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2007 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs



  • vizyovizyo Posts: 35
    It makes the noise when the speed reaches to 15km/h (around 10mph). It does it in reverse direction as well. Today I noticed that it has also started making the same noise at around 20mph. The noise happens only once until I park and wait for a few minutes and move the car again. The first one at 15kmh (10mph) is more stronger than the second one. It does not seem to be coming from ABS. It is more like something is hitting the tank.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    It's hard to say how loud, but it is noticeable, and it sounds like a "thunk". I am sure yours is fine.

    The ABS system uses sensors to look at the wheel rotating. If it sees the wheel about to stop rotating while braking, then the ABS kicks in and it pumps the brakes extremely quickly to keep the wheel rotating, preventing locking the wheels and the corresponding loss of steering control. I am guessing that the system is checking its sensors when starting to move forward.

    Seriously, all ABS systems operate like this - yours is fine. If you still have doubts (and time to kill), have the dealer check it.
  • ram12ram12 Posts: 2
    I exactly have the same problem, with my 2007 May Camry.. I have run piller to post, from one NJ dealer to the other, nothing works, still I have the same steering vibration problem, which I had been facing from Day1. At high speeds >70 MPH, on smooth roads, the steering starts vibrating, it is highly uncomfortable to drive..
    Did any one have any solution to it...
    Please help me
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666

    Vibrations which begin at 55mph +, are typically tires out of balance. But could also be to a lesser percentage of the time, tires with bad belts, rims out of balance/bent, and even sometimes bad/defective suspension parts.

    If this was my vehicle, I'd take the tires and have them road-force balanced. It's a special balancing machine, that balances the tires while they are under load as if simulating carrying the weight of the vehicle, as opposed to just unloaded spin balancing. Do an internet search, and you should be able to find a shop near you.

    road force balance
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    If you want to verify that the ABS selftest is indeed the source of your noise, do the following (as I did after I first heard the noise two years ago),

    Open the hood, have someone else start the car and start pulling out of the garage. You put your hand on the ABS pump and walk along as the car is moving. You'll undoubtedly feel the clunk when it does its' test. Keep feet out from under the wheels, and hand away from the moving belts and pulleys. Choose a driver who likes you, count your fingers when done.

    Work for obviously haven't done your homework.
  • ram12ram12 Posts: 2
    The last dealer, I went to, did the Road Force Balancing also, he detected wrong rotors, he changed them and still the problem exists...
    Do you suggest any Good Dealer to find the problem...
    The Car has run just 16000 miles...
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I think what you will need to do, is to isolate whether the problem is with your tires/wheels combo, or with the vehicle itself. I'd suggest having your dealer swap a complete different set of wheels/tires onto your car.....or put your wheels on another vehicle and then drive it.

    If the vibration moves with the wheels/tire know the problem is in that combo. If the problem stays with the vehicle, then you know the problem is in your suspension and you'll undoubtedly need to get the Toyota regional rep involved.
  • vizyovizyo Posts: 35
    I searched this on the net and found the same complaints. They also mention it is ABS self checking noise and it is normal. I do not know how such a noise can be normal on a new car !! I had 2003 matrix XRS and never had that noise. My camry was not doing it in the first 6 months or so. Since it was not doing it before how can it be normal now !! Now, it's has started doing it twice (one at 15kmh and the second one at 30kmh). The second noise just started about a week ago. Both are very loud. Nothing is going right with this car. About a week ago, I started having rattles all over the places (dashboard & doors) that I did not have before. It is very irritating. I tought that it could have been because of weather condition, but it's been quite stable for the last two months. My camry has only 10,000km. I am not going to be surprised to see more troubles with this car.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    There's a TSB for dash rattles, do a little searching of these forums.
  • amy22amy22 Posts: 4
    Did not mean to offend by suggesting you work for Toyota...
    We can try the test you suggested, I'm not exactly sure where the abs is though. And I guess I'm still wondering why we didn't hear this sound in the beginning and why I never heard it in any of the Camry's I test drove? Or in any other car I've ever owned. It is becoming more frequent now also. I fully expect it to start happening with ever lower speed shift like some others are saying. Also the car randomly slips a gear at higher speeds. This just seems like the same old trans. problems I've been hearing about. I could go into more detail for you about what the car was doing over the winter too...apparently I have the only car that should never be washed in the winter time or it becomes undriveable.
  • amy22amy22 Posts: 4
    Imagine that, you have rattles too. My crossbar (under the headliner) was rattling. We couldn't figure out what it was but we mentioned it when we brought it in for this other problem and they said it was a loose crossbar and fixed it, but it started rattling again. I'm so tired of dealing with these problems. If it was just one thing wrong that would be different but other weird things too. This car was undriveable at one point this past winter (longer story), we'll see what happens when it gets cold out again.
  • vizyovizyo Posts: 35
    Today I booked an appointment with Toyota for rattles and also the noise at the back. The person in Toyota told me that rattle on dash is common and it is missing some pads in 2007 models. They will take down the whole dash to fix it. I am now worrying that this may create more rattles in a long term if they do not put everything back properly. The door on the driver's side rattles as well. I do not know when I am going to be done with all fixing on this car. My camry was unfinished with a lot of defects and problems. I am really tired of taking it to service. I am wondering about what they will say for the "knocking" noise coming from the back. I will post it.
  • vizyovizyo Posts: 35
    I was wondering if you had any problem after having rattles fixed on the dash? I am having the same problem and Toyota service informed me that they would take the whole dash down to fix it. I am now worrying if this could create more rattles afterwards. I do not have much confidence in their service quality.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    The ABS pump, is up in the engine compartment, on the passenger side, way up in the front corner. It's right next to the plastic radiator overflow resevoir. It has 4 or 5 metal tubings coming up out of the top of the pump. The motor is on the back side of it, shaped like a metal can. You can feel it self test and clunk once after starting and you begin rolling.

    Can you describe the 'randomnly slips a gear at higher speeds' problem?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Knocking coming from the rear, is usually caused by one of a couple problems:
    - something is loose in the trunk rolling around, or the jack/spare tire equipment is loose
    - the muffler exhaust system has a hanger loose, and is banging against a suspension or frame part. You can check this yourself, grab the exhaust (when cold), and wiggle it back and forth, and forward and backward.
    - the rear suspension strut is loose (or defective), or wasn't assembled correctly and is binding as it's compressing.
  • vizyovizyo Posts: 35
    I do not think it is any of those you listed. It makes the first noise at exactly 15kmh (10mph) and second one at 30kmh. It perfectly repeats at the same speeds. If it was muffler or suspension, it should make the noise more randomly. I am taking the car to the service this wednesday. They will check it and also fix the rattle on the dash. I am still debating if I should get the noise on the dash fixed. They will take the whole dash down, I am worried that it is going to generate more noise afterwards.
  • torn8otorn8o Posts: 31
    Was a TIN ever put out to fix the accelerator delay problem in the 2007 Camry, or is this something one has to deal with? I'm really tired of nearly getting "creamed" by oncoming traffic when I try to dart out from a sideroad and my Camry sits still and/or rolls slowly forward for 2 seconds instead of accelerating.

    My dash still rattles (even after two TINs being performed on it), but the upshot is, I'm used to it by now and pretty much over it. :-)
  • torn8otorn8o Posts: 31
    Oops.. I meant TSB (Technical Service Bulletin), not TIN.

    Just to clarify, I drive a 2007 V6 SE... bought it new 04/10/2006.

    Thanks for any help.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    The TSB's for hesitation work great, no more hesitation. But they are for the 4 cylinder, I have not heard of hesitation for the 6 cylinder??? Anyone else?
  • nmarcel1nmarcel1 Posts: 21
    There is a TSB for the hesitation problem... I had it installed... it did kind of fix the issue... but to be honest.. my hesitation problem was not as bad as you describe yours.. I've learn to adjust the way I press the gas pedal to avoid the hesitation problem that still exists.. we should not have to accept that but Toyota just has not fixed the problem entirely... Also, I had the TSB installed for the dash board rattle. At 1st it seemed to quiet the noise but to be honest... it did not make it go away. The noise is really present when it is cold... I live in NY and I expect the noise to be back in the fall and winter of this year.

    The repair requires "Noise Kit #08231-00801", and "Wind Noise Kit #08231-00810". Toyota allowed the dealer 4.5 hours for the repair (under warranty).... to be honest, in my case I do not believe the dealer installed these kits... I could not detect 1 thing disturb anywhere around the dash... it just seems impossible that the tech's would be able to remove and replace the entire dash without a trace that it was disturb.... oh well... I'll see how bad it gets when it gets cold again and I will bring it back if the noise comes back.

    The bulletin number is: NV008-07
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