hard to find any color other than black in my area and just about everything is loaded to the gills. I leased a palladium silver w/ P1 and a few other options yesterday. MSRP was $72,600; paid $62,300 including the 2 year maintenance. The bank fee is $795. Total payment on a single pay lease is $15,350. This forum was really helpful and cut down on back and forth of negotiating. The whole process took about an hour.
  • rocky725rocky725 Posts: 30
    Great deal! Please post dealer name if you don't mind or send a private msg. Thanks.
  • gp56gp56 Posts: 1
    Just leased a GL450 with an MSRP of $76,325, 24 months, $2800 at signing for first payment, tax and bank fee, $640/month on LI. This is a 7500 mile per year lease. In addition, they waived the last 4 months of current 2010 ML lease. Seemed like a good deal, especially since this is what I was paying for the ML per month and it had an MSRP that was 20K less.
  • 123ml123ml Posts: 5
    That payment seems way over what the others are paying on this site for the GL 450. The miles are not correct for the current program. Does anyone know if MB is giving dealer cash? Seems that dealers still have a good amount of inventory and the new model is due out soon
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    hey guys,

    To tell the truth, we had too many cars, really didn't even need this GL450, but I could not pass up on this deal. When i noticed the residual was 71%, I called around a few dealers to get a guage of the discounts being offered. I got a range of 7k to 11k off. Which I was ok with, but i called around from my state(Michigan) to D.C. Market.......and lastly chicago.

    The d.c. market, i had people hang up on me, when I asked for $14k off msrp. BUT......i actually had a store manager call me back, offering $15,000 off, if i took their black bluetec(anyone interested call MB, i forgot if its alexandria or chantilly...the manager is an asian guy, has acccent, very direct, no games with him).

    My local dealer and I had been going back and forth.....i basically told them i'll take any car on their lot, just looking to lease and return in 24months. They called saying they had a demo with under 2k miles, so they offered it for 14k off. I did a ONE time pay.........with 795 aq fee....200doc fee.....and 6% sales tax(we only pay tax on monthly portion).....ended up being $10,280!!! That also includes 2yr maintenance. I was super happy with the deal. I was offered $12,500 off by 3 dealers, so you guys should aim for that at a minimum. My car stickered for $71,540. black on black. (as a side note....the sound system is not impressive for a suv of this price)

    As for the chicago dealers.....every one of them acted like they were doing me a favor by selling for $3k off msrp. The chicago market is full of people who overpay, and these dealers have gotten gready. But i guess if you can get away with it.......why not.
  • Wow... nice job!

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Hi Carman,
    What are the money factor and residual for August? I assume 24 mo is the best. And can you post both GL350 and GL450 info (money/residual) and any cash you know of (loyalty, conquest, dealer cash)? Thanks.
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