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2007 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs



  • keislkeisl Posts: 16
    I know what you mean - my drivers seat feels a little more....'pushed out' on the left side as well. I just had to get used to it, as they told me they didn't notice anything, and it would cost me money to have the seat more closely... examined (taking off the upholstery, etc.)
  • sunilvsunilv Posts: 26
    Thanks for information. I had 15000 miles on my car. So it will cost me $3,000.00 for the miles I have driven. If the actual price is $20,000.00 then I will get cash back as $17,000.00. It is less than the price which I get if I sell the car myself (KBB price). So what is the benefits of the Lemon Law?
  • I had 15000 miles on my car. So it will cost me $3,000.00 for the miles I have driven. If the actual price is $20,000.00 then I will get cash back as $17,000.00. It is less than the price which I get if I sell the car myself (KBB price). So what is the benefits of the Lemon Law?

    Well, I don't see much of the benefit also unless the car couldn't be started at all or w/ very few miles. 17K w/ private party might be easy to get (not at trade in). However, you can spend a couple days and try to trade it in first, you might be surprise how much you can get on the car (because of Camry hype).

    If you're still interested in getting another exact 2008 Camry as you have now, 3K is about what you need to pay (assuming your car has no cosmetic damages), IMO.
  • I have a 2007 Toyota Camry; 4 cyl. When I bought this car I told the salesman I wanted anything with GOOD gas mileage. I was told the Camry would give me 25 - 28 mpg around town. I am getting 19.5 around. I traded in a Cadillac V-8 which was giving me 17 mph in town. Needless to say, I feel deceived with such poor gas mileage after I was promised 25 - 28. Whe I returned to the dealership to ask about it I was told I needed at least 10,000 miles before I would see good mileage. I now have 11,000 miles and the gas mileage has NOT improved! Does anyone out there have a 2007 4 cyl Toyota Camry that will let me know about the mileage you get?
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Have you seen the ads for the new full size Chevy Hybrid trucks. They advertise they get MPG in town then the Camry. One thing I have to give GM is their gas mileage. The EPA quotes their highway mileage on their big cars with in a mile or two of a Camry and they weigh and are a lot bigger than the Camry. What did the window sticker say it should get in city? You can figure about 3 miles per gal. less than that if it is running right and you don't have a lead foot.
  • Wilbon - I have a 2007 Camry 4 cylinder, automatic transmission that I purchased in July 2006 (a relatively early 2007 model). I traded a 2003 Camry with 4 cylinder and automatic transmission. Even though these cars have the same engine, and the 2007 has a 5 speed automatic vs. the 4 speed automatic in the 2003, the 2007 gets worse mileage. If I drive a mix of in town / freeway I get about 24-25 MPG. If I fill it up and get directly on the interstate and cruise at 70, I can get about 29-30. The 2007 falls short of the 2003 model by about 3-4 MPG in both highway and mixed driving. This is a big disappointment, even with the 5 speed auto vs. the 4 speed auto. I also must run premium fuel in this car, as the engine bucks / wheezes / coughs on regular when first started and not fully warmed up. The premium has helped in that area.

    The mileage did take at least 10,000 miles to get to this level. Car now has 23,000 miles and mileage has remained constant.

    As is typical of Toyota's response when I inquire at the dealer "everything is running as designed".

    Poor mileage along with an awful automatic transmission in the 2007 (constant upshifting and downshifting at highway speeds) will mean this is the last Toyota I ever purchase.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666

    You need to get a TSB on your vehicle. You have one of the classic problem symptoms, the constant upshifting/downshifting while cruising. It acts as if the engine just doesn't have enough power. The TSB addresses engine and transmission performance, and your vehicle will run significantly better with more power. There were actually two TSB's released to address this problem, the second supercedes the first. This takes about 1/2 hour for the dealership to install this software. I have an earlier mfg than yours, and reported the cruising downshifting as a problem within the first week of ownership. You will find the overall car performance significantly better, and I'm wondering why your dealership doesn't know about this! Just print out this TSB, take your car in and tell them you have hesitation and performance issues, and ask them to install this TSB for you. You shouldn't need the high octane.

    4 cyl performance TSB
  • My thinking is that the I4 Camry is underpowered in both HP and torque for such a large and heavy car. I believe the 07 Camry is heavier than the 02-06 Camry. So having that extra gear and with nearly the same power means that on an incline the engine has to downshift more frequently compared to the 4 speed auto ( which revs at a higher rpm ) to maintain constant speed. The plus point of having a 5 speed is that the engine turns about 200-300 rpm lower at 60 compare to the 4 speed. I hope the next Gen. I4 Camry gets a bigger engine ( in the 2.5 to 2.6L range) and horspower and torque is boosted to around 180. That should fix the upshift, downshift annoyance.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Actually I've posted prior the HP and torque charts from my research into my initial cruise control problem, they're on my Carspace. The car is very adequately powered, WHEN it's got the right software load. I've taken this car on trips, and it cruises perfectly now.

    I have a 10 mile stretch of interstate near me, where I can now drive (post-TSB) and it never downshifts. Prior to the TSB, probably downshifted 15-20 times.
  • I went thew the arbitration and loset in July of 06 and lost for the same reasons you did hateed the car sence day 5 I just recently traded it for a 08 Accord , that is a much better preforming car all around and better fuel mileage Congts on your win.
  • keislkeisl Posts: 16
    I have a 2007 Camry that I bought in March of 2006. I have never had very good gas mileage. I get about 28 MPG on a road trip - highway, no traffic, and in town I get about 16-18. Needless to say, I have been VERY disappointed in this. I have been told that since the engine light is not on, that everything is fine. Good Luck to you!
  • eroc69eroc69 Posts: 56
    RE: the feel of the left side bolster, the upholsterer said the manufacturer adds a layer of something {padding, material} over the seat mounted airbag and it has somehting to do with making sure it inflates properly or something like that, but by adding an extra layer or 2 it makes it feel uneven.
    We test drove a Matrix 2-3 years ago, nice car etc but the seatback adjuster was like a ROCK in my side.
    No way I coulda bought that and dealt with it.

    Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all {happy} TOYO CUSTOMERS :P
  • Our 07 V6 xle with Vsc does the same thing and we were told it is the abs pump.
    Did you ever get this corrected and if so what was the fix?
  • Kiawah - thanks very much for the TSB bulletin. I have printed it and will set up an appointment with the dealer. Hope this corrects the problem, as overall the Camry is a nice vehicle, but the poor engine / transmission performance is a deal breaker!
  • i too have dash squeaks and have the same issue about sound coming from under the car like stones or pebbles hitting under the car. i thought i was just hearing things. have you had this looked at and what did they do to fix it?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Thanks....I think you'll be very pleasantly surprised at the difference.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    you were told correctly. I have driven a number of vehicles with this feature. It should only come on in a skid and it is aplying the brake or brakes that is needed to correct the skid. On the wifes STS it is fun in the snow to watch the traction control and the stability come on one after the other. On her car it displays the message on the dash under the speedo. Anyway it is the abs operating. Difference is the abs pumps all the brakes where as the stability pumps from one to four
  • joel16joel16 Posts: 64
    I had a good opportunity this Christmas day 2007 to check the mileage on my 2007 Camry XLE 4-cyl. I drove from Wake Forest NC to Charlotte NC. Specifics are:
    1. Premium Exxon fuel (no, it doesn't require it)
    2. filled up in Wake Forest NC right off Route 1 (Capital Blvd)
    3. 2.5 hours back to Charlotte NC
    4. all highway, all 70+ mph, much of the distance with cruise control
    5. about 40 degrees, no rain, snow, high wind, etc.
    6. no hangups, obstructions or slow downs (few people on the road)
    7. 30 PSI in front, 31 in rear
    8. 9800 miles on the odo.

    The trip computer showed 33.9mpg at end of trip. Typically, with the weather we've had in Charlotte (about 40-55 during daylight), I am getting 24-25mpg mixed driving. With more short trips I get 23-24.

    Other facts are:
    1. had the tranmission TSB performed last year, so no more hesitation, up/down shift craziness with cruise control since then; car drives very well; although I think slightly underpowered with the air conditioning on; I'd like to see 190hp in next model.
    2. I have the oil and filter changed every 3000 miles at dealer
    3. use premium fuel most of the time (I don't think this makes a big difference with gas mileage, but have found in cars i've owned that the engine remains clean, injectors trouble free)
    4. check the air pressure in my tires once each week; tires are rotated every 5000 miles.
    5. during the winter months (in fact, most all the time) I don't let the gas tank fall below 1/2 full to try and minimize problems with moisture.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hope you will also post your mileage in the MPG discussion. :)
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