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Nissan Frontier Maintenance and Repair



  • My 2003 Frontier started chipping away several years ago, but only a couple of small spot,which I tried to keep in check with toouch up paint. Earlier this year the drivers side rear bed just completely sheared away in 1 day. This is when I decided to contact Nissan. I have been stonewalled the entire time & will NEVER buy another Nissan product. I am still working on it & will update if I get any progress.
  • tarrigotarrigo Posts: 1
    edited March 2013
    My air conditioning stopped working. The steps I take to determine that it is not working is the normal ones I would take if I was turning it on. So here is what happens:

    1) Turn the knob so it is set to max AC
    2) I then hit the AC button and the Circulation button
    3) Both lights come on for AC and Circulation.
    4) I turn the 0-4 knob up to 4, but when i go past 2 the AC light turns off and I get no air

    Wanted to know if these symptoms are familiar to anyone and if you have some thoughts on what might be causing that. I want to educate myself a bit before I have it repaired. It did work recently for a minute or two. Then, while working, the AC light and the Circulation light sort of rapidly turned off and on and then it went back to not working.

    Thank you
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