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Toyota Avalon Quality Control Issues



  • lntlnt Posts: 188
    My husband checked the cables, posts and all that stuff. He is a pretty handyman with a car. He thinks it could be something with the starter, too. Dealer supposedly also checked it all out too. I found out my extended warranty is good until 2012, so I'll just put jumper cables in my trunk and try to live with it. Maybe it won't happen for another year. Next year I'll just remember to park in the parking lot at school and not in the car line.
  • lntlnt Posts: 188
    The service manager didn't think the radio would do it. I pick my granddaughter up 3 days a week playing the radio every time without a problem, but maybe you're right. I'll start turning everything off and see what happens. If it happens again next year, I'll know that wasn't the problem. Ha. Ha.
  • cthelitecthelite Posts: 4
    edited April 2013
    2006 Toyota Avalon XLS
    The first time the battery failed I was listening to the radio when radio quit. Car would not start, only a relay clicking when attempting to start. Got a boost everything OK. Went to Toyota dealer and they found everything OK. They suggested I need to do more hiway driving.
    The second failure came after parking in my garage and next morning battery was dead. Car was in park and keys removed. Took the car back to dealer again they found nothing wrong. I asked them to replace the battery which they did. All seems to be OK but I am wondering if it will fail again. Any thoughts or suggestions.
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