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Ford Ranger Owner Experiences



  • I'm looking at a used 2006 4.0 liter 4x4 with 44k miles. I have always had Toyota trucks but I like the looks and ride of this Ranger. Any thoughts on this truck and the reliability of the 4.0 liter? Thx in advance.
  • I have a 98 ranger, bought new, 156k miles, has rusted off the frame hangers under the bed and been welded back. Right now, the muffler is rusted off, the 4x4 is dodgy at best (sometimes goes in, goes in/out, sometimes won't go in at all), has trouble starting in park (something to do with the gear shift, if I take it out/in a couple times, it usually eventually can start). This is a farm truck (as in routinely carries a lot of weight, muddy/dusty conditions, etc). I'm getting a new job where I'll have to travel and need a reliable vehicle. I took the truck to the dealership asking for estimate to get it spiffed back up and the guy said that he wouldn't put any money into it. He was real nice about it, but he said that "156k miles is a lot of miles for a ranger" He also said that if I haven't already done ball joints, then they will likely go soon.

    I'm used to getting far more than this out of a vehicle. Yes, this truck has been used as a truck, but are Rangers really at death's door at 156k miles? The engine is strong and has no problems. Its just the body that's falling apart. The blue book on it (as a poor condition vehicle) is around $2k.

    Would you put (likely) $2k into repairs or just look for a new vehicle? My biggest issue is that I need a reliable vehicle that will get me through snow, etc, etc. for work.

    Oh, and MPG sucks on it @ 11MPG. So I am looking at some Hondas. But I'm still amazed that a Ford dealership would say the truck is on its last tires. I'm wondering if they weren't just trying to sell a car off the lot or something.
  • swykesswykes Posts: 2
    I built a frame out of 2x6 to create an area between the wheel wells -xtend the 2x6 a little past the narrowest point in front and back of the wheel wells - looks a little like #, but straighter. I fill this area with patio stones. They're flat so they don't hinder loading the box with other stuff, and the homemade frame keeps them centred right over the rear wheels. I've got about 250 lbs in there now and it makes a big improvement - of course replacing the all-season tires on the back with some good winter tires would make an even bigger difference
  • pktrrmpktrrm Posts: 2
    I know a guy who's still running his ranger with over 412000 miles on it. He says he'll quit driving it one of these days, but it keeps going...
  • >>> I know a guy who's still running his ranger with over 412000 miles on it. He says he'll quit driving it one of these days, but it keeps going...

    Why doesn't he call FORD company , to do an advertisement on that . If he said he does not know how to then sell the Ranger (with 412000) to me , so I will do it .

    BTW what year is that Ranger ??????????
  • Any comments pro or con on this shortbed single cab.It has 108,000 miles and the fellow is asking $2800 for it.What should i look out for.It's a 5 speed stick.Heard there way underpowered but I dont carry any big loads,ecept myself.anything to lookout for?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    They are way underpowered.

    A shaft in the heater 'door' breaks, and dash must be removed to fix.

    I don't know anything about 4x4, but there is a LOT of complaints about the RAnger one not working. Grease hardens up and will not shift?

    That's a base truck. No extended cab. Is it at least an XLT? Is it in great shape inside and outside? Does it have a lot of options? Otherewise, it seems a little high. Almost 15 year old truck.
  • Bolivar,haven't seen the truck except on the web,Ad says it's XL with Air and 4x4.looks clean from the photo's.If not already sold I may go take a looksee.Have been researching comments all day online about the vehicle,some pro's/some cons.Hope to have more comments here from those in the know. thanks,Dave
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