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2007 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs



  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    probably not every engineer is competent to comment on the drive train... some probably know a good deal about audio, and some about interior materials, and some about structural integrity. there tends to be a high-level of specialization in engineering today.

    but you're absolutely right, if they took these problematic vehicles back and forced their drive train and ECU/TCM specialists to live with them 24/7 until they were fixed, no water, no food, they'd be fixed in 3 days or less. :blush:
  • jetjockgjetjockg Posts: 80
    I believe the service manager is snowing you, however you can check by calling Toyota customer service and asking them what information they have in your records. REMEMBER you need paperwork to show any mediator or judge. If your dealer writes on your repair record that they cannot repair the hesitation/transmission problem than they are admitting to the problem and they do not want to do that.
  • I write from Mexico. I have just ordered a 2007 Camry XLE V6 but now that I found about the transmission problems I am not so sure about the convinience of buying this car.

    Does anyone know if Toyota has solved the problem?

    Is this a generalized problem in all Camrys?
  • ilovecars1ilovecars1 Posts: 119
    If you have just ordered you may be fine. As I wrote earlier I was not sure about it, saw my car yesterday when it came in, still cancelled and waiting for some bulletin from toyota, saying that they solved the problem for 4 cyl.

    V6 problem is solved I think. :confuse:
  • THX :shades:
  • The dealership just told me that my all-weather floor mat probably was jammed under the pedal causing the throttle sticking, but that is not the problem as it also happend the first night I picked up the car and had the stock mats that were just snapped into place. Had driven about 4 miles when it happened (getting on the freeway). TMUSA and the dealership had not heard of this problem before (unlike the transmission issues). I had several issues with the car, but after the transmission/torque converter replacement (picked car up yesterday) it seems much tighter, the right hand turn issue is gone and the click after I've reversed and put in drive is also gone. They mentioned that they reset a bunch of codes in the computer that were incorrect, so maybe this also fixed the all the issues. I sure hope so. I really like the car a LOT. Now, will see what happens with the payment reimbursement and 7y/100k warranty that was promised is provided. TMUSA wanted to work that after I picked up the car (probably making sure I'd be keeping the XLE V6) before doing all the paperwork. Will find out today as I put a call into them this morning. I'll feel better with the extended warranty and through this was treated well by TMUSA and the dealership. I hope others have the same experience as the car seems better than ever now. :)
  • Supposedly the V6 with 6-speed trans problem has been resolved with a redesign and affected the early release cars. The V6 with 6-speed models you get now have the new transmission. Just had mine replaced and there is a huge difference. Toyota gave me a Camry rental for the duration of the repair, called me with updates, are going to reimburse this months car payment and extend my warranty to the 7y/100k instead of the 3y/60k. The car that you've ordered with the 6-speed should be fine now. I looked into this and grilled TMUSA a bit about what my trans would be replace with and there was a redesign immediately after the 6-spd problems started occuring. They offered to give me a new car or give me a full refund, but I'm keeping the car as I'm confident they've fixed the Definitely frustrating though that this happened on a new car, but in the world of outsourcing we'll see more and more quality issues across all industry. Oops, topic for a different forum.
  • chuck28chuck28 Posts: 257
    your problem was with the snap ring issues not the rpm flare which has gone on since the early models
  • Thank you very much chacha426. This issue worries me because in Mexico is more difficult to obtain proper response from a manufacturer that in U.S. and in some manner cars are much more expensive since loan's interests are higher. Actually, sometimes, it is easier to pay in full for the car than paying the loan.

    An someone has to consider that mexican roads and fuels get worse by the hour, which means extra work for any car.

  • I think there is some confusion here about which 07 Camry transmission problems we're talking about.

    The 07 Camry has had two transmissions defects so far. The first one with the snap ring was earlier this year. The hesitation problem is still an issue for many.

    The hesitation problem goes back many years to earlier models. Toyota has stated they fixed the problem before, only to have the problem still reported by owners (like myself).

    Do a Google search for : toyota transmission hesitation

    and you'll see what I mean.
  • damon34damon34 Posts: 124
    THis will be short. I am reading Yahoo auto reviews and they are plenty of 4cyls camry complaining about their car. and Toyota says they never heard of this problem Yeah Right Thanks guys
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    The 07 Camry has had two transmissions defects so far. The first one with the snap ring was earlier this year. The hesitation problem is still an issue for many.


    Beside the snap ring, the V6 has a shift flare TSB out and the 5-4 Harsh downshift TSB for the I4 Automatic.

    The hesitation issue could be a lean fuel, transmission, drive by wire or computer problem or a combination of the these.
  • Is this for real? I just purchased a 2007 Camry SE V6 w/ Navigation. Already I had to tighten down the bolts to the back passenger side heat shield above the muffler because it was rattling like crazy. I also noticed that the car was floating all over the freeway at 65 mph, and I am now reading about transmission problems. Please tell me this has all been resolved by Toyota because I have waited two months for this car. Please let me know! Also what exactly am I looking for with the transmission issue?
  • lagalotlagalot Posts: 5
    Slippage occurred in my SE V6 between 500-1500 miles. The dealer had it for ten days, then gave it back without saying what they did because I filed for a replacement under Maryland's lemon law. My hearing is 9/5/06. Yours may not slip at all. When mine is right it's a rocket, when it's bad it's a truck. I hope to get a new one.
  • I still have the floating issue and rattles from the rear hatch that have not been fixed. I have taken it in already 3 times with the forth coming up next week. I’m also starting to notice that the radio will sometimes mute the sound after switching from CD to AM/FM. My Camry tracks lines in the road most noticeably on the freeway at 50+. With the steering wheel straight the car pulls left and right. Recreating it is hard to do since the freeways around my dealership are all new. I’m really pondering the idea of having it turned back in to Toyota under the lemon law.

    Are any other SE V6’s out there with these same issues?

    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    the floating issue could be simply a characteristic of the vehicle compared to what you were driving before.

    you might first check to see if your tires aren't over-inflated. sometimes manufacurer's ship vehicles with tires over-inflated on purpose, but that when the vehicle was prepped, it should have been set to the ratings on the door pilar of your vehicle. do not exceed the pressure on the sidewall of the tires!

    you may have an overly boosted power steering setup. i'm not sure, but the dealership should be able to tell.

    ask to drive another from the lot and compare to your ride. take the lead tech or shop foreman with you.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    --"I filed for a replacement under Maryland's lemon law."--

    What ever for, lagalot? :confuse: A call to Toyota would've started the replacement or refund process without the delays of getting the state of Maryland involved. This is true even subsequent to a transmission exchange. (One poster, faldoc, I believe, got two replacement transmissions and then opted for a complete refund that he used for a Camry hybrid.) Toyota has bent over backward to accomodate dissatisfied '07 6-sp V6 Camry owners who suffered through the snap-ring problem.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    --"In some ways, this transmission fiasco is a good lesson learned for Toyota. ... Seems to me that if you design a new transmission and do extensive testing of it prior to mass producing it, you should find and eliminate problems like these."--

    Agree, but there're two current issues that are being discussed. The new 6-sp tranny in the V6 Camry is the one that had the incorrectly seated snap-ring problem. That appears to have been resolved for the most part. The I4 Camry with a carry-over 5-sp automatic tranny is Toyota's current problem child. And, I don't believe that Toyota yet has a clue about what to do and that's why the automaker is stonewalling owners. Folks with affected cars, go pro-active and contact the NHTSA by letter about your drivability problems that've come dangerously close to causing collisions with other traffic in some cases. (I'm not 100% certain, but you may be able to register an official complaint online with the NHTSA, too.) When piles of compaints start arriving, the gubm'nt agency will mount an investigation. Toyota's "Perfectly normal - drives like a Camry." empty reassurances will no longer be an option for the automaker.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    --"...My Camry tracks lines in the road most noticeably on the freeway at 50+..."--

    If you're referencing the rain grooves often cut into new freeway construction, welcome to the club. This is more a tire thing than a car make thing in my opinion. The Michelin "MXV4 Plus ENERGY" tires that came on my '03 Sonata were especially susceptible. The Douglas "XTRA-TRAC" tires I replaced the Michelins with are just about immune to the "swervey" effects of the rain grooves and a LOT quieter, too.
  • Hi everyone,
    Just thought I would give an update to the hesitation issue on my car. Several days ago I decided to disconnect the battery and let it wait for an hour. I then reconnected the battery. So far no hesitation and in fact the response has been greatly improved. Definately a difference.

    I'll let you know if the hesitation makes a come back. If it does, then wouldn't this most likely point to an ECM problem?
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