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2007 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs



  • damon34damon34 Posts: 124
    How many miles do you have on ur camry? I have 12,000 on my car and it has gotten worse. I really didnt notice the hesitation problem till around my first oil change and i have been bitching since. I think the saying looks like a camry drives like a camry is the way they get out of the lemon law. But i have drove two other camrys and they didnt do it but it doesnt mean that they wont. SO good luck and keep bitching. Now you will get guys on here that will tell you to stop complaining and just buy something else. But toyota up here wont give me any trade allowance, wanted to put me upside down 5,000 dollars. So good luck because it doesnt get any better
  • damon34damon34 Posts: 124
    And my gas mileage has gotten worse.I never thought i would talk about a car like this but it seems like it is confused what to do
  • dino01dino01 Posts: 26
    I known this is a 2007+ camry post. You're saying that the hesitation will go away. I owned a 2005 v6 camry with the hesitation that have never go away. I have give up on the car and will try live with it and this will be my last Toyota. Yet I have been to all the dealers around here. They all washed the hand on the vehicle. Can wait till I saved enough to get rid of this car.
  • cam2003cam2003 Posts: 131
    I found that not many people check internet for problems before buying.
    Have you guys thought of put a big sign on your windshield "Buyer beware Hesitation problem" and park it in front of dealership ? This would make them attention!
  • Can someone describe the 4 cyl. hesitation problem again?

    Is it an issue from a stoplight? Or at speed?

    And how is it related to the cruise control shifting problem?

    I have never had the hesitation problem from a dead stop.
    It usually occurs:
    a. when cruising and you want to speed up.
    b. when cruising and you encounter an upgrade and want to maintain speed.
    c. when slowing down and then trying to speed up again.

    The issue is related to the cruise control shifting problem in that when you are using cruise control and encounter an upgrade, the vehicle tries to maintain speed, but cannot. This leads to the transmission coming out of lockup and, sometimes, still not being able to maintain the set speed, downshifting to 4th. Worse, if the grade is more than moderate, the vehicle will downshift again to 3rd and then accelerate brickly. On a longer upgrade, this can lead to over and undershooting the speed continuously, with repeated up and down shifting.

    Not fun, not normal.

    As I have stated before, the engineer who diagnosed my vehicle found a lean condition upon a request for acceleration. This is most certainly a major part of the problem and others have reported similiar findings when their vehicles were scanned.
  • Assuming that the hesitation problem is being caused by an intermittent lean condition. Does anyone know if an engine running too lean on occasion can have a long-term adverse affect on engine wear and or lifespan? I'm wondering what components (if any) would be impacted.
  • damon34damon34 Posts: 124
    Ok when i drive my car in the morning even with the air on i do not get the hesitation at all. But when i leave my job at 130pm and it is hot and i have the air on it hesitates seems not to have anypower until 2500 rpm. and has a hard time keeping 70mph on the hightway. Has anybody else notice this problem with their car?
  • gartmacdgartmacd Posts: 27
    Lean burn can be no big deal if not excessive; on the other hand it can cause all kinds of problems, depending on how 'lean' the mixture actually is.
    Excessive lean means excessive heat, and this can lead to catastrophic damage over time. Some emission control components can also be damaged by running lean.
    If I was you, I would want to know how it was determined your engine was running 'lean',how it managed to do this 'intermittently', and what diagnostics were done to determine this? I would also want to know on what basis and what relationship the 'lean' condition has to the hesitation phenomenon.
    IMO, that theory doesn't make much sense.
  • tmsusatmsusa Posts: 81
    No, TMS USA did not disappear. In fact TMS USA reads this forum daily. Frankly, the snap ring issue discussion faded more into the valve body and RPM spiking issue, and then other posters chimed in with different concerns. Part of the value of these forums is that they allow discussion, debate, real world testimony from other consumers that is often helpful to other participants--and to us.

    Ultimately, our goal is to ensure a very satisfactory ownership experience for Camry customers. Many on here have taken the time to say that is exactly what they are getting. But many others are disappointed/frustrated. TMS USA is unable to address individual case issues in a public forum and TMS USA is not technically qualified to comment extensively about such complex components as transmissions. But be assured we are reporting these discussions to the right people, who in turn are using the data collected to help determine if real problems exist and, if so, the root cause.

    If your hypothesis re telling the truth was valid, TMS USA would have been EX-TMS USA a long time ago. The fact is that TMS USA will provide relevant/new information re our Camry to the readers/participants of this forum whenever there is new information to share. In the interim, the discussions are very worthwhile and noted by TMS USA. You missed out on a great automobile nissanron, but I'm sure you will be happy with your Maxima. . . A fine automobile it is, too.
  • iggy38iggy38 Posts: 5
    I have a new 07 Camry SE and when I am turning, rough road, and hit the gas the right rear squeaks/crunches. It sounds as if it coming from the Trunk, or rear windshield. I talked to my friend who is an ex-toyota mechanic and he said it is possibly a weld that is bad(rear tidwell joint). Is this a serious problem? It is awful to listen to as I drive. I hope toyota will fix this problem. Any one experience something like this?
  • Check out this thread and see if this applies to you.
  • jbednarjbednar Posts: 2
  • sacstate1sacstate1 Posts: 189
    When you are green you grow, when you are ripe you rot.

    The Big 3 didn't change and now....

    This was the mantra used by the Big 3 for years, they are rotting now. They didn't change and assumed that there was another sucker born every minute, so their sales would remain strong forever.

    Toyota was the up and comer, always growing in quality. Now that they are part of the Big 3, they are starting to rot. They reached their goal of market penetration and are now producing vehicles with as much, if not more, problems than GM, Ford and Chrysler.

    I think Toyota will experience a backlash of loyalty when long-term Toyota owners get tired of the BS fed to them. Or the coverup by the dealers or corporate HQ for poorly executed, half-baked vehicles.

    My Toyota dealership has remodeled and now EVERY technician is locked in a garage with absolutley no access for the questions poised by consumers. They have removed any liability of a technician actually saying something that could jeopardize the Toyota 'quality' perception or future litigation. So everything is channeled through the moronic service writers who never write on the work order what you say.

    I say Toyota is walking a fine line and if they don't start producing trouble free vehicles along with a solid service experience. I might just go back to domestic.
  • IggsIggs Posts: 3
    Been driving this car for the last 2 weeks and noticed a slight drift to the left when driving on a good road (Garden State pkwy in NJ)
    Anyone else had to take the car back to get alignment checked? I really hate making early morning Service Dept appointments and then have them tell me that this is a "tire pull".

    On a different note, I think this is one quick car with comfortable leather seats, good firm ride, cheap interior and idiotic center console lighting that annoys me when driving at night. Lots of other bad ergonomic/esthetic design decisions went into this car's interior that I will have to learn to live with, but rant about every time people ask me how I like the car. Could it be that all 2007 Camry's center console design and ext/int color combinations for non-SE models were made to feel cheap and look stupid just to give drivers and their passengers that "this is not a freakin Lexus - you cheap [non-permissible content removed]" feeling? Oh yeah - I test drove this car during the day.
  • marjoe11marjoe11 Posts: 11
    We have also filled, I was wondering if you have a arbitration date yet ? We are still waiting. I can't agree more with you about the "Thats just the way it is" crap. If I wanted a car that drove this poorly there are plenty of new cars I could have bought for around 12k. This could have been an awsome car had toyota just gone the extra mile to get it right. Meanwhile my 07 camary still vibrates down the road. Let me know ,Thanks

  • damon34damon34 Posts: 124
    Well i guess it is time to throw in the towel. I think i am going to trade this junky car in. OH yeah i forgot it is a 2007 se camry it is brand new and i cant stand it. Hesitates,transmission always shifting, cruise is terrible, Gas mileage has gotten worse instead of better. Basically the Toyota company and its workings basically calling me a dumb [non-permissible content removed] by trying to make me think that a car is suppose to react like this and not taking care of my problems. I feel really let down by toyota and this was my first toyota and will be my last. So good luck to all of you camry owners I hope something good comes out of all of this but i cant stand driving this sluggish car. Did i tell you guys this is the 28th car I have own and it is the worse brand new car i have ever bought and i have never been treated so wrong buy a company like toyota. :mad: :cry: :confuse: :sick:
  • mrlevis,

    email me. I have some good news about your car (and mine). Click on my name "mesquite57" to get my address.
  • comuscomus Posts: 24
    Thanks TMS USA. A lot of these issues are technically challenging to us all. All manufacturers, including automobile, have experienced issues at times. I buy Toyota because I cannot afford to buy from another manufacturer. I have to have an automobile that will travel at least 50,000 miles per year with little or no service. Thats why I buy Toyota. Thanks for listening and taking real time issues to the table. As the owner of a small business our goals are the same, to keep our customers happy. My 2002 Camry XLE with 196,000 miles on it runs like new, all I do is change the oil and tires. The dealer who sold me the 07 with the problematic transmission problem has been terrific and so has the support reps from Toyota. I am impressed and looking forward to my, well advanced, 07 XLE.
  • Great post. I could almost see this coming back in 2004. Having driven several airport rentals that year, I was able to witness the decline of the bread and butter Camry at that time. It was barely comparable to the outdated Taurus, and the brakes were terrible. Toyota had obviously rested on their laurels and engineered every last nickel out of that tub in the name of profit, and lived off of the 'quality' momentum. It's all coming to roost for them now.
  • judas1judas1 Posts: 5
    I noticed someone with a silver 07 was having trouble with chips on the hood, I am also. 2800 miles on the car and over the last 500 miles I've gotten 6-8+ fairly large rock chips on my hood. I never drive on gravel, rarely drive on the highway, and I've never noticed anything hitting the hood that would cause rock chips these bad. My 2800 mile Camry now has more rock chips on the hood than the 110,000 mile Civic I just got rid of. Think I can get Toyota to do anything about it? At this rate the hood is going to be paintless by the time I hit 30,000 miles.
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