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2007 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs



  • francfranc Posts: 20
    I'm glad to hear that you don't have any problems. We have had BIG problems since day one.(Check my other posts) In fact we were getting ready to dump this 2007 Camry. However, we were surprised to find out that there is finally a fix. Of course we have not been told this by the dealer, since they have been telling us for months that these hesitation/surging problems didn't exist. We are a little disappointed that we have to find this fix information on the internet. According to the news release... "Toyota made a running assembly-line change, and vehicles built since early October have the modified software. Toyota says it doesn't know how many vehicles are out there with the old software" Can't believe that they don't know how many vehicles are out there. What a joke! What about us??? They made us look like idiots with unfounded complaints, and now what? If we had not had five other reliable Toyota Products I would have questioned Toyota's competence. :(
  • chuck28chuck28 Posts: 257
    IF anyone from Toyota is reading these post can they explain what they are doing about the on going rpm flare that has not been fix? Also why is it that Lexus is not experiencing the same problem seeing that they have the samre powertrain?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    First, most Lexus owners are too proud to admit they have made a mistake, let alone admit having been "HAD" by a car salesman. Additionally lexus always records customer complaints as customer "questions".
  • Well, as I said I would report back after I've had driven my '07 Camry for a few days.

    They put a new 6speed tranmission in my car (and fixed the ding). I've been driving it for five days now and can say it is behaving well, but the weather had been nasty over the weeknd and I only managed to put about 30 miles on it so far, plus I've been driving like a grandpa. Perhaps I should put it through it's paces. As I recall my tranny problems surfaced after 100 miles the first time. (I'd have to look at my notes to be sure).

    So far: no slipping in-and-out of gears. No flares. So the new setup seems to be behaving according to Toyota specs.

    Now a question: It seems the car starts out in 2nd gear (not first). It feels like it is slipping the clutch until the speed is appropriate for 2nd gear. Those of you who drive stick-shifts know what I mean. Is this normal?

    I would perfer the more direct thurst of the first gear. If starting in 2nd is the designed behavior for fuel economy reasons, I would rather give up a little FE and get back I little more snap when moving from stop. Maybe if I pressed forward with a little more punch from stop it might learn my preference.

    I understand different brands/models drive differently; my Infiniti wants to dance right from the word go. I had to learn to modulate the starts in that car. My Dodge Caravan is very linear in response when starting from stop. (Both are automatics).

    So can I teach the Camry to start from first gear?

    I did ask for comment back from the dealership about the differences between the old and the new transmission. They don't seem to know. They said they would get back when they find out but that was 5 days ago.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    I would take the car back to the dealer. The camry 6 speed should not start off in second gear.

  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    is this on a slick roadway, or on dry pavement? i would imagine experiencing something like that on a slick road perhaps as traction control kicks in to get you going, but not on dry pavement.

    also, perhaps if it's really cold, maybe your ECM/TCM is designed to avoid using all the gearing to help get the engine warmed faster.
  • Well, I did sort of promise to stay in the wings and not get involved, but seeing as you did come back to me, please indulge one more time.
    I hear your frustration and offer sympathy, alto' that probably doesn't help much. I do, however, have a thought or two on what some people like you may be experiencing and perhaps that will help to alleviate some concerns re two situations being talked about here. I speak specifically to the "searching" phenomeneon, and the "erratic" shift patterns that some are asking about.
    I've read many reviews on quite a number of newer models--not only Toyota--where similar shift "irregularities" are being reported by reviewers. All are common observations having to do with CVT (Continually Variable Transmission) technology that is featured on many of today's automobiles. A typical reviewer comment goes like this: "The transmission takes a little getting used to because it seems to be searching for the right gear at various speeds. This is typical of the CVT technology where fuel burn is prioritised and engine rpm and gear selection are continually adapted to best economy. My (the reviewer's)driving style is best categorised as "aggressive" and that seems to make these observations more noticeable. People whose driving style is more passive probably won't notice them at all"
    That said, then perhaps to some extent what is being seen is, as some are being told, a "normal" situation. It may also explain why folks like me aren't seeing a problem because our driving style isn't normally "aggressive".
    Just another theory to add to all the others?
  • I can assure you, the roads were not slick, though wet at times. But I have felt the tranny slip even on dry pavement. For example it did it in a covered parking lot.
    The temperatures have not been too cold about 45f~50f (7c~10c).

    This morning, On my way to work, I moved off from every stop little more aggressively. I must say, it felt assured and 'in the right gear'. So now I am thinking maybe it is my relaxed driving style that allows 2nd gear starts.

    Apart for that - all else is good tranny-wise.

    In response to a previous post (not connected to this thread)re: red stains under door sills after it has been sitting in the rain or after I have hand washed the car. Red stains are starting to appear under the bottom of the doors (on the door sills)and you can see the stain flow out on to the outside. I was able to wash out the earlier stains with some 'elbow grease' but they have re-appeared. I'll post small pictures soon so you can see what I mean.

    Hope this won't contine too long. Whatever gunk is coming out through the drains hopefully will wash out soon enough.
  • francfranc Posts: 20
    Sorry, but your theory is all wrong. I am a 63 year old female, not an aggressive driver, no speeding tickets in the last 45 years. This is my 4th or 5th Toyota. I have probably had 35 new autos in my lifetime and I would like to add if this one is not fixed soon it will be the last Toyota. The shift patterns are more than just erratic they are downright dangerous. When you take your foot off the gas pedal to make a turn, it thinks that you are stopping so the engine brakes and then downshifts. When pressure is then applied back to the pedal it shots you ahead and jerks you into the next gear; some times up and sometimes down. This is very very annoying and a safety issue. Please try again maybe you will be the one to solve this problem. :sick:
  • You really shouldn't be so quick to shoot the messenger!! I simply paraphrased what a fair number of professional reviewers have written about CVT technology and its apparent quirkiness. Those comments are theirs, not mine. I have to believe there's some truth to what they say. It may at least be part of what some owners are experiencing. It isn't theory if we accept that professional reviewers know what they're talking about. Evidently what you're experiencing may be something which goes beyond their assessment. Good luck in getting it fixed, whatever it is.
  • Really--This'll be my last interruption, but for purposes of clarity this is a cutpaste from one of the many reviews mentioning quirkiness with CVT technology:

    "The other major drive train development is the continuously-variable automatic transmission (CVT), which is becoming rather common, as manufacturers chase higher fuel mileage and lower emissions.
    This unit, supplied by XXXX, is similar in concept and design to competitive units. Most CVTs depend on the engine quickly getting to its most efficient operating rpm and then varying the transmission ratio as required for acceleration and cruising.
    We’re still not enamoured of this transmission design but that is likely due to an aggressive driving style. If you are more sedate at the wheel and rarely use full throttle, you might not even become aware that the transmission is different."

    Note, I avoided mentioning the manufacturer in this review, but it isn't Toyota. The review itself is from MSN.
  • I have a 2003 Murano 2wd that has a CVT. I love it! I am a rather agressive driver but the transmission does everything demanded from it. It is fun leaving a toll booth and leaving every one in the dust. The car accelerates faster than cars with more horsepower because of the transmission. When climbing hills in mountainous terrain the speed stays constant and the RPM moves up and down choosing the best power. I think I am more fussy about my beercan transmission in my 2007 Camry ie because of my experience driving the Murano.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    i may be wrong, but i don't think the camry uses CVT technology.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    You are quite correct. There is no CVT technology in the Camry except in the Hybrid. The V6 is a six speed regular automatic transmission.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Only the Camry Hybrid ( TCH ) does.
  • When you take your foot off the gas pedal ..., it thinks that you are stopping so the engine brakes...

    One of the '07 6-speed Camry's I test-drove in September did exactly that. My Camry's 'new-old' 6 speed tranny did that often and I told my dealer about it, and the newly replaced transmission does that about half the time (not always), but I have not noticed the accompanying "jerks you into the next gear" you reference.

    Like you, I don't care at all for the engine braking when I have taken the foot off the gas pedal.

    However, for the moment, I'm assuming this as an intentional, programmed, behavior, and so I am starting to resign myself to live with it - at least until the very moment they release a new 6-speed TSB/program to address this unusual engine braking.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    if you were driving a manual / stick and took your foot off the gas, eventually you'd find yourself downshifting to match engine output with speed.

    my 5spd and 4sp AT (Hondas) will downshift. they also have grade logic for holding the vehicle in lower gears to assist in going up and down steep grades. it all seems pretty natural for me, comming from a history of driving exclusively vehicles with manual transmissions - although sometimes the upshifts and downshifts don't happen exactly as i would have executed them in a manual... ;)

    the issue may be the gearing of the transmission, torque convertor capability, engine power and the programming of the ECU/TCM to achieve the highest fuel efficiency possible.

    i suppose that if the vehicle is shifting up rather quickly into higher gears to get the best FE, as they say, what goes up, must come down (eventually anyway). more gears, more shifting.

    the number of gears in the transmission, the gearing ratios, torque convertor and engine capabilities, and the programming is going to dictate when shifting will have to occur so that it's a smooth experience (just as it would be in a manual).

    i'd be surprised if the vehicle shifted immediately upon releasing the gas in any speed. one would think there's some hysteresis or rpm/speed band where the vehicle shifts into then back out of a particular gear, or exercises a feature of the torque convertor (lockup/unlock).

    it's possible as you say, they are still optimizing that programming to match the transmission, engine power, FE, and drivability requirements, but it's possible some aspect of your transmission / torque convertor isn't working properly.
  • Thanks...That is the info I had, now I need to get some space to get it to the dealer!
  • I read this post a while back and have been meaning to respond since I have experienced the same/ or similar problem. I've been getting a squeek, whine/whistle sound every now and then and finally found the culprit this morning on the way to work. The sound is coming from the upper seat belt latch assembly ( the part where the seat belt comes out of the pilar between the driver side front and pass. door). I kept hearing the sound when driving at low speeds. Seems road noise masks the sound after going so fast. The thing is that while driving, as my body moves in the seat, the seat belt moves moving that assembly creating that annoying noise. I kept hearing it when going over bumps, turning, when reversing and could not pin point the noise until I "replicated" (seems to be the buzz word I keep getting from the dealer) it with the car off this morning. I hope this is the source of your noise problem. I intend to report this issue to the dealer along with the growing list of other problems I am and keep encountering.

    I just got my car back from the dealer yesterday following another drop my car off episode in hopes to remedy the "RPM FLARE" I've been experiencing for months. I initially brought my car in several times for that issue but everytime I would bring it in I would get the "If we can not duplicate/replicate the problem you are experiencing, we can not fix it". After numerous trips to the dealer, I finally printed up a lot of posts from this forum with similar problems and got the car doing it on video. I kept saying, am I the only one who is experiencing this in this area because this is not an isolated incident showing the service advisor all the information I had with me and kept re-iterating that I have it on video. She did not care to read the info nor would the video tell them anything. I finally got to talk with a a Lead Tech and I think the Shop Foreman. I told them I kept experiencing the flare when they finally came out and said "Oh, there is a TSB out that describes your exact problem." It was like pulling teeth to get that out. I mean in a nut shell, it was like they knew that there was a TSB for that issue but until they could duplicate the problem during a test drive, they could/would not do anything.
    They ordered the parts (new valve body, gaskets and some other parts) and have already performed the TSB. They told me problem is fixed, I returned with problem not resolved and scheduled another visit. Since then I have had a growing list of issues that I will post about later today. I will be speaking with the Service Manager in a few moments and feel that I should refrain from commenting on my other issues until I give them the opportunity to resolve.
  • I don't think Toyota knows what technology they use in their transmission judging from the number of complaints they receive world wide.
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