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Toyota Avalon Quality Control Issues



  • melbcmelbc Posts: 31
    I had to comment on the seats like rocks observation. When I tested the Avalon we took it for a long drive and were so wowed by the performance and other gadgets that we didn't realize that the seats were literally like sitting on a rock after you sit on the seats for more than a few hours. However now that we have had the car for approx 4 months the seats are broken in (no we are not heavy at all!) and very comfortable. So there is hope out there! ;)

    That said.....the rattles continue to get me down and now the rubber strip that goes around the driver side window keeps getting caught in the window...that sort of thing is not what I expected from a new car. Any new car for that matter. But.....I will persevere and hopefully get these problems sorted out. I still love the car.Hopefully next week I will get help when I take it in.
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    I test drove a TL (good seats), G35 (concrete rocking chairs), ES330 (OK) and a Buick Lucerne (Superb). I love the Avalon seats which are "sofa like" to me and I'm 6'2' and 250lbs. The most comfortable seats I ever sat on were in a Volvo S80---loved the car---didn't consider one as it has just too many problems and reliability is terrible. Good luck fixing your window weather stripping!
  • oilcan2oilcan2 Posts: 120
    Lucerne would be up there with the Avalon on my list but
    the V6 only puts out 197hp (28mpg on highway)and the V8 is
    the Northstar putting out 275hp at 25mpg on highway.The
    Lucerne weighs 400lbs more than the Avalon,has a larger
    turning radius and a dount spare,on the plus side Buick
    does have a 4 year 50k miles warr and one may be able to
    get low interest rate (2.9%).
  • neil5neil5 Posts: 118
    I have 06 Limited, I have noticed that my brake and gas pedal buzz at times with wheel motion and engine speed about 1500rpm. It is not bad when I where tennis shoes but when I wear hard leather I feel the buzz and make my feet feel like they are going to sleep. Anyone feels this on their's. I am coming up tp 5k service and will ask for checking the vibration dampening materials on the pedals.
  • mstemmstem Posts: 113
    Nope, not really. Doesn't say much of anything to me. My '06 Avalon Limited is as close to perfect as any vehicle I have ever owned. Great value for the money! Sorry that a few folks are having difficulty. I hope they get their issues resolved quickly. Mike
  • cc48cc48 Posts: 2
    You have your opinions and I am entitled to mine. There are people who just don't care (or as much) what they drive or how they drive. I believe all things should have a purpose and be well designed. It will be just a matter of time when, at least half of my "idiotic" complaints, will become an issue for everyone who drives this car. Obviously, you haven't driven or owned a 2001-2004 Avalon. Those owners can tell you the differences. I am comparing the 2005 to the previous year models. When you have a winner, you stick with it or try to make it better. I'm just telling you that they failed. And if you were astute to notice the buffeting and oscillation noise, you will notice the other problems. Also, haven't you driven with all the windows down on a beautiful day? Why do you think they put in electric windows at all?
  • 06 XL Its kinda like your wife, a few problems, but you still love her.
  • mb27tmb27t Posts: 1
    Has anyone had a problem with the inside of the windows hazing.I will clean the windows with a quality glass cleaner and within 1-2 days windows are hazed up.Espically back window .I know that the summer heat causes some type of gas to emit from the plastic in the car but this is ridiculous.
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    You will get this "out gassing" in any car with significant amounts of plastic/vinyl. Be sure to use a glass cleaner WITHOUT ammonia (Stoners is good). It helps to leave the windows down/open as much as possible.

    I've heard that it can take a year or so before this calms down significantly.
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    nimimi: Go to Wal Mart and buy RainX Glass Cleaner-----the BEST stuff I ever used--BTW--keep it away from the wife or you'll be the one "doing the windows!!" It should be with the rest of the RainX products.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,025
    I thought it was only me. My windows do the same exact thing. It must be something specific to the Avalon. A friend at the office has an '06 Highlander and doesn't have the problem.

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    Nope. EVERY car has this problem when new. If your friend with the Highlander says he doesn't have it, either he can't see or he smokes and that film covers the out-gassing film.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    Outgassing and the resulting haze is also highly dependent on where your car spends most of its time. If it sits in the hot sun, you will see a lot more film than the same car that sits in the shade or in a garage. Heat liberates much more of the plasticizers (in soft vinyl interior parts mostly) that then deposit on your windshield.

    Cars in warmer climates or in the summertime in cooler climates are going to be worse as well.

    Some cars are worse than others, probably dependent on the quantity, composition and location of the interior plastics. And, this phenomenon can continue to occur for many years, not just the first few months.

    This is one downside of all those "soft touch" interior plastics many people go so gaga over.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,025
    His is garaged and mine is not. That is probably why I notice it much more between cleanings than he does.

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • finfin atlantaPosts: 588
    Add my '07 Limited to the "outgas film" group. Wondered what it was, never had this before in a new car, including both prior generation Avalons. It didn't happen until the heat of the GA summer hit the 90's. It will reappear in a day or so after cleaning even though the car is garaged every night. Both front and rear glass show the film. Thanks for the explanation.

    As we all know.... nothing is perfect. Still a great car for the money.
  • datastream7datastream7 Posts: 1
    edited February 2010
    I bought used XL 2006 Avalon with about 80K miles on it.
    1. Front and rear windows both have this ougassing film on it. I will complain directly to Toyota about it, because no way I want to keep breathing this plastic ougassing into my lungs. The views are not entirely clear. I owned 1992 Camry and I was very very happy with it, although it did not have leather seats salon never outgassed and never smelled of plastic.
    2. Window wipers make screeching noise.
    3. There is rust on the wheels that really shouldn't be present on newer car, specially the one driven in CA.
    4. Acceleration is no where near as smooth it was in my 1992 Camry. Car jolts.
    5. On certain conditions when I press the brakes speed doesn't go down, but the car slows down. There is a delay between displayed and actual speed.
    6. The dealer did not mention oil leak recall at all! I found it out after the purchase.

    Most of all I am in a deep shock, of how quality went down compared to older Toyotas. Overall feeling is like I am driving a capricious computer, instead of mechanically perfect car.
  • lntlnt Posts: 189
    One year and 3 months ago I parked and killed the engine in my car while I waited in the carline for my granddaughter at school. I was listening to the radio. When she got in the car, I tried to start it up and nothing happened. I assumed it was a dead battery. This is an 05 Avalon(with 35,000 miles) and this all happened December of 08. I got one of the teachers to jump start me, drove home and had my husand go to the dealer and get a new battery. He installed it and all wasy fine -- until today, March 1st, 2010. Same exact situation only this time after being jump started, I went to the dealer to make them exchange the battery. They checked it and said it was fine - plenty of juice and sent me home. So now, I am afraid to go anywhere without a set of jumper cables in my trunk. After reading the "battery" forums, I thought maybe it could be the starter or something because it did make kind of a clicking sound when I pushed the button to start it. Lights were on - radio okay - everything else was working. Anyone have any ideas? Toyota service manager said situation would have to be duplicated before they could find problem. I just don't want to get stranded with grandkids in my car!
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 588
    Avalons, like some other cars, tend to generate a lot of corrosion around the battery terminals. There are many reasons for this but the point is that the corrosion blocks the battery current from reaching the starter. Everything else will work.... but the car will not start. If you clean the battery posts and the inside of both the cable clamps then reconnect the battery, the car should start if the dealer is correct and the battery is OK.

    This is a simple, and likely, solution. It is also possible the battery cable is failing, or damaged somehow, or that the starter has problems. But go with this for now and see what happens. Post your results, others will have more ideas... :)
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,025
    If the car was fine after jump starting to me everything is fine. The alternator did its job and charged the battery while driving to the dealer. The OP mentioned listening to the radio with the car off. The Avalon (and many other newer cars) have very powerful radios, big NAV screens etc. You just can't play the radio, etc for very long without draining the battery.

    When I had my 06 Avalon XLS (without NAV), I was washing it one afternoon and the radio was cranked up for a good hour, maybe more. Upon finishing I went to start it and it was slow to crank over. Let it run for 10 mins to charge the battery and all was fine.

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

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