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Mercury Cougar Engine Questions



  • decrottydecrotty Posts: 15
    Lately this Cougar (150,000miles) has a slight misfire at 2000 rpm at low speeds and twice the CEL came on with code P0401 which seems to be EGR Flow Insufficient.
    I replaced the EGR valve but the misfire still exists. The CEL has not come on again yet but probably will eventually. Any suggestions?
  • decrottydecrotty Posts: 15
    I may have solved it myself. I found another message that if the throttle body is taken out there are three control holes right inside that get clogged with carbon. All three holes were really caked up on mine. The car has never liked coasting at 2000rpm and then being accelerated even just slightly and that is still there, but the more noticeable misfire seems gone. I'll have to drive it awhile
  • stanokiestanokie Posts: 1
    i have a 97 cougar v-8 4.6 L. The problem is erratic idle in park91100 rpm) and 8-900 rpm in drive. i have replaced the IAC. the problem is not continous. the check engine light does not come on. please help thanks
  • mebethymebethy Posts: 1
    Hi there,
    My daughter has a 1995 Cougar. For a few days her key was not turning and she had to wiggle it and pray to get it to turn. Today when she did get it to turn it not only DIDNT start the car (good battery and started been tested) its making a grinding type noise. HELP please!!!!!!
  • vtraudtvtraudt Posts: 52
    The key not turning is one issue. Ours is getting worse too. Wiggling the steering wheel still helps. Ultimately, a new lock may be needed (quite expensive I would assume).

    The grinding noise is worse: we had this issue, put a new starter in, but didn't help. Over time, it got so bad that we had to 'wiggle' the car back and forth (transmission in 'drive' to move the gears of the flywheel a bit to allow the start teeth to mesh in. That worked for a few month, progressively getting worse (since all the grinding naturally wears the teeth of the flywheel/flex plate out even more).

    At the end, we had to pull the engine out and replace the flywheel/flex plate.

    You can start with a new starter (already quite some work to remove parts to get to the starter), hoping its the starter.

    When we pulled the motor, we decided to install a new motor at that time (much less miles; ours had already 140,000 mls on it).

    Oh: is it really a 95 Cougar (old style)? My notes refer to the newer style (after 1998) !!!!
  • decrottydecrotty Posts: 15
    Assuming the key has something to do with this, spray some lock lubricant or WD40 or something like 3and1 oil into the lock. Work the key in and out a number of times.
    I did eventually have to replace the lock on my 2001 Cougar. Any good locksmith can order that lock. If you go to Ford they only have a set of all locks on all doors for about $300.
  • decrottydecrotty Posts: 15
    Back again. Have returning P0401 CEL. Getting some misfire at 2000 rpm with slight acceleration. Also may have some misfire at higher speeds but not sure. Replacing EGR valve did not help. Some posts suggest replace the DPFE but some guys report not finding that and I can't find it either. I have the shop manual which shows it under the egr valve mounted on the engine. Does not seem to be there. There are two devices mounted on the manifold, one nearest the EGR valve but unidentified and then next to that is the Vacuum regulator.
    Any suggestions? Thanks.
  • decrottydecrotty Posts: 15
    Went to a Ford dealer and his photos are the same as my manual with the DPFE under the EGR valve bolted to the engine block. The parts guy was kind enough to go out to the car and point out a very small plastic DPFE that is not attached to anything and is just around the corner under a cylindrical sensor (which has to be removed to get to the DBFE). This smaller version has one electrical connection and two short hoses that go down to outlets from the EGR tube. Engine runs a lot better now. Apparently they used this plastic version for part of the 2001 model year.
  • lilblackcoupelilblackcoupe Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    I have a 99 Cougar V-6 with a manual trans and I am only getting air to the defrost vent in the dash. I have read in this forum that it could be a vacuum line. If anyone knows which one or can send pics of the location, that would be great. I have a couple of vacuum lines that are broken or unattached and I am sure one of them belongs to this problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  • maejinmaejin Posts: 11
    I have a 2002 Cougar V6. Coolant sensor is not in the overflow bottle. Does anyone know where the sensor is?
  • vtraudtvtraudt Posts: 52
    Should be on the front side of the overflow bottle. It sits a bit low. The connector is one of those where you need to push in the metal/wire clamp to pull it off.
  • avp0713avp0713 Posts: 8
    I thought it was on the drivers side of the engine, connected to the Block, near the thermostat hose. That's where mine was, and I replaced it. Perhaps i'm talking about a different sensor? It was a large brass screw-in sensor with a harness wire connected to it.
  • maejinmaejin Posts: 11
    thx for the posting but my overflow bottle does not have a sensor
  • maejinmaejin Posts: 11
    thx for posting...I will let my mechanic look in that area.
  • decrottydecrotty Posts: 15
    The coolant bottle is on the passenger side just behind the fill tube for the window washer. In between these two about six inches down are some wires, one of them connects to the coolant sensor.
  • maejinmaejin Posts: 11
    Thx for posting, However, the overflow bottle was taken completely out...inspected and cleaned...there is NO sensor
  • 2002 2.5L v6 Cougar died while driving. Engine cranks but will not fire. After 30 seconds of cranking battery dies. Recharged battery and within 30 seconds battery dies. Replaced crank sensor and ignition coil, tested battery OK. Engine still will not fire.
  • 99 cougar runs good and quiet all summer and now with the first chilly frost, it squeals turning out of the garage and that usually precedes the no start problem. Had it towed to the dealer , couldn't find fault. Drove it home ok. Seems like a lot of moisture coming out of exhaust all yr long.
  • Check the fuel pump. There was a recall of fuel pumps about that time and my 2001 V6 Cougar died on me on the road for just that reason.
    As for the battery, i'd say it needs replacement.
  • If your first cold day is in late December you must live far south of me here in Northern Ky. The squeal as you turn out of the garage has to be the belt to the steering pump.
    The moisture in the exhaust could be a leaking head gasket. Take out all the spark plugs and see if one of them is wet or if water comes out of one of them as someone else cranks the engine. Look closely at the oil fill cap for white foamy moisture, another indication of a gasket leak.
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