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Chevrolet Aveo Real World MPG



  • veloraidveloraid Posts: 5
    How I regret not renting one before buying! I'm sure I would not have bought either for the same reason. After one year (way too long) I'm trading it in for a 98 Honda. With the mileage I do and having had a Honda before I figure I'll save $2000-$2500 a year in gas! :lemon:
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I believe the majority of the Aveo's get close to what your Echo gets on the highway give or take 3 mpg or so. You can step up to the larger Cobalt or Corolla and get mid-30 mpg as well highway. The Cobalt city mileage is 25-27 mpg.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    The very best mileage I ever got on my 05 Aveo Hatchback LT (running synthetic oil) was between 31-32 MPG highway. I have read posts where others got much better, but I have no idea how they did it under normal driving conditions...
  • timsehtimseh Posts: 24
    Just got back from a weekend trip from Cleveland to Dayton. All Highway miles on the way down (with a quick jog up to Springrield to drop off the kid for a college visit). Got 37 MPG going there. Quite a bit of around town driving on Saturday and the trip back came out to 32 MPG. I know the city driving brought it down quite a bit and it's uphill all the way home (probably downhill going there boosted the first tank a bit. All in all a 34.5 MPG average for the entire trip. I'm not a crazy driver, but don't drive like my 90 year old grandmother either.

    I know others have had issues with mileage, but I'm pretty happy with this.
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    I just fill up my car tonight and I had drove 216 miles and it took 6.51 gallons to fill it up. :surprise: That was driving around Dallas and Plano, Tx. and back and forth to work...not bad.

    I am about to take a trip up to Eureka Springs, Ar. so I will give my mileage on that trip when I get back. :)
  • ron1970ron1970 Posts: 26
    Hi All,

    37000 mile average is at 39.4 mpg. 85% highway 15% city driving. Best tank 45.2 mpg / worst tank 32 mpg.

  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    Well I am back from my Family trip to Arkansas.....whew. are my postings for fuel consumption and and speed.

    First leg....Segoville Tx to Hot Springs Village,Ar....268 miles- 6.7 gallons....39.8mpg
    Average speed between 60-65 behind a big truck most of the way....

    Second leg Hot Spings Village to Eureka Spings a extra day of site seeing in the mountains...this was all mountain driving an site seeing in mountainous areas..
    :) 326 miles- 10.3 gallons.... 31.65 mpg....

    Third leg of trip mostly mountainous driving and site seeing....311 miles- 8.71 gallons
    35.70 mpg. (luggage was out of the car).

    Fourth leg heading home from Eureka Springs Ar. down 540 to Fort Smith and on to Broken Bow Oklahoma. Mostly speed in excess of 80mph....(my mother drove) with four people in car and a trunk full of luggage. 269 miles- 8.67 gallons 31.6 mpg

    Last leg From Broken Bow, Ok. to Seven Points Tx. ...speed of 70-85 mph....(my mother drove the higher speeds) 231.7 miles- 7.11 gallons.....32.58 mpg..

    Remember this was with four adults in the car......a trunk full of luggage and a wheel chair. Lots of mountainous driving.....
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Great MPG!

    Sure beats the heck out of what I got on the 05 Aveo that I had. Sounds like yours is a "keeper"!
  • hammillhammill Posts: 10
    :) To bad u cant get an aveo hybrid for $15,000! That would sure help your city milage issues. I have a 2006 sedan 5 speed with 31,000+ on it. 85% highway driving and 32-36 mpg! very happy! warming up here now in MN. Milage going up with last tank at 36!
  • i've got the '06 aveo5 hatchback manual and it's averaging between 32-35 mpg on the highway and upper 20s around town. i had a really low spurt of 30 mpg on my last tank thanks to insane highway rush hour traffic but i'm quite pleased with the mileage after 45K miles and 2 years owning the car.
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    Yes I had just filled up the thank after about ll days of driving and I went 328.8 miles and it took....9.94 gallons to fill up on this tank....mostly just scooting around Plano and on quick trip to my mom's. ( in east texas). :)
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    Did the drive to my mom's and back......went 160.2 miles and filled up the tank ....took 4.201 gallons....thats all I could get in the tank....
  • timsehtimseh Posts: 24
    Just drove from Cleveland to Fort Campbell (KY / TN border). 552 Miles averaged 36 MPG. Averaged 65 MPH in Ohio, 70 to 75 in KY.
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    sounds good....I was averaging about 65 mph..... :)
  • I really don't get these big automakers. They do everything backwords. First they build pure electric vehicles with their EV1, Rav4 EV and so on and so forth. Then they stop building them because the auto dealers say knowone wants a pure electric vehicle. This all about ten years ago. Toyota starts building the Prius Hybrid, but doesn't give you the choice to Plug it in(bad move Toyota), now ten years later(first Prius sold in 1997, it's now 2008) Toyota is working(supposedly very hard too) on releasing a Plug-In Gas Electric Hybrid That will some day also give you the choice of not only choosing when you get to use electric only propulsion, but also the choice of What fuel you put in it(ie flex fuel), including the choice of filling up with natural gas(if pumped from your home with the "Phill" Station, CNG only cost you less than $1.oo Dollar per gallon). So why didn't all the automakers figure this out ten years ago and make a flex fuel, plug in Hybrid then? makes me sick and dizzy. All these damn fumes I breathe everyday in LA, Yuck. CNG, Good enough for buses, and to cook in your home with and heat your water heater, but run your car on the stuff, oh no not that, that's just too easy. We're going to sell you Hydrogen in thirty years, yeah, keep your eye on that and hold your breath till your blue in the face, or demand the car you want/need today! Now there's an idea. Yeah, tell car dealers what you Want!. Two million New cars are sold every year in California Alone. That's a lot of cars. if everyone, or even half those people said, I'm waiting until you build the car I want, a Plug in Hybrid, flex fuel vehicle. Note: for those of you who think electricity production is dirtier than gasoline. theres the study(actually several reports written on this one), even if 100% of your electricity(to power your electric car) came from a coal(the dirtiest of dirty), your electric car would still be creating one half the pollution compared to the Gas Only Car. and remember, every gallon of gasoline burned, creates 19Pounds of co2. You'll need to know some chemistry to figure that one out, but it's been figured many times and always the same result. 19 Pounds per gallon of CO2(humanly unbreathable Poison for the lungs). So, how about the Chevy Aveo Plug-In Hybrid Flex Fuel Vehicle with CNG capabilities? :blush:
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    There are other ways to produce electricity that are not mentioned when people/studies like to throw the polution factor into making electricity. Wind and water powered turbines are probably the most economical and the solar is getting better ever year. I recently saw on TV of a town that produces its own electricity by wind and sells back what it can't use. I think it was in Iowa? and they had those large wind towers on farmers land. The farmers didn't mind sharing their property and got additional money for doing so. Totally self sufficient community.

    The EV1 (Impact) car was ahead of its time and a great design. They leased everyone of them but the demise was and still is a big contraversy. There is conspiracy theories behind GM pulling the plug that sound pretty credible. Yes the car cost a lot to produce but what new model/technology doesn't. One theory says they were forced to give up the car by big oil companies. Who knows but I wouldn't doubt something more than cost influenced its end. What a waste of resources and what could have been.
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    A friend and I drove up to the north side of Lake Texoma and back today. The trip was 194 miles including the sight seeing part and I filled up the car when I got back and it took 5.09 gallons. :P
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    Did nothing but in town driving for a little over two weeks and went 285.3 miles and it took exactly 10.00 gallons to fill up......28.5 mpg. :) Last fillup was may 26.
  • aveoctbaveoctb Posts: 5
    1152 mile trip from Harrisburg PA to the Outer Banks of NC and back:

    37.9 mpg on the trip down, nearly all highway at 55-75

    36.2 mpg after driving on the Outer Banks

    35.2 mpg overall mileage which included about 50 miles of heavy stop and go driving at different points between Richmond, VA, and Alexandria, VA, and an accidental detour through downtown Norfolk, VA and Virginia Beach.

    Car definitely gets its best mileage around 70-75.

    Should also note that I have an SES related to a throttle position problem which induced a lot of unwanted "feathering" like I was removing my foot from the pedal and then applying pressure again. It also triggered limp mode five times (three of which were on the outer loop around D.C., which was lovely...) and I had to pull over and restart the car to clear it. This almost certainly harmed my mileage, but by how much, I couldn't tell.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Glad to see you are getting such good mileage.

    It puzzles me, however, that you claim the best mileage at 70-75 MPH.

    That defies all currently known science about fuel comsumption as it relates to engine rpm, wind resistance, etc.

    Again, glad you are happy with it...
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