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Hyundai Tiburon Clutch Problems



  • gflemgflem Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 tib gt and already am having problems with my clutch or trans. It has 29,000 miles and this should not be happening. I remembered reading about a defective transmission somewhere so i started researching for some ammo. I found you guys and also heard of class action suit. I will definately look into that one. I just hope everyone that is having a problem will speak up. We have more power in numbers. I will keep you updated on what dealer tells me. gina
  • Our 2006 GT Tiburon had a problem with the clutch linkage, there is a bushing that connects the pedal to the clutch push rod and it had broken, this caused the linkage to have too much slop and the clutch could not be fully disengaged. We took it to the dealer and they had to replace the entire clutch linkage they said. It was covered under warranty. We just had the same issue happen again four months later and now they say it is a bad clutch and not covered under warranty. $1,900 to repair. I know it is exactly the same issue as before because it acts the same way and you can physically see the bushing is broken just like last time. Needless to say, I will be pursuing alternative means to force them to correct this issue under warranty.
  • ttevatteva Posts: 5
    I think you have the right idea, I haven't had any more problems with my Tib 07 (clutch got stuck and then came out) but I don't trust it anymore.
    I found the link for the complaint:
    I would ask everybody that has have an issue with any year Tib clutch to put a complain, if there are as many as it seems we might get some attention. :mad:
  • Must have bought a lemon. I have had absolutely no problems after 86,000 miles. The Tiburon has been an awesome car!!!!
  • I believe that would be your loss. I think people need to learn how to drive. My Tiburon has been flawless for almost two years and 86,000 miles.
  • We bought a 2003 Tib w/20,000 miles + a couple of years back. We recently found the clutch to be very worn and we know it was previously abused. Though it appears to be substandard, the clutch wear is my bad for buying it from the wrong person.

    I don't mind the clutch so much, but who ever heard of a flywheel being worn out at 49000 miles from a 160 hp car? The flywheel is pure trash. Learn from my mistake and DON'T BUY THIS CAR. A flywheel should not be a wear part at 49000 miles unless you're driving AND abusing a 400 hp+ race machine. To top it off we also found the bearing to be bad and the dealer knew of the 'click' before they tore the car apart and replaced all the other parts. Now we need to go back in and replace the bearing "under warranty". Double labor charges for the service dept. Hyundai's "best warranty" is in name only in this case.
  • medic, just an FYI: there are a ton of TSB's (technical service bulletins) on this car regarding the clutch and flywheel issues.

    Like I said in my note above, my bad for not looking before I leaped. But the company should warrant faulty parts that are clearly NOT wear parts. And it looks like they still have some serious clutch issues that are not 'normal'.

    I'm glad that some folks did get a car that works well and that you are one of them. We need our medics to be able get to work safely!! Thanks for doing it!!
  • My Sonata flywheel failed and Hyundai denied warranty replacement. I do not want to buy another Hyundai defective design flywheel; but I cannot find an aftermarket flywheel anywhere???

    Please help -

    Stranded in Georgia
  • Clutch Masters offers a Aluminum After market flywheel. You can purchase this Item through for $400.
  • I have an '05 Tiburon GT V6 Coupe and had to have the clutch/fly wheel replaced twice already. The 1st after 6 months and then again 15 months later. Hyundai says it is normal wear and tear so not covered under warranty. Kottman Transmission dealt with the service rep for the company that makes the flywheel in the Tiburon and was told there is a problem with early failure on the fly wheel. Has anyone else heard this same story? Seems like a costly car to own if every year or so you have to pay $1,500-$1,800 to repair the same problem
  • richs3richs3 Posts: 20
    You are saying:
    "Hyundai says it is normal wear and tear so not covered under warranty."
    "Kottman Transmission dealt with the service rep for the company that makes the flywheel in the Tiburon and was told there is a problem with early failure on the fly wheel."

    The interesting thing to me, is that there are two different statements, regarding the same problem. Apparently, the Hyundai dealership is telling you it is due to normal wear (bogus, i.e. b.s. and lying) while conversely a service Rep for the part being made is factually saying that the problem is with the fly wheel product itself.

    This defect has been going on for sometime, it appears that Hyundai is turning a deaf ear to the matter, and it definitely subtracts any respect that I would otherwise have had for the company. I will not say anything good about Hyundai in future, but rather I will dissuade anyone I know of from buying Hyundai, and mention to them, this problem which they (business smarts = NOT) refused to resolve. Come on! They have 1 problem with one part for car, and can't fix it after 3 to 4 years of mention? They can add an entirely new "luxury" car to their line, but can't resolve a defect in the one and only 'sport line' assembly they already have?? Going forward with Hyundai . . . up the hill, and down the cliff. Again, 'Business Smarts' = Not, when they insult the intelligence of the customers they seek to allure with simple gloss and market exaggeration. That is how they encourage young or enthusiastic drivers? Also, all of their parts are overly expensive. Thank you for sharing what the flywheel rep said.
  • I also have a 2007 Tiburon and have went through 3 clutches in 30,000 miles. I like the car but the clutches are not covered under warranty. The car's starter went out at 17000 miles but that was covered under warranty, the clutch costs nearly $2000 to install at my local dealer in NJ. I would not recommend this car to anyone. I have owned 3 manual cars in the past and have never had a clutch go out on me so I do not think it is me.
  • 01tib01tib Posts: 1
    every one that needs a new clutch or flywheel and thing thay should be replaced under warrenty from the dealer. need to stop talking about the tiburons like there a piece of crap. just because something when rong with your car its pritty comin to have to replace car parts. thats why there are repair shops if you clutch go's at 40000 k maybe you should look at you driving instead of blaming the dealers for falter parts. my wife has a 01 tiburon and yes its needed work and right now needs a clutch at 170,000. but its all been problems from how people drive the car. the tiburon has a lot of power for a stoke car. people need to lern how to drive them better. if every one drove it like a normal person it wouldnt need to be fixed. the people that say that the clutch went in there car so thay sold it need to give there head a shake its a clutch it duz brake. just like a honda so in stead of saying all the bad things about your car maybe try sayings about your that broke because of the way you drive them.
  • richs3richs3 Posts: 20
    Maybe this and maybe that, but obviously so many people complaining about the same thing, and even a supplier for that car part admitting that there was a problem with it . . . I don't know that it's so good to so quickly invalidate so many people, and dismiss their credibility so enthusiastically. As for myself, I never had a manual, so I can't complain about what I did not experience. It's great to be affirmative for what works for us, and yet,perhaps different models, and even individual cars receive some variations in their supplies, or the quality of their assembly.
  • The 2001 Tiburon is a completely different car than the new generation. Perhaps you should research more before posting idiotic comments blindly in this message board.

    Also, you might want to use spell check and avoid gangsta spellings of words like "duz" as it makes you sound like a complete moron.

    Obviously there are serious issues with the new Tiburons.
  • I'm having the same issue with my Tib 2003 GT. And I had the car serviced at a deal, and their service personal tried to explain to me that the car need a new flywheel with the clutch replacement. The Flywheel, how does a solid steel go bad? And the Dealer wants to charge me 900.00 for the part. I could of bought a new flywheel and clutch for 500.00? I feel hyundai is making fool of as all.

    one upset tib customer!
  • tib03tib03 Posts: 2
    My son bought a 03 with 56,000 miles on it. Had a 4 hour drive to get home, and did not make it. Had to replace flywheel, clutch, throw out bearing, and pressure plate. Cost $1811. He drove the car for one month before starting basic in the Navy. After basic he came and got his car at thanksgiving and drove home with it at christmas. The clutch quit again, and everything is shot again. Only 4400 miles on the clutch. It went out without warning, and alot of the miles were put on on the interstate. Does anyone know how well after market parts are working, as I do not want hyundai parts again? Has anyone gotten warranty?
  • I to hae a problem with my 2004 tiburon. the clutch keeps grabbing and i have to turn the car of if i want to go. I have had a mechanic look at it and he replaced the Hydraulics but the problem was still there. Hyundai have looked at it and have said nothing wrong but could be the mas flywheel. Cost to check and repair Aus $2600
    As i have been driving the same driving over the past 19 years with various cars, i said i have never had any clutch or gearbox problem. He just said wear and tear. I think in Australia the problem hasn't come to their notice yet. I am taking my car to a Hyundai
    spear parts man tonight to have a look at it. I love my car and cannot fault it up until now. I have 139000 k on the clock
  • I posted on here a couple times about my '05 Tiburon V6 GT and having to replace the cluth/flywheel after 9K miles and then again in Oct after another 25K miles. Hyundai refused to do anything for me, saying it was my fault. I went through the Hyundai Customer service and after a month same results.
    A couple weeks later, still mad, I wrote the Better Business Bureau who responded VERY quickly. But I had to fill out about 5-6 pages of information and they wanted a bunch of other info. I figured it was too much time and work so forgot about it. In Dec, I decided what the heck, it's just 42cents postage and a bit of time. After filling it all out, making copies of my first bill, and then the copy of the second occurance with the paid bill from the transmission company I sent it all in. BTW I also included all the messages from this site that everyone is complaining about the same issue, and the info about the 2003 class action lawsuite regarding the same problem. I expected nothing to happen... however the BBB responded back very fast saying they were going to investigate. I had several dialogues with the BBB. The end result for the BBB was that Hyundai was refusing to do anything. BUT, the BBB advised me I still had 1 more alternative. They could arrange for a 3rd pary outside arbitrator to hear the case. I would have to appear in their offices presenting my side with all documentation. Hyundai would also have to appear and give why it was my fault and not theirs. I was not going to do it, but decided lets do it. BBB told me the date and said they were going to advise Hyundai that they would have to appear for the hearing. 1 hour later the BBB said I would not have to go, Hyundai was agreeing to reimburse me for the $1,800.

    I don't know if it will work for you, but what the heck, it''s worth the try and you just might get your expenses reimbursed. Persistance paid off for me

    BTW, the BBB will only step in if you still own the vehicle.

    Good Luck
  • mrbrownmrbrown Posts: 1
    2006 Hyundai Tiburon SE clutch malfunctioning and failure. Poor quality and deformed parts used. Warranty classifies parts as "wear parts." I took my car in for its scheduled maintenance visit to Rick.Case. Hyundai in Roswell, GA. After 2 days I experienced acceleration issues and went back to R. C. Dealership. On duty Technician informed me the clutch was the source of the problem and it would cost me 2000.00+ USD. When I asked why I was told this was covered by warranty during the orignal sales processI received inconclusive answers. After a little internet research I discovered: a class action pending stemming from 03-04 Hyundai Tiburon's choice of clutch parts (fly wheel to be specific) and numerous post on Edmunds Car Space ( over 5 pages of enraged Hyundai Tiburon 03-07 owners') Hyundai refuses to acknowledge the faulty, deformed and defective parts that make up its clutch and continue charging hard working, honest people 2000.00 to fix a problem they know exists and will continue to fail. A message to anyone thinking about buying a HYUNDAI. 1 word.... DON"T !!!!!!!!!!
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