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Toyota Solara 2007



  • I have a wind screen...and I love it. Have had a problem with it falling down at one point, but the dealer fixed it. Makes a BIG difference in comfort, especially on the highway, blocks both wind and noise. What were your questions?
  • rmatrmat Posts: 12
    My only question was relative to its effectivness in blocking wind and noise, that you answered. I presume from your reply that it helps the front seat. Right? Also, how does it affect the rear seat room and visibility? Thanks for your reply!
  • Yes, front seat only...back seat is 'useless' when using the windscreen because it has a mesh cover that goes from the windscreen and attaches to the back of the back seat, so you can't use the windscreen with back seat passengers....I guess it would prevent stuff from flying out of your back seat, I actually have never tried that though.
  • rmatrmat Posts: 12
    Thanks for the great input. Is the back seat affected when not "using" the windscreen? Where is the screen when not being "used"?
  • The windscreen is need to put it on and take it off as needed. It slides into 2 slots on the backseat side panels behind the front seats. When not in use, it fits nicely in the trunk, lies flat on the trunk floor so doesn't take up any space. The backseat isn't affected at all by not using it...just gets windy back there, not bad on a bright sunshiny day!! BTW, I happen to live in the northeast..and temps have been in the 60's here. With the windscreen up, it's wonderful on a sunny day...if it gets a little chilly, between the heated seats and the sunshine, no problem...ahhh, I love my car!!
  • rmatrmat Posts: 12
    Again, I thank you for the input. I live in the midwest with similar weather as you--so I'm going to get it and give it a try. I'll be driving down to Florida soon and it sounds as tho it will be great on the highway. P. S. I also love the car, except for the rear visibility with the top up. But you get used to it! The '07 made an improvement in the headrests to help a little.
  • Wow!! I would LOVE to get a windscreen, for exactly the reasons you mentioned, plus stuff DOES fly out of the back, even when it's placed on the floor! :cry:

    Do I have to buy it from the dealer, or is there another option?

  • rmatrmat Posts: 12
    The dealer is the only place I know of to get it. My local dealer says that they don't have them at this time, and it will be "some time" before they get them. If you find it elsewhere, let me know.
  • Brand new 2007 SLE Convertible and from day 1 the steering wheel is off center by about 1/4 inch. The alignment is actually fine, just the steering wheel is off center. This is making me CRAZY, the dealer had the car on the alignment rack twice and it is the same problem. I go back next week to have a "master technician" look at it. Has anyone had a similar experience and what were the results. What is my recourse if they can not correct this problem.

  • rmatrmat Posts: 12
    I've had mine for almost 3 months, and it is perfect. I am not having the problem you refer to. Try calling Toyota directly.
  • Mine's a 2006 and at around 25,000 miles I had to have my 2 front tires replaced (my fault, I somehow ripped the wall on one of them). Anyway, I got the best price from the dealer and of course had them balance and align the front when putting the new tires on. When I got the car back, the steering wheel was 'off center', so I brought it back--same thing, so I brought it back again and that time they seemed to get it straightened out!! I know what you mean though...drove me nuts too!
  • I have a new 2007 Solara Coupe. So far, the car seems to be excellent mechanically (I've only driven it 128 miles). But the first time I washed it, I noticed that there was "orange peel" in the paint at the bottom of the doors (approx. the bottom 3 inches). I suspect this was caused by the paint not covering this area sufficiently to smooth out when sprayed. There are also fine dust particles in the paint, but these are less noticeable.

    Has anyone else noticed the orange peel problem on their car?
  • rmatrmat Posts: 12
    I have the '07 convertible--black so every blemish shows. No problems to date (almost 3 months)
  • Thanks for the reply. Perhaps my vehicle is "unique." I may have to just live with it because anything I ask the dealer to do to fix it will likely just make it worse.
  • I think if you check other similar cars you will find that this is a type of paint used to prevent damage from rocks and gravel. It is used on the lower few inches of the car usually found on body panels behind the wheels.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    It's simple,center the steering wheel and reset the toe.If they can't figure that out,try a regular shop that does alignments.
  • Thanks! You're right. The rocker panels and bottoms of the doors are sprayed with chip-resistant paint. So, it's not a flaw in the paint after all. :)
  • Love our SLE Conv, but since day one, car pulls to right. 4 weeks old now w/235 miles, the dealer says alignment is OK, but it still pulls to right. Now they have Master Mechanic on it who has replaced the shims, strut "tower" (after three tries with parts from Torrance HQ) and coil springs--and it still pulls. They have had car TWO WEEKS and never call with an update. I have to call, or stop by (since I get put on hold) to get info. I had to ask Marina del Rey Toyota, they didn't volunteer, for a rental--they gave us a HHR Black. When will we get out car back? I also have a 2006 Sequoia its perfect!
  • Two hours after posting the message here, we got a call. Car is ready--it was the coil springs--go figure. Returned rental--my wife is happy!
  • Now that you've had your car about 6 months, what do you think? What do you think of that dealer? (Look in your rear view mirror - I'm back there...thinking about buying a 2007 Solara in Sanford ;-) :shades:
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