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Toyota Camry Hybrid Owners Problems & Solutions



  • pat85pat85 Posts: 92
    Thanks. that shows how to remove and replace the wiper blades on the pages you pointed out.
    I bougt some single, center clip wipers that are Teflon. I got them at
  • I just got back my 2007 TCH from our local dealer (here in the Philippines) where they performed a 20,000-mile periodic maintenance tune up/check up.

    On my way home the "check engine" indicator lit (the yellow light with the Engine symbol and below it read CHECK). I called my Toyota service advisor and informed him of the incident. I still have to bring back my car to the dealer first thing Monday morning to find out what caused the "check engine" indicator to light up since it's already a Sat evening.

    I was still able to drive my car home though since I was on the road when this happened and except for the lit indicator, didn't feel anything strange with the car. I just hope it's nothing as complicated as the other problems encountered by some owners while reading through this forum.
  • Did you do a fill up? Check the fuel door / gas cap. If the gas cap is loose the check engine light may come on. It may take a few miles for the code to reset if the cap is loose.
  • My 2009 had a similar problem and they replaced the whole hose system (from gate to tank) and it solve it at once. The mentioned that TCHs had this part defective.
  • Has anyone put those newer-style, frameless windshield wiper blades on an older (circa 1999) Camry? Do they fit ok? How to they perform? How do they look?

    I upgraded the wipers on my 07 Mazda 3 to trico neoform beam blades and they work unbelievably awesome but that is a newer vehicle with a fairly curved windshield. I'd like to hear about people with an older camry with a little flatter windshield. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Jeff :confuse:
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Yes, they should work with no problem. Just be sure to get the right lengths, esp. since the driver side is longer than the passenger side, if I remember correctly for that generation of Camry.
  • rocoroco Posts: 1
    :D I just purchased a 2007 Camry hybrid :D and would like a 2007 Camry hybrid brochure to add to my collection. I tried on ebay with no luck. Anybody have any ideas where I could find one.
  • fred2005fred2005 Posts: 1
    Did you ever get this problem resolved, and if so how? We have taken our Camry
    Hybrid to the dealership several times without any results.

    Thank you for your help.
  • This chemical smell, in used cars or brand new? I've had this problem in a used 07 4runner previously owned by a smoker. The dealer initially tried to cover it up with some strong chemically smelling stuff. I think they basically sprayed the whole interior with some sort of awful chemical. It was bad, so I took it back to them. Then they explained the were going to ionize the inside which would completely get rid of any smell. False. The chemical smell was still there, although not as strong. Just a case of the dealership doing as little as they possibly can.

    The real reason I ventured to this board is because I'm thinking of trading my 07 SR5 4runner for a Hybrid. The 4runners aren't what they used to be. I'm not loving the cheap plastic look at all, and the 18 mpg doesn't help either. I just feel weird trading a 4runner for a TCH. I never thought I'd drive anything other than a 4runner until I experienced the 07, It's just not the same quality I've been accustomed to over the years. It's still a great vehicle, just not close to what they used to be.What is the quality of the TCH like? Has quality dropped in the camry as well? '
  • I'm scheduled for dealer service shortly. Have 49k on my 2009 TCH (purchased in 2008) and have two main concerns.

    I have found 2 small spots of rust on the top of the car. My son pointed it out to me. They are small, but it is rust on a relatively new car. My TCH is white. Has anyone else had this problem? If so did they repair it?

    There is extremely loud "road type" noise from the rear wheels, mainly on the right hand side. Have brand new tires, up to date maintenance, etc. But this is prevalent between 45-60mph. I was told it could be a wheel bearing. Does anyone have any idea?

    Still getting great gas mileage but I'm not sure if I'll keep the TCH much longer.
  • I am having the exact same strong "chemical smell" odor problem with my '07 TCH. I am curious to know what was the final resolution?
  • pat85pat85 Posts: 92
    I traded a 2003 4Runner V-8 with Sport package that got 15 MPG in town and on the road. (actually took it off road on the NC Outer Banks) for a 2009 TCH.
    I really liked the 4Runner. The TCH gets close to 35 MPG in Town and over 40MPG on the road. We had so much snow last year, I really wished I'd kept the 4Runner. I had no complaints with my 4 Runner. The TCH is boring by comparison. There is at least as much cheap plastic in the TCH as on the 4Runner. I think you might miss your 4Runner if you trade it on a TCH.
  • I am the unhappy owner of a 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid- has anyone any advise /suggestions for me about the following problem- on 3 occasions I have come home from travel to find my car sitting at the airport with a dead battery (2 times after 7 and 5 days) or parked at home with the same deadness.
    One Toyota mechanic suggested that this is standard for this car- if that is true Toyota is in for a ground swell of unhappy owners as well as for a class action attorney's dream case. I welcome some help here
  • Very odd behavior! I have a 07TCH and have not driven it for up to 12 days without battery issues (including the winter here in MI). The only time it discharged was after I had the remote start installed - the battery would run down, but there was a service bulletin that was published regarding this and the problem was fixed (over 2 years ago), and no problems since then. It is NOT standard for this (? or any) car. Good luck.
  • cdn_tchcdn_tch Posts: 194
    Which battery was dead? The 12v that powers the electronics or the traction battery?
  • hmac1hmac1 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2008 Certified Lexus IS 250 from a dealer in the S.F. Bay Area.
    It too has a really strong chemical smell. I didn't notice it until I had it a couple of days. I took it back to the dealer and they said they did the ionization treatment for a day and a half.

    When I got it back, it had more of a saddle soap odor, like a leather treatment. However, after 4 days the original chemical smell is coming back with a vengeance. It's actually nauseating after being in the car a short time. I keep the windows and sunroof open when not driving it - to no avail.

    Did you ever find the source of the smell?
  • We are having the same problem. We live in a downtown area and also work near where we live. We often go close to a week without driving. We also have the 2009 Camry Hybrid. We are now having problems when we let it sit more than a couple days. Their only suggested solution is to drive it more! We are trying to be green and Toyota is not helping. Did you find a solution?
  • fredo48fredo48 Posts: 11
    Well, I believe it was the traction battery as I had to "jump it" to get going.
  • We have to jump it every time too. Have you found no permanent solution?
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