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2007 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs



  • drjamesdrjames Posts: 274
    "Me, own a Camry...? "

    Oh, sorry. I just assumed you've had a very bad experience with the 07 Camry since some of your posts have bordered on negative.
  • drjamesdrjames Posts: 274
    "Yes, and drJames has probably taken and placed more calls in his "Camry" than anyone else I know....."

    lol, I'll admit I've taken and made calls while driving, though I'll admit it isn't the smartest thing to do. I practice sports medicine, so no I haven't seen any in emerg though I've certainly heard stories from colleagues.

    "How about Lighting a Cigarette? Should we make that illegal while driving? Sipping your Starbucks? Putting on makeup? None of that is illegal....."

    Very true, but I remember while in med school in Chicago, some friends were complaining about the talk of seat belt laws becoming mandatory. They'd argue that they have constitutional rights... But this never made sense to me, since driving is NOT a right, but a priviledge, sooo... if the US gov't wants to make one thing illegal and another not... then that's the way it's going to be.

    "Meanwhile, to get back to the topic, I'm alarmed that Toyota has first year woes on the Camry - you don't expect that from Toyota, and usually buy with confidence, first year or not. This is very distressing... very distressing indeed."

    It's an unfortunate reality that nobody let alone any company can stay PERFECT for ever. I think the only person in history to ever come close was named Jesus! ;) lol. But, what I think is important and tells the philosophy of the company is if they recognise these problems and do what they can to prevent it from happening again.
  • I respectfully challenge number of what I believe to be unsubstantiated claims re the predominant issue being discussed here.
    They might qualify as opinion, and while opinion deserves respect, they shouldn't be regarded as, or touted as gospel by any stretch of the imagination.
    Some Examples:
    Statements often made about all Dealers and their Service Depts. being incompetent, corrupt, dishonest, and other such obtuse compliments. I suggest this stereotype is unfair to a good many people in the business who aren't like that at all. Let's be real here..We're hearing only one side of these stories, and after all, this is the internet where anonymity prevails.
    Next, the claim that the issue which dominates this thread--hesitation in it's many forms--is "a broad application". At least until now, this hasn't beeen shown to be correct because it isn't being universally reported, nor has it been shown to be an across the board application either.
    Another claim--that the issue was only in Lexus a few years ago but has now propagated to the entire line. This idea is touted as plausible by the more technically astute contributors to this discussion, but the technical justifications accompanying it won't pass knowledgeable scrutiny by engineers who design transaxle systems.
    Yet another claim---the software designers for these transmissions are incompetent. I really challenge this, and would certainly like to know how any one person who isn't involved in the process can say such a thing. Let's just leave it at that.
    One more profoundly made statement--a recall wasn't done because of a potential loss of prestige, embarrassment,etc. How on earth would anyone except company officials by privy to a policy such as that? It's one thing to say it, but another to prove that it really happened. Tossing claims like that one around isn't responsible in my opinion.

    I'm speaking out about this not as a supporter of any particular automaker, and I fully realize this forum is by default going to attract negatives. However I do think participants sometimes go overboard in their criticisms. I simply felt it would be right to try and put some criticisms being made into perspective. No offence intended.
  • Re: Toyota is in just as much disbelief as we are about this broad application problem. It so rarely, to never, happens to them, that it's hard to accept

    You would think they would have learned they were not infallable from the engine / oil change issue from a few years back.
  • aburdaburd Posts: 23
    One more profoundly made statement--a recall wasn't done because of a potential loss of prestige, embarrassment,etc. How on earth would anyone except company officials by privy to a policy such as that? It's one thing to say it, but another to prove that it really happened. Tossing claims like that one around isn't responsible in my opinion.

    Such claims probably stem from last summer's frequent news releases such as the one below from Associated Press...

    AP 12:53 p.m. ET July 21, 2006
    TOKYO - In a rare public scolding of Japan’s biggest company, the government reprimanded Toyota Friday and called for improved recall practices amid a criminal investigation into a 2004 accident.

    The transportation ministry issued a “guidance” order requiring the automaker to report to the ministry by Aug. 4 steps it is taking to better monitor reports of defects and speed up communication within the company about possible problems, a ministry official said on customary condition of anonymity.

    The ministry did not fine Toyota or find it guilty of breaking the law.

    But public prosecutors, who are independent of the government, may still file charges against Toyota Motor Corp. officials, who are under investigation.

    Toyota Executive Vice President Masatami Takimoto said the manufacturer will do its best to beef up its practices as instructed by the ministry.

    “We take the directives from the ministry very seriously,” he said in a statement.

    The widely reported recall investigation — coming at a time when Toyota recalls are ballooning — has been a major embarrassment for Toyota because of its solid reputation for quality.

    Earlier this month, police said they were sending papers to prosecutors on three Toyota officials in a criminal investigation on suspicion of professional negligence for allegedly shirking recalls for eight years.

    Police say they suspect the three Toyota officials, whose names have not been disclosed because they have not been charged, knew about the problems as far back as 1996 but took no action.

    The defects being investigated, a suspected faulty steering part, may have caused an August 2004 head-on crash in southwestern Japan that injured five people, they say.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Okay, those of you simply out there in the church pews please, in the future, ignore everything I say. I am hereby turning my body to face the "choir" and in the future all of my statements will be addressed to those few, rather than the public at large.

    Okay, dealers and service departments. If anyone asks me where do they take their car for service it would be a rare occassion, a VERY rare occassion, were I to send them to anyone other than the marque dealer. The only exception I know if is the third party shop that has serviced my Porsches since ~1983. But then he is so booked up that he doesn't readily accept new customers.

    Regardless of how hard I press my own son and his wife to use Ford to service their 1994 AWD Aerostar they will always take it to some third party first, usually Firstone or Goodyear.


    Doesn't everyone know that most of these third party shops are simply rip-off experts? 30% commission to their mechanics for "upselling" customers.

    Again, Why?

    Because even in light of the above, the public at large has a higher opinion of these rip-off shops than they do of the dealer shops.

    If you do not have the wherewithall, knowledge and experience required to challenge the conclusions, diagnostic analysis procedures, of any of these shops then IMMHO you're most likely to be ripped off regardless.

    For instance, how many perfectly good car batteries are replaced every day when all that is really needed is to clean, burnish, and tighten the connections to the battery posts?

    A few years ago my son's 1992 Aerostar developed an intermittent problem wherein it would only upshift out of low gear at an extraordinarily higher speed.

    He must of spent upwards of $500, having it "serviced" at at least three different shops. I finally told him if he would take it to Ford I would pay the bill. $200 later Ford said their diagnostic indicated an internal governor problem and estimated that a complete transmission replacement was in order.

    It turned out even I was remiss in this instance. I had assumed that by 1994, with the engine ECU providing transmssion shifting logic, that the engine vacuum modulator was no longer in use to control shifting.


    So it was time for some self-education. The 1992 Aerostar did have a vacuum modulator, and when I subsequently disconnected the vacuum line from it the Aerostar exhibited the very same symptoms.

    So, off to Ford again and another $200 for them to install a new vacuum modulator. Guess what, same problem.

    So, we swap our own low(er) mileage 1994 AWD Aerostar with my son's 1992 AWD Aerostar and now the 92 is local so I have lots of time and opportunity to troubleshoot it.

    The problem?

    The new vacuum modulator has a "set-screw" type adjustment to compensate for specific vehicular variations. Which, apparently the Ford mechanic/technician eiter ignored or was not aware of.

    More stories, call me.
  • A question to the host. I thought this forum was strictly about potential woes with the new Camry and not a general discussion about TOYOTA and their business practice or their customer service ? I think it is time for some house cleaning. Don't you agree ?
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Agreed. There are dozens upon dozens of posts having nothing do with 'Camry Woes', but instead general commentary on Toyota. (I realize I am adding, but if enough voices are heard...)..

    I think it would be helpful for example, to instead be getting updates from folks with the 6A Spike issue, the 6A Snap Ring issue and the 5A hesitation (which I believe was corrected by a TSB and no longer afflicts new prod.).

    When I request them, since I rent every week, Avis usually gives me a Camry. The only issue I had with one was a broken center stack door (would not latch closed) - though I imagine this one was fairly well traveled - the example had 22,000 miles on the odo already, and the earliest it could have been in service was late March. I also picked it up at ORD, and it had AZ plates..... and I took it to Milwaukee.

    My other issue with the new Camry is more materials related - as noted by Consumer Reports - the flashing for the inside door handle - inside portion is too sharp to be considered up to Toyota standards, IMO.

    Otherwise, the Camry (and the Sonata for its killer V6 at the price point) are my favorite rentals since I started this job (and rent cars weekly or bi-weekly) since Jan.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    that we are getting way too far afield here.

    This discussion is indeed about difficulties people are having with their 07 Camrys (not potential difficulties, btw) and not for all this other extraneous stuff.

    And regarding "enough voices are heard" it usually only takes one email to me, not a chorus of posts - those of you who have dealt with me in the past know that (alpha!! ;)).

    Let's get back on topic. Thanks.
  • chuck28chuck28 Posts: 257
    Hello all, please know that the v-6 rpm flare problems are still ot there. Myself and others who have had there trans replaced are still experiencing the flare. As I have posted already my new trans is 3 weeks old and has not corrected the problem. If you know of the fix please post it but don't assume the problem does not exist. Buyer beware...
  • Has the cruise control problem been fixed yet? I adapted to taking the car off cruise control at any steep incline, but it would be better if there was a fix. Its weird when i drive someone elses car on cruise control and not have to deactivate cruise control, but i guess driving the 07 camry makes me more in tuned with driving because i have to pay attention to the road a little bit more than i use to.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    I'm not convinced your problem is related to cruise control so much as it is to your choice of motor. Toyota's 2.4L I4 is a good motor, but it simply can't pull a grade in 5th overdrive as well as Toyota's torquey 3.5L V6. You're asking a willing, but limited, quarter horse to do the work of a 45%+ larger Clydesdale.
  • I purchased an XLE v6 on Oct 28th, it was manufactured on Oct 6, according to the door tag. I am experiencing significant lag (hesitation) when I press the gas pedal to pass someone. I only have 491 miles on the car and assumed that this issue had been corrected by a previous TSB and implemented on vehicles built in October??

    Other than going to the dealer, does anyone know if there is a way I can check which version of the code was installed on my car?
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    there are 2 TSBs one for the 6 speed the other for the 5 speed.
    the one for the 5 speed is the only one that apparently 'reprograms' the computer (the 'cdoe' change you are referencing) and, at least by reports here, has met with some success. It does not apply to the 6 speed, however.
    the 6 speed TSB has to do with a internal valve replacement and again by reports here, has not been nearly as successful.
    Folks with the 4 cyl. 5 speed are reporting a different kind of transmission misbehavior than is being reported in the V6/6 speed combination and I'm not sure that Toyota has figured out what to do about it yet.
  • Hi Carfreak123;
    I have an SE V6 that has about 4000 miles on it and it still has unacceptable "throttle" response. I have gotten used to it because It's my wife's car and I don't drive it that often. It goes great if you apply at least 3/4 pedal push all the time.
    Hopefully Toyota does something about this.
  • Thanks for sharing your experiences with ENGINE LAG... Since TMUSA is monitoring this forum, any response from him/her? Is this something Toyota is investigating, if so I am willing to provide a DONOR car. Please advise.
  • Hi Captain,

    Thanks for the response. After searching back through previous posts, I saw several that describe a hesitation when coasting down from say 40mph to 10mph then flooring the pedal.

    My experience is traveling at higher speeds like 50 - 60 mph behind someone then depressing the pedal perhaps to 3/4 to pass them, this is when I get at least a full second, maybe more in the lag time before the engine responds.

    I did not expect a Toyota to have this kind of a hesitation issue. :( Still have less than 500 miles on the car :cry:

    Anyone else experiencing this issue? If so, let's be heard so that a solution is found for this problem.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    the coastdown and then flooring the pedal seems to be the reported behavior in the 5 speed 4 cyl models as well as my own 5 speed Avalon (a V6 of course).
    the 6 speed reports are more like what you are talking about, rapid acceleration from a cruising condition during which time there is a delay (and engine speed spike) before the desired downshift engagement.
    The two are different - I have never experienced any 'spikes' or delays of any sort from a cruising condition or for that matter any problems at all with smooth (and very rapid) acceleration once my foot is on the throttle. Look for rather lengthy posts by wwest concerning what he calls 'full lift throttle', theories that I believe have some merit as to what might really be happening in those deepest synapses of our new car's computers.
    Sorry to hear that Toyota apparently has not been able to solve the 6 speed behavorial issues.
  • I saw the posts by wwest, he may be right when it comes to the "full lift throttle" theory. BUT, my problem occurs when I already have my foot into the throttle (maybe 1/8??) and then I quickly press it to approx 3/4. I DO NOT get an engine spike, I get nothing for more than 1 second and then the tranny downshifts and the car rockets away. This behavior is very disconcerting.

    I do believe that this may be related to the computer programming. Perhaps Toyota needs to look at the parameters used to account for people who press the pedal much more quickly (heck, I am only 47 and grew-up in the muscle car era, hehe).

    On the drive home from work, I did a test to see if easing into the pedal made a difference and it does. This somewhat confirms wwest's theory but under a different set of operating parameters.

    Where are you TMUSA? Help......
  • I was told a 'new' tranmission was on its way to the dealership. I hope this is a newly built one rather than an older/rebuilt one Toyota had in stock. I would love to know how to tell the build date/site on these trannys. Also are all these 6speed transmissions built overseas (and attached to cars here)?

    Given that tranmission swaps seem not to have worked for many people (based on this and other forums) - I do have my suspicions that this is nothing more than a 'buying time' solution until a real fix/redesign is available. I'd rather not put any more miles on my car. I'd rather get the dealer to swap cars not just a tranmission. I have only 375 miles on the ODO so far.

    Question: But just to be fair, let me ask has anyone had a transmission swap, that has not acted up again after a few hundred miles or weeks?
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