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2007 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs



  • had (have) the same issue. It is the first shift of the AM into 3rd. It only happens once. They replaced my transmission but I am still getting a slight flair on RPM's shifting into 3rd for the first shift in the AM.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    is your Camry a 4cylinder or a 6cyclinder vehicle?

    people with the 4cyl had been complaining of hesitation, and the V6, a transmission shift flare.

    it's possible your vehicle is affected by a long-standing problem going back years with DBW implementation on some lexus and toyota cars. search for hesitation here on edmunds and you'll find other forums marked read-only.

    with the 2007 specifically, some people with the 4cyclinder experience delayed accelerator response when merging on the highway, changing lanes, slowing to make a left-hand turn.


    i suggest you start collecting some evidence to support your assertion there is a problem with your vehicle.

    one thing you could do, you could find a parking lot where it is empty using a video camera (with the time displayed) and you videotape the speedometer (so they can see your speed) wheel position (so someone knows you are making a turn) and tachometer (RPM indicator), while verbally explaining what you are doing and what you are experiencing.

    bring it to the dealership and show it to them, and have them ride with you while you duplicate the problem. tell them it is unacceptable and you expect an immediate solution.

    does the vehicle have stability control? it could be an issue. you could have a fuel pump problem or a loose hose or sensor. you could have a loose wire / ignition problem. whose to know. so it might not be DBW (drive by wire) or stability control.

    but first things first, get some objective evidence and go into the dealership prepared. doing so will show them it is unacceptable and you've got it documented right out of the gate. from prior posters, expect to be told everything is operating properly.

    if you feel your safety is compromised and you want out of a vehicle that hesitates because you are concerned about your safety, the safety of your passengers, other people on the road in your immediate vicinity, tell them.

    there might have been a TSB issued to reflash the ECM/TCM to improve the situation somewhat.

    you'd have to scan this forum and

    2007 Toyota Camry Transmission Questions

    to check on this.

    good luck to you.
  • gbabalukgbabaluk Posts: 70
    Hi Andy;
    Thanks! The fix looks promising.
    We may have to wait until next winter to find out how effective it is.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The VSC/TC/Etc, firmware for patently unsafe(***) FWD vehicles is now evolving so fast it's beginning to be really hard to keep up.

    A sharp turn, a fast one or accelerating turn especially, would imply the possibility of understearing or even slight actual understearing in which case the VSC might activate. You may even have roll-over protection in the system firmware or if one of the front tires slipped even ever so slight then TC would activate and result in your symptoms.

    In a tight, sharp turn the outside front wheel is already turning faster than the inside wheel and the firmware tolerance for wheelspin/slip may result in the ECU "thinking" that means the outside wheel is slipping and therefore activate TC.

    VSC, or even TC, activation might result in so slight a brake application as to be un-noticeable but the simultaneous engine dethrottling, and the rsulting recovery delay, would be VERY noticeable.

    Lose traction of/on the driven wheels of a RWD vehicle due to engine DRIVING torque and you still have the front wheels to maintain directional control with, On a FWD vehicle....

    *** Traction Control firmware on a modern day RWD vehicle will apply moderate braking to the (DRIVEN) slipping wheel(s) but delay engine dethrottling to give the driver time to react.

    On a FWD the firmware differs in that it will simultaneously dethrottle the engine and apply moderate braking to BOTH front wheels. TC sensitivity to wheelspin/slip and reaction time is much quicker and faster than the driver could possibly be in doing EXACTLY what needs to be done, THROTTLE LIFT!

    Loss of traction, slight, or in some cases even impending, on/of the driven wheels on a FWD vehicle is so much more hazardous than on that of a RWD vehicle that the firmware design varies quite radically and in numerous ways/methods in order to most quickly return directional control to the driver.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    Yes, but one would think the application of Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) or Traction Control (TC) would be accompanied by audible tone (former) and visual indication (latter) if they engaged.

    I think if it's repeatible, they can try it over and over again with the camera making a history of the experiment and what is indicated.

    I presume neither VSC nor TC will be completely "silent". There must be some tone or indication it is activating. If not, I would think that would be an issue.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    One of the problems I have noted in my 2001 AWD RX300 is that the audible tone and the indicator illumination is typically of such short duration that by the time I look down, or find time to look down, there is no longer an indicator illuminated. In the few cases wherein I heard a tone I can only surmise, after the fact, that it was VSC or TC activation, due to the mental reconstruction of the just prior circumstances.
  • I have a strange problem. When I bought my 2007 Toyota Camry SE with Navigation I remember cycling through the functions with the mode button on the steering wheel. It went something like CD/FM/AM/AUX. I remember thinking that the AUX input would be great with an ipod when I got one. Today I got my wife an ipod for her birthday with a car kit with the car charger and a 3.5mm plug for the AUX input near the 12 volt plug in the dash. I clicked the mode button and I could not find the AUX function. I plugged in the ipod and noting happened. I attempted to get the ipod to work for an hour and nothing. I called the dealer and they told me what I had been doing already. I am wondering…

    1) has anyone plugged an Apple ipod into their Camry?
    2) When you hit the mode button on the the stearing wheel does AUX show up as one of the functions?
    3) Is there a chance the dealer updated my DVD Nav system without me knowing loosing the AUX function?
    4) Should I reset the system to factory specs loosing all inputted info on the Navi system?

    Please help if you know anything about this. I know that this is a small problem but I would like to fix this myself if I can rather than wasting time at the dealership. Thank you!
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Have a basic LE w/o Navigation so this may not be completely relevant to your SE, but the mode button does have AUX as an option, and we do regularly use the IPOD plugged into the aux input.
  • torn8otorn8o Posts: 31
    The dash of my 07 Camry rattled like there was no tomorrow on my way home from work this morning. Wasn't even that cold out (50 degrees F). Quite a disappointment after having two TSBs performed on it! I guess Toyota's "anti-rattle kit" is just as flawed as the design of the 07 Camry's interior! Maybe I'll try disassembling the dash and filling it with silly putty...
  • Thank you for the info. I am glad that I will have some more information when I go to the dealer next week to get this looked at. Thanks again.
  • peligrosopeligroso Posts: 42
    Well I just got a call from the dealer about my car.Apparently,he said that my problems are normal and that my complaint about the ride height on the left front side being higher than the right is normal.

    My original complaint stated that the ride height on the front left side of the car is half an inch higher than the right.Also,the car feels a little bouncy and unstable and seems to wobble and wander at times.

    A week ago before I turned in the car I measured the ride height myself and so did a local mechanic.The measurements were taken from the ground to the fender.To make sure the results were accurate the tire pressures were set equal on all four sides.Also the car sittting on a flat even road with no load on it.Nothing was in the car and no one was sitting in it.

    The mechanic and I also measured it from the center cap of the wheel to the fender and still there is a half an inch difference on the left side.

    Can anyone tell me if what the dealer said is true? Is it normal for the ride height on the front left side of the car to be a little higher than the right side?

    I also measured the ride height on two other camry's like mine and the dimensions were the same on both side.I also went to several auto specialists that deal with allighment and mechanical stuff and they all cofirmed the results on my car and said that its not normal.The ride height should be normal on both sides considering that the car is new and only has 700 miles.

    Can anyone help please? I pretty sure if you guys measure the ride height like I did you will find that its equal on both sides in the front.Tommorow I have to go in and pick up the car.

    I'm assuming the problems I'm having with my car have alot to do with that difference in ride height.I don't think one side being higher than the other is normal.

    Also if it helps my car is a 2007 camry le-v6.I suppose the dimensions would be the same on a four cylinder.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    fwiw, and not sure this measurement has anything to do with the problem that you have....but my measurement from ground to fender on both rightfront and leftfront are equal. 4cyl LE
  • This might be a little different circumstance because the vehicle is different, but the same issue exists on the vehicle I own. My 2003 Honda Civic EX has the same issue with the ride height sitting a noticeably 1 inch higher on one side than the other. It seems to be leaning every time I look at it on flat ground. Unfortunately I could not fix this problem unless I wanted to buy aftermarket adjustable suspension and had the dealer install it to correct the leaning problem. There was also a Honda Service bulletin that stated that certain Civics with certain transmission and optional accessories would cause the vehicle to lean to the side. As crazy as this sounds, I found it to be true after contacting several dealerships and Honda Corporate.

    On my other car; 2007 Toyota Camry Se V6 with navigation, this vehicle does not lean at all. It sits level, but this is not the exact vehicle that you own. This might be the same issue depending on model, accessories etc that causes the leaning. I hope this helps you. You can also call Toyota Corporate and see if they can explain this issue.
  • peligrosopeligroso Posts: 42
    prowler161...Well first I like to thank you for your input.
    I don't have any optional accesories on my car so that doesn't explain for the difference in ride height.And I don't think this issue is normal.

    I called toyota corporate a while back and they were not really helpful.The only thing I could do they said is to open an arbitration case.I will probably do that if the dealer insists its normal.I am also considering of reporting this issue to the better buisness burea.

    Does anybody have any advice and suggestions?
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Ok, I knew you'd be back. Your apology from last week is accepted.

    In the past few days, I've been busy measuring ride heights of cars. What I want to say again is that wheel alignment or even body alignment (as may be needed after a collision) is NOT done by taking measurements from the wheels to the bodywork. So either those non-Toyota mechanics are blowing smoke or their eyes are seeing $$$ signs when you approach, because they know that the Toyota dealer is going to say it's normal.

    Below are the differences in centimeters (1 in = 2.54 cm) measured between the left and right sides on different cars. All except my car were inside my employer's building on a level concrete surface. My car was in the parking lot, with just a slight uphill incline, in the same spot on two different days. I used the same tape measure, always measuring up from the floor/ground through the wheel center to the top of the wheel arch on the fender. I didn't inflate the employer's cars to the proper tire pressure -- just made sure there was no significant difference between left and right. (There wasn't, except for the Volvo, where the two left tires were 1 psi higher than the two right tires.)

    A plus sign means the ride height was greater on the left (driver's) side. A minus sign means the ride height was greater on the right (passenger) side.

    My '04 Camry, 43,720 miles. Front: +0.7, rear: -0.6
    2007 Volvo S80, 47 miles. Front: -0.6, rear: -0.9
    2007 Saab 9-3 convert., 58 miles. Front: -0.4, rear: -0.4
    2007 Subaru Legacy, 173 miles. Front: -0.9, rear: -0.5

    4/18: (after I bounced the front and rear of both cars up and down)
    My '04 Camry, 43,754 miles. Front: +0.1, rear: -1.3
    2007 Saab, moved inside building. Front: -0.9, rear: -0.3

    So as you can see, these measurements vary, were never exactly zero, and were sometimes 0.9 cm different (0.4 inches), or in the case of my car 1.3 cm different (0.5 in).

    So...there's either nothing wrong with the car, or there may still be a defect in one of the tires. OTOH, Michelin is very good in making tires without defects, but no one is perfect. Still, you must drive another '07 Camry V6 again on the same route as yours to see if there really is a difference.

    BTW, what happened to the engine noise?
  • peligrosopeligroso Posts: 42
    210delray... Well first of all thanks for the input.And I want to say that you seemed to have misinterpreted my words again.I had explained before that a check for wheel allignment was suggested because of the discrepancy in ride height.It had nothing to do with checking wheel allignment by measuring ride height.The mechanic never checked the wheel allignment.

    Since the the mechanic found the ride height was not normal he assumed that the wheel allignment was perhaps out of place or one of the tires was defective.If ride height is adjusted or perhaps in my case if its not normal then the wheel allignment must be checked.That is what I meant in my earlier posts about the wheel allignment issue.

    Also,I still disagree with you on the assumption that you think my car is normal.The ride height on a new car should be within proper specifications.So basically that half an inch difference should not be there.

    I confirmed that theory by visiting the sevice center at another toyota dealer.The technician there said the half an inch difference on the 07' camry is unacceptable.Most likely there's a problem somewhere.I will probably take the car there to the other dealer this time.Perhaps tomorrow when I get my car back from my local dealer.

    I'm also convinced that the ride height difference has alot to do with the problems I'm experiencing.They are consistent with that analysis.I'm feeling the left side of the car bounce often in situations when it should stay stable.

    For example,I drove the car slowly on a smooth road and noticed that the left side of the car bounced several times while the right side of the car stayed stable.The car felt very unstable and wobbly.

    I drove my friends v6 camry on the same road at the same speed and saw that neither side of the car bounced.The ride felt a bit more firm.His car is same 07' camry like mine.

    As far as the engine noise,I think that issue is normal on my car.I heard the same thing on the dealers v6 camry.Before I was listening for it on my friends v6 camry and didn't here it,but when I drove his car again at a different time I heard it.It simply the fuel injectors firing they explained.
  • I hope you get this figured out. I look forward to seeing the end result. Good luck.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    one would think there should be a slight difference with the driver's side being higher when the vehicle's completely unloaded, so when you get in, it will be even. :blush:

    but seriously - there could have been frame damage, or there could be a problem with the strut tower, strut or spring on that side of the vehicle, right?

    in another forum we are discussing tires being "out of round". if the tire on that side is bouncing, it should be evidenced by "cupping". that would suggest suspension issues unless i'm mistaken.
  • jimmyt4jimmyt4 Posts: 4
    hello,I have been reading some of your complant
    about your ride height on your camry,it may be
    possible that when your camry was tied down in transportation they may have damaged one of the front struts.this may cause the bouncing effect
    you are complaining about.I worked at a Honda dealership and had the same problem with a
    2000 Accord,just a thought
  • jkmqjkmq Posts: 8
    I have a 2007 Camry SE 4cyl. The driver's seat squeeks and creaks.I have had it in 4 times.It is still not fixed.A Toyota rep has actually laid down in the back seat while the service mgr drove it around trying to duplicate the problem.The rep said it might be coming from the seat belt tensioner.I swear it is the drivers's seat.Has anyone had this problem and has anyone had it fixed? I narrowed down my choices to the camry and the accord before I bought the camry.BIG MISTAKE.This is the worst car I have ever owned.How long do I give Toyota to fix it and what is my next option ?
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