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Chevrolet Aveo Real World MPG



  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    I finally hit the 19mpg mark! After hearing that gas is going to jump in price because of that Alaska pipeline rusting out..and so far gas here in Ft.Laud has gone up $.05 in 2 days..I filled up and I am getting 19!!! YEAHH!!!! Whoopie!
    I filled the tires to as hard as possible without blowing them up, and now that I have the syn. oil in it,and the Bosch plus4 spark plugs, I am getting 19mpg! Oh the joy! Maybe 20 is coming when the 2 weeks out of the year I dont need A/C on all the time :) .
  • that sucks I have never got less than 27. Yesterday was one of my days off and I and a friend drove from Dallas to Tyler and a few side trips in the process. 362 miles on 9.8 gallons. Not bad.
  • I bought new 05 aveo last August. I take it in every time it says I should for oil change, if you don;t it can screw up your warranty. Gas mileage isn;t that bad I live in WI and get approximately 309-350miles per tank. Between highway and town. Once this summer we drove from Pulaski WI to upper Michigan for weekend filled up in Gillette went 125 miles and gas gauge never moved. I can't explain it maybe someone else can got over 400 miles to that tank full. :shades:
  • Just wondering where you got all the goodies to dress up the Aveo!!! Please let us know. Thanks!!!!! :surprise:
  • been keeping track of my milege in my 06 lt hatchback...

    date / miles traveled / gallons / cost / city / hwy / MPG
    07/22/2006 231.80 9.622 $28.57 30% 70% 24.1

    07/28/2006 201.00 10.219 $29.93 70% 30% 19.7

    08/03/2006 243.70 10.204 $30.40 60% 40% 23.9

    08/12/2006 192.20 9.750 $28.47 70% 30% 19.7

    incredibly crappy for a car rated 26 city 34 hwy.
  • Keeping track of mine also.

    Date Odometer Gallons Cost city/hwy MPG
    07/18/2006 1.0 11.900 2.85 30% 70% NA

    07/24/2006 279.0 8.800 2.85 30% 70% 31.6

    07/31/2006 531.0 7.200 2.95 30% 70% 35.0

    08/10/2006 837.0 9.863 3.05 30% 70% 31.0

    As advertised Great little car so far
    I hope it will get even better when it is broke-in
  • I had an opportunity to rent an Aveo with auto for a two week Rocky Mountain States trip. I put 3400 miles on the car. I took time to take 3 readings. Mileage ranged between 37.6 - 40.2 mpg, 100% highway. And I did not "baby" this car. I was very impressed not only with the mileage but with the seat comfort.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    What parts? Most everything I got on EBay, including the hood bra, body side molding, a VERY good buy! got them for 1/2 the price of from the dealer. I never knew they exsisted till I saw them on EBay, and changes the look of the car very fast!, the'carbon fiber' contact paper for the inside of the doors. The tint and mud flaps came with the car,part of the deal to make me buy it. I am sure i still paid for them. The window air deflectors ,you can get at any auto parts store, they usually have to be ordered. BUT they are on EBay right now to! And they are the in the channel type. Much nicer than my outside application ones. Think thats all the stuff. The cold air intake thing is junk and I am still trying to return it. It probably works if you buy the $200 system from a good aftermarket parts store. But this cheap thing is crap!
  • I just bought a used 2005 Aveo 4 Sp auto with AC. Has 32,000 miles on it. It runs fine but the mileage in the city is somewhat disappointing between 19-22 mpg at best. Have not taken it on a long road trip so can't comment on Hwy mileage. Otherwise it is an OK car. I used to drive a Daihatsu Charade (1989) and it gave between 28-30 mpg in the city before I busted a head gasket a month ago (180,000 miles on that baby...!!)
  • Purchased my 2006 Aveo LT Hatchback [automatic] on Friday, September 8, 2006. At the time of purchase the dealer filled up the tank at an odometer reading of 40 miles. Over the weekend we drove an additional 273 miles to a total odometer reading of 313 miles and decided at that point that we should probably fill-up even though the gas gauge needle was still sitting slightly above the "E." The tank took 10.41 gallons, which I divided into 273 for a total mph of 26 [city/highway]. This to me is very satisfying given the mileage stated for this vehicle is 24/34. I will write again with the mileage that I get for my second tank of gas, which will mostly be city driving back and forth to my job for the remainder of this week. Because I bought this vehicle mainly for better gas mileage, this is something that I will be documenting closely for a while. :)
  • I bought my '06 LT hatchback last December. I have been tracking the milage since then. The highest I have gotten was 36.5 mpg. There are several things that seem to help with the milage. First at least in NC the brand of gas makes a big difference. Exxon was the worst I got 24.5, BP and Chevron are the best two at about 33-36,with Texico and Shell close behind at about 31-32mpg. This is all about 50/50 city/highway dirving. Also, at the first oil change I switched to a synthetic oil. It gave a noticable increase in horsepower and increased my mlage by about 2-3mpg. I have some other improvements that I will make after the warenty drops off. Also If you use only Quaker state synthetic oil they will give you a 250K mile warrenty on your engine! Check it out on their website. All you have to do is register and save your rescipts.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 209
    I'm very surprised by your mileage calculations with different brands. I find no difference at all on my '04 using probably a dozen various brands from Exxon, Mobil, Shell, Hess, BP, Citgo, Gulf and a several independents (all CT or MA stations).

    Over 330 fill-ups, nothing beyond normal variations for weather, traffic, level of top-off, etc.

    Use of AC in the summer or defrost to clear windows in rain usually cost 1-3 mpg, depending on amount of use.

    My fill-ups for Oct. (entered in vehicle log software):

    Avg. - 33.19

    Average for the same period is 1.6 mpg better than 2005 driving the same route week after week. Only real change is the switch to Mobil 1 5-30 synthetic and extending oil changes to roughly 9000 miles.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    I think both QS and Pennzoil offer extended engine warranties with 4K changes on both synthetic and dino. Goes to show you how rare oil caused failures really are. Other than overheating a car that had a coolant leak and which I neglected, I've never cooked an engine in 30 plus cars over more than 40 years.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    I took the car in for a broken hatchback lock,it just locked itself and I couldnt open it. Of course it turned out to be a bolt that fell off and the release rod came off. Quality! Anyway,while it was at Chevy,I had them look into my horrible mileage,long story short,the computer says it is 'performing as designed'. They said,'you will just have to let the engine get more broken in and all city driving will get lower mileage'. Well considering the car only weighs 2,300lbs,and I drive it like an 'little old lady' to get the best mileage possible,you'd think I would get more than the 18 mpg I am getting now. I finally get THAT Since I changed to syn. oil and Bosch Plus 4 spark plugs. Before that it was 15mpg. This is a major problem. and I hear that the new sedan is still getting the lowest mileage of the new batch of super small cars. So they still havent fixed it. Oh well, thats the update.
  • My sister's car (a 2006 Pontiac Wave in Canada, which is the same car as the Aveo), also had the hatchback lock broken. I guess the good news is that this lock is "fail lock" instead of "fail open".

    With this prob, they tried to "adjust" the bolt but it was promptly broken again. The 2nd time was even more ridiculous. They "fixed" it and it broke when I was on the repair lock testing the new fix - they had to bring it back into the shop again. That's twice in a 5 month period - when the car is not yet 1/2 year old.

    When the lock broke for a third time, I went back to the dealer and also filed a complaint with GM. Finally they were able to order parts from the US (which took nearly a week) and replace that lock mechanism altogether. So far, it's been problem free for more than 2 months. Hopefully this will last.

    We haven't had a major mileage problem with our Wave. I don't have actual numbers but it seems to do a lot better than our previous '95 and '96 Cavaliers. Since I don't drive the car regularly I can't get the data. After reading all these reports I want to see if I can get at least 20MPG on city driving.
  • So far I'm getting about 27-29 mpg (on a good day) down here in South East Texas.

    And whats stranger is...the gas mileage gets better when accellorate from a stop swiftly. So I would advise anyone who drives grandma'ish in the automatic model to liven it up a bit when you step on the gas. It's gone up since the initial 24 mpg I got when I first bought the car.

    I have about 8,000 miles on it and still love it besides the 2 rear endings and a lady backing in to me with a Mercury Huge-[non-permissible content removed]-sometypeofSUV... But, that's being fixed and none of the wrecks are my fault :)

    Anyway, I think I'll have to change the spark plugs and switch to synthetic as everyone else is seeing at least some performance gains. I originally bought this car to save on gas when it was 2.99, but now its 1.99 and it makes me even happier. :shades:
  • I am still getting around 29 mpg in the city .....On monday drove from Dallas to my brother's in Gun Barrel City and back to Garland and then over to Terrell and back to Gun Barrel and Filled up and got 38.9 mpg....not to bad. Oh by the way I am in Texas if ya haven't guessed and I refilled my take at my brothers because the dont use ethanol in the gas out there.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    I guess I am going to have to accept the crappy low mileage in my Aveo. I am stuck at 18-19mpg. That is with the improvements of Bosch Plus 4 plugs and now Royal Purple synthetic oil....going to try that brand this time. The last synthetic oil worked great and bumped up the mileage 1 extra mpg. Then the plugs added 1-2 more. So I am at 18-19mpg all city driving. This car hasn't seen a highway and probably wont ever. I only run it like 2-5 miles a day,so it will take forever to get it 'broken in',into the 5,000 mile range. But now that it isnt summer,it's less A/C use, so, hopefully for 1/3 of the year, I might get some 20's now and then! Such poor mileage for such a little light car. But,it is comfy and so easy to wash :) 5 mins and I'm done. I drove the new 2007 Aveo '5' for 3 days while the front bumper was being repainted!,factory problem,and they added a lumbar support and an armrest attached to the drivers seat. The 2 things this car needs bad! And they changed the auto shifter gate set up,other than that it is exactly the same. But man,those brakes vibrated all over the place....I had heard on here about bad brakes,vibrating,and boy they sure do. I guess I lucked out and 'broke in my brakes' the right way or something...because mine are as smooth as glass,no vibration when stopping.
  • I picked up my 2007 Aveo5 SVM on 10/31/2007 with 174 miles on it since it was driven from a dealer that far away to the dealer I bought it from. I just put gas in it last weekend. So far I drive short trips less than 5 miles exclusively. My mileage on my first tank of gas was 20.44 mpg. Frankly, I'm pleased with the mileage considering the type of driving I do. Gasoline engines don't warm up until you've been a few miles, more in cold weather. I live in Framingham, MA and winter is coming. My commute to work is often stop-and-go type driving. I hate sitting in traffic but that is a fact of life around here.

    No brake vibration problem here so far. In cold weather starts I hear some small noises from the rear of the car while it is warming up for 30 seconds before I take off and have no idea what they are.

    On Thanksgiving Day my wife and I are going for a joyride with quite a bit of highway driving so the the mpg so improve dramatically. :)
  • I did some mileage checks (through 2 fill-ups) for my sister Wave and I think she's getting around 26-27MPG with mostly city driving here in the hilly Vancouver.

    Considering the short trips and the hills, the mileage is not half bad. I'll try to get a few more numbers and report if things change.
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