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Toyota Camry Hybrid MPG-Real World Numbers



  • Last week the temp hit 0. My TCH mpg was 23 with the heater on.
    Today, its 50 mpg is 34.
    Temp makes a huge difference!
  • Thanks for the info Tom! I have read a lot of threads on how to "drive" the car for the best results with the "accelerate and glide" technique. It helps a TON! My Eco Drive now is reading between 35 and 40 mpg! I was driving it like a normal car and the gas mileage just doesn't work if you do that! I'm slowly getting the hang of things!

  • Today the temp was 40 degrees and my Prius got about 44.5 mpg and my wife's TCH is getting great mpg too! But tomorrow the temp is supposed to be about -45 degrees with the wind chill so her mpg in the TCH will be about 24mpg and my mileage in the Prius will be 34-38mpg. The TCH has an AstroStart and I believe that is knocking the mpg down considerably.
  • Last week I picked up my new Camry Hybrid.

    I admit I was skeptical about the mileage,since I commute 70 each day.

    Today I hit the 1/2 tank mark and have driven 350 miles. Here's the math.

    What do I attribute to this?
    1) Everything I read on the Edmunds board taught me how to drive this car diffently than my past cars.
    2) I drive around town doing my errands on only electric mode.
    3) How do I achieve this? When under 30 mph, every time I see the gas-engine-in -use display come on, I every so slightly back off the gas petal. Gas engine goes of, electric comes on. Life is good.

    Tank of gas is 17.5 gallons
    half tank used /2
    Half tank of gas is 8.75 gallons

    Miles driven 350 miles

    Miles per gallon 40
  • Does the Toyota rear spoiler impact the mileage of the 2008 Camry hybrid.

    I recently purchased a 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid. The dealer threw in the rear spoiler. It had to be ordered. I am getting 40+ mpg on the highway and averaging about 33m mpg in the city. Does the rear spoiler impact the miles per gallon on the car?
  • I've had it installed since day one ... so I wouldn't know the difference. My wife's mileage has been the same or a little better than your's though. Also ... my dealer wanted $400 for it ... so I'd say you did well.
  • I have had the car for less than a week. Still learning the ins & outs of the TCH. Are you pleased with how the spoiler looks?
  • I love the way the spoiler looks, especially from the side. The one's I see without it look like something is missing. We've only had the car a little over a month, and it's my wife's car. I've driven it plenty though. Someone has to explain how to work all the gadgets, and since I read all the manuals cover to cover ... I was doing the explaining .. LOL
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Is your computer calculating 40mpg or is this just "the math"? The tank at the half way mark is no where near half way empty. You have about 3 gallomns of gas left when the car hits the "E".
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    No bigger than the spoiler is I can't imagine it having significant impact on FE. If you like the looks of it, go for it.
  • I am looking into buying a 09 TCH, no one from any Toyota Dealer has been able to answer this question.
    I drive between Sedona, AZ & Burbank, CA 4 to 6 times a year. AZ speed 75, CA speed 65 to 70. I am guessing 30% hills and 70% flat.
    Can some one give me a ball park answer for MPG?
    Just an FYI, I have rented a number of Prius's from Flagstaff and have come to terms with the gliding. I think I have that down.
    Thanks for your time with my question.
  • Ballpark? 38. Maybe a tad more with smart driving, albeit a tad less depending on the size of the hills. More is possible, but less is too, albeit unlikely to be lower than 35.
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    I agree with Sgoodman, 38 is a good number.
  • In Oct of '07, took a trip from Port Orange Fl to the Chicago area and then on to Cleveland and back home for a total of 3100 miles, weather was nice and I averaged 38.2 MPG total for ALL driving, city and highway, under 2 tanks to Chicago (1200 miles). In late Nov we left for trip to Tx, NM,AZ, NV, back to Tx and home, covered 5650 miles in mostly cold weather and mountains(not hills, elevations up to 8000') in northern AZ NV and NM and averaged 36.1 total. The more the heater was on the lower the MPG. I would say you should average at least 38 MPG
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 397
    Everything I read on the Edmunds board taught me how to drive this car differently than my past cars.

    For us non-hybrid car owners, if we would use some of the techniques for hyper-mpg, I bet we would see at least a 10% improvement in gas mileage. Some of my best achieved mpg's were right after I bought my 06 Accord. I was intentionally driving carefully during the break-in period. Now, I just like to get up and go, which reduces my mileage by 2 - 3 mpg's. :(
  • Had my 07 TCH for over 12000 miles. Drive about 40 miles/day.

    Even though they claim a 17.5gal tank, with the rubber bubble, etc, I think you only get about 15 gallons. I never ran my tank dry, but I get it down to the "low fuel" alarm light. The last 1/4 of tank goes down fast. And then I'm only able to fill up abut 14.5 gal or so.

    Second, with what you have 350 miles/half tank, this means you should get abut 700 miles for the tank. I don't know of anyone getting 700 miles for the tank on their TCH. It is more like between 480 to 580 miles (some may get over 600) for the tank.

    Just my 2c.
  • Perhaps you would get better mpg on non-hybrids if you use same techniques as people use on hybrids (I've often thought about it myself). However, in non-hybrids you are not as conscious about mpg as in hybrids, so you can let your non-hybrid idle in shopping if you are waiting for someone - after all, you can't be burning too much gas by idling a car, right? Well, 0mpg is 0mpg.

    Furthermore, all TCH (perhaps other hybrid) drivers literally see roughly what their consumption is when they accelerate - as low as 5mpg. It always makes me wonder what my Explorer gets when it accelerates. If you never had to accelerate but only cruise down hill, our mpg would be closer to 99mpg... One can wish, right? :D
  • To all those people who are still wondering why they are not getting their 40mpg. As was mentioned before, it all depends...

    I've had my TCH for over 12000 miles. Drive about 40 miles/day. During summer I got between 38-41mpg no problem. If I was more lead-footed, averaged about 36-37mpg. When fall/winter struck, my mpg dropped to about 34-36mpg. The nights were longer, so I felt like sleeping in more, so continue to alway push my luck with getting to work on time. This calls for more heavy foot. So to me that explains the lower mpg just fine. I don't run heater much, but do have to put up with motor heating longer. When I relax and let my foot off the gas, I get better mpg: 37-40. I've yet to get over 40mpg this winter, but I haven't been too obsessed with my mpg, so perhaps I got lucky once this winter.

    As far as the low whiny type noise goes when you are stopping - that is the electric motor. If you are concerned, have dealer check it out (just in case). Or compare with other hybrid owner. I personally like the sound. I feel like I'm in one of those futuristic movies (you know, one where everything is rounded, droids are everywhere and there are flying cars everywhere - although that wouldn't be cars anymore...)

    Anyways, when you walk away from the car, it makes more noises (clicks and purrs). Thats normal too - I think it leak checks its system (you should check out a flow diagram if you get a chance - very cool!).

    I do enjoy the crapulator (butt warmer) - I use it every day. I enjoy all the bells and whistles that came with the - even the blue-tooth phone capability that I thought I wouldn't use. I use it nearly every day now.

    The only thing I'm itching to do is run the car dry (in summer when its very warm) and let the car run dry. Then see how many literal gallons I'm able to place into the tank. Or perhaps I should Google it. There are plenty of hybrid freaks that probably did that and more already...

    For anyone who has the car - enjoy it! For all those that want one - get one if yu can afford it. Worst case scenario, you help fund the technology so they can make better hybrids in future. Or at least let them know that market is willing to buy this technology.

    Oh, and the last thing - I absolutely love the smart system. I wish my house had one too - I would never have to pull out my keys every again...

  • HI.
    It was my math.
  • talmy1talmy1 Posts: 55
    The TCH doesn't have the "rubber bubble" in the gas tank. That's in the Prius. The gas gauge (and Miles To Empty) calculation are designed so you will have roughly 2 gallons left at "empty" to insure you don't actually run out of gas.

    There are people that push it to the limit and get over 700 miles in a tank of gas. Check out the forum at
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