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Toyota Camry Hybrid Owners Problems & Solutions



  • bob_grahambob_graham Posts: 63
    Hope thi helps. I have a 09 Camry Hybrid. The card titled Starting / Stopping Hybrid System & Switching Igntion On/Off" says:

    2. "Carry the key, simply press the button. Do not depress the brake pedal."

    Even shows a little picture of the foot "not" on the brake.
  • bob_grahambob_graham Posts: 63
    Does anyone know how to reset the oil change reminder after the oil is changed?
  • kperskykpersky Posts: 2
    My husband bought a new 2007 Camry Hybrid over a year ago. The interior smell is so overpowering it's difficult to ride in the car for long. He leaves the windows open overnight while the car is parked in the garage. Also, we live in San Diego so we are able to ride with the windows open. Still, after his 30 minute commute home his clothes smell like the interior of the car, and our garage smells this way. It is not new leather smell (although the interior is leather). It's a powerful, chemical smell. We talked to the dealer and they replaced the filter but this did no good. Any ideas???
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    I would find a day I can do without the car and let the dealer have it an encourage him to let one of the salespeople with the longest commute take it home.

    After they experience the smell just the same way YOU are dealing with it, then they might be more willing to help you trace the cause.

    My guess it that it can't be HEALTHY if it is that overpowering.

    Regardless, I would insist the dealer find out the source of the smell. You might can get a new TCH out of this deal if they cannot locate the problem.
  • bob_grahambob_graham Posts: 63
    I had a 04 Mercedes C Class with a sort of rotten smell a few years ago. The dealer had a process where they sanitized the air system. This took about 4 hours.

    Had the same problem in a 98 Grand Cherokee. The Jeep dealer did the same thing to fix it. I also live in California near San Francisco so maybe the coast (moisture) adds to the problem.

    I think it was caused by moisture in the system. Can you describe the smell? Mine would get stronger with just fresh air and no air cond on.

    I have noticed a slight rotten smell a couple of times on my 09 Cmery Hybrid. It did go away.

    You should go right to the service manager, this problem can happen in any car. There may even be a TSB on this problem. It happens in a lot of cars.

    Check this site: bad_smell_for_2-3_minutes_when_you_first_turn_on_the_air_conditioner
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Details are in your owner's manual.
  • sheldo1sheldo1 Posts: 64
    Anyone have problems with a humming noise when you use the AM band of the radio? I have this very annoying noise at certain frequencies only.
  • nkaizernkaizer Posts: 25
    I've got a 2009 TCH with the 16 inch 8 spoke aluminum wheels and 215 60 R 15 tires. I was wondering what would happen to the mileage computer if I upgraded to the LE's 17 inch rims with a 255 aspect ratio. What about the real nice TRD 18 inch rims. How would that affect the operation of the hybrid electric motor, i.e., perhaps reducing the stellar coasting ability I now enjoy (probably largely attributable to the CVT). Any thoughts on changing the wheel size on a TCH from the 16s to a maximum of 18s?
  • It cost me $40 bucks to have the dealer disable the gustapo chime.
    It took them over an hour to get through the programming to do it.
    Worth every penny. Worth every minute.
  • I have over 67,000 miles on my 2007 TCH bought in February 2007. It is a Kentucky built model. No NAV. No Leather. He are my tech notes of interest to this forum.
    Tires - The Bridgestone Turanzas are horrible. You will not see more than about 35,000 out of them. I changed to a different model after the second set at 62,000 miles. I am not an aggressive driver. :blush:

    Aftermarket GPS - Beware of GPS placements and electrical interference in the TCH. When powering GPS via 12vDC cords, I think the electrical frequencies confuse some GPS units.

    Battery - The NiMH batteries do not start the TCH nor do they run the accessories. The little 12vDC battery in your trunk does. You can kill the battery in a TCH just as quick as any other car.

    Starting - Beware of cell phones. Keep them away from your key fob and shut them off when diagnosing problems. [see manual... it talks about this]. Use the brake pedal.

    Turning Off - Do not touch the brake pedal!

    Aftermarket filters - Mine works fine [K&N]

    Bluetooth - Horrible system. Never use it due to noise and echo.

    Transmission - This is the best CVT on the market. Nissan buys it for their Altima Hybrid, and they already have a CVT in most of their cars. Enough said.

    ICE - It will run less in the summer months and you will get better mileage in the warm months of the year. Seems counterintuitive, but it is my observation.

    This is the best car I have ever owned. It is my 14th car. Lucky me! ;)
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    What tires did you replace with after the Turanzas? I am at about 35K on my 2007 TCH and I will need tires soon and I'm not sure which way to go.

    Thanks in advance for any advice from any other owners
  • They are Yokohamas, but the dealer chose them as I have a "tires for life" program. They seem fine, but you need to select tires from Consumer Reports if you the one paying for them. Your local library will have back issues. At the back of each issue is a product/date match-up index to help you find the most recent tire reviews.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    "Transmission - This is the best CVT on the market. Nissan buys it for their Altima Hybrid, and they already have a CVT in most of their cars. Enough said. "

    The Nissan CVT was not a hybrid unit. That is why they use the Toyota CVT. The Nissan CVT has been very reliable from what I have read. But in any case there can be no comparison between an HSD and a CVT. They are entirely different technologies.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Gestapo? I don't think so. The reminder chime isn't mandated by the government, which is why your dealer could disable it.

    Studies have shown the devices increase seat belt use, which in turn save lives in crashes. The chimes don't bother my wife or me because we always buckle our belts, except for pulling from our short driveway into the garage. And we always put heavy items in the trunk, not on the front passenger seat.

    To each his own, however!
  • I was not speaking to the Nissan CVT's developmental origin or their mainline CVT's design intent.

    Nissan is a CVT powerhouse, and they could design one for the Hybrid. But they do/did not plan on selling a lot of Hybrids and the developmental costs of tranys and ICE's are too high these days.

    Anyway, this is a TCH forum and I should not have made the the Nissan CVT comment, nor should anyone have responded to it. Sorry for getting off track.
  • plknjplknj Posts: 121
    FYI... My TCH came with Michelin's and I just changed them to another set of Michelin's at 44,000 miles. At they are ine of the two tires listed as standard with the TCH. A little more expensive but they have been great ride and wear wise.
  • mirspotmirspot Posts: 15
    I bought mine in July 06 and had to replace the terrible Turanzas around 27K. Replaced with Michelin Pilot Exalto (after a LOT of deliberation scanning through and other similar sites and aliases) ... I like them so far... after 10K miles on them. But again, the moment of truth will probably arrive somewhere after 25K.

    My Tank Average display is showing around 39 mpg.....the other day it showed 40.5 ... but it has been hovering around 39 for the past ~2 months ... before it used to stay around 36. I think it's gone nuts... 40.5 couldn't be right, right? Well, my wife thinks I may have finally learned to drive normally ;)

    Also, just by looking at mpg numbers ... I think the Exaltos may have low roll resistance compared to other tires in it's class. One more thing, I try to keep them inflated at 34psi. +A%2FS

    Good luck with your purchase.
  • Hello all.

    I just picked up from 09 TCH three days ago. I am still learning the "best way" to drive this car, but I have a few questions that I need assistance with.

    1) One issue that doesn't seem normal to me...When I am at a complete stop, and then push the accelerator to go, there is a pause, a bump, a jerk, and then it takes off. Is this normal? It's like a jerking movement. Am I pushing the gas pedal too hard or not hard enough? I've tried it both ways, and it does the same thing every time.

    2) Also, when I turn on the car first thing, it's so quiet. Then about 10 seconds later, I hear the engine kick on. During the quiet seconds, is the car on? Am I able to move the car (back out of my driveway) during this time or do I have to wait to back out when the engine kicks on?

    3) When can you use the "B" feature (battery mode) instead of putting the car in "D" (drive)?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!!! :)
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    First, while I found the '07 TCH manual to be badly organized and written, your questions suggest you might benefit from reading sections of it. I hope they improved the '09 version.

    1. If the engine is off while stopped, pressing the accelerator restarts the engine. And yes there is a slight pause and sometimes, I'd call it, a little hiccup before starting off. A firmer push on the gas pedal should reduce the sensation. It's normal, though.

    2. I believe the engine cranks up 7 seconds after the "ready" light turns on. No need to wait. You can drive away immediately.

    3. The transmission "B" mode stands for engine braking. I believe its intended use is limited to vehicle control on steep grades. Normally, the brake pedal provides the best combination of braking and charging the battery.

    The TCH's hybrid system automatically determines the best combination of engine/battery use.

    Good luck with the new car. As far as I can tell, the TCH enjoys about 99% satisfied owners.
  • I have an 09 also

    1. Mine does the same thing - seems less so now that I have 6000 miles on it
    2. Pretty normal - You can drive right away, I think it does this to get the 4 cyl engine up to temp for emissions
    3. B is the braking mode, the transmission does not have gears, it is a CVT drive train, this mode creates braking as if you were down shifting - allows the battery to charge quickly and also slows down the car as you desend down hill..

    One note, for normal shut down you should turn off the car with you foot "OFF" of the brake.
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