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Toyota Camry Hybrid MPG-Real World Numbers



  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,788
    Yes, I had seen the article. However, we are speaking NOW - there is a shortage.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    The average Prius selling time right now is still 3 days nationwide. Down from 17 days a couple of months ago.

    They are not completely unavailable, but in certain areas they are scarce, true dat.
  • craigetalcraigetal Posts: 7
    I have had my '09 for almost a month; driving in a combination of 'town' and country roads, in hilly and mountainous areas, and trying to drive 'sensibly', I have - so far - gotten between 42 and 45 mpg. I am pleased! :)
  • mdetrichmdetrich Posts: 3
    How in the HECK are you getting that kind of mileage on any sort of hills...especially going up? I am driving extremely conscious in town and only getting 35-37 at the most and even on the highway on LONG trips, even staying tucked in behind semi's, have only received 43 avg at the most. I use my cruise control a lot and that really helps but 42 & 45 in major hills? Seems like you would burn the mileage you gained from going "down" when you go "up."
  • craigetalcraigetal Posts: 7
    to: mdetrich -

    I just try and drive somewhat 'conservatively'; gentle starts, using c/control whenever possible on hwy; etc. I'm hoping that the car being as new as it is isn't a factor [that will disappear]
  • loves2readloves2read Posts: 47
    our mileage for less than a month of having our 09 TCH is about that 34-35.
    Most of it is in town on city streets--not freeway driving--and some of it is for short distances but I really try to get the coast effect and to stay on battery--my husband has also when he drives become much more conscious of the higher mpg effect--
    on some trips we get the 40+ kudo of excellent when we turn the car off
    but sometimes it is avg below 30 because of the distance
    I have only put one tank of gas in the car--still have about 1/4 tank to go before the second fill up so I am not sure how the car's total mpg will work out to the actual math of fillup gallons vs miles traveled

    I did notice yesterday when I was driving that my needle on the mph gauge/dial was stuck close to the 0 mpg efficiency rating when I was costing and building the battery--there was NO gas being used at that time--so it should have gone down to the bottom of the dial---it did not react correctly until after I had used the gas pedal and engaged the conventional engine--then when I went to the coast mode again the needle dropped to the bottom like it should...

    has anyone else had a problem with that--it seems like the needle has sort of a halo effect on it --I am wondering if there is some extra plastic or transparent material stuck to it that might make it hang up instead of just drop when it should...

    would be interested in hearing if anyone has noticed the same hesitation in the MPG needle in your TCH....
  • craigetalcraigetal Posts: 7
    as my TCH is still new to me, can someone please explain [to me] just what/how the MPG used analog dial on the left of the instrument display works?; and/or just what it's supposed to indicate? It has not ever matched, shown, what the 'computer' shows on the digital read-out. ">
  • jcihakjcihak Posts: 60
    My wife just took our 1 1/2 month old '08 from PA to NC on the highway, driving the speed limit. She averaged 40.0 mpg, about 750 miles round trip. Tire pressure about 37 psi.

    I took my '06 Civic (with AT) on the same trip, driving the speed limit, and bumped the tire pressure to 37psi. I got 41.5 mpg average on the highway. This is my best ever with the Civic.

    Temperatures were in the 70s and 80s.
  • stalnakerstalnaker Posts: 72
    Many cars can get 35 mpg or better on the highway, if driven carefully. If more than half of your driving is on the highway, then maybe a hybrid doesn't make sense. Get a diesel instead, like a VW Jetta TDI. But if most of your driving is in the city, then very few cars can consistently get over 30 mpg in those conditions. That's when a hybrid really shines.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    The dial on the left of the instrument panel is simply an instaneous reading of FE whereas the bars on the NAV system show the average over the last minute.

    Remember too that when looking at the bars it is over a minute, not a mile. If you're driving 60 mph instead of 30 mph that's a significant difference. I use the bars as a reminder to see how I'm doing on a trip (am I paying attention or not). The instaneous gage is used to get immediate impact. If I'm crusing along with a 35 rating and I notice my foot on the gas I will lift off and see it drop and then reapply the gas gently to maintain speed and get a better FE reading.
  • tnltnltnltnl Posts: 9
    I am thinking about getting a TCH.
    Someone in a forum suggested that a Camry 6 cylinder only would get 1 or 2 miles less then a TCH, is this accurate?
    Also, how much power does the TCH have when loaded with passengers? I am wondering about passing power, etc.?
  • sgoodmansgoodman Posts: 14
    Not true, although it depends on the season and length of trips. In the winter, on short trips (10-15 minutes) around town, my TCH got only around 24 MPG. Now that it is warmer it gets 31 MPG overall average. On the highway it is easy to get 36-38, and many get more. I don't think the 6-cyl Camry comes close to that. There are, however, a number of nonhybrid cars out there that can get >30 MPG.

    The TCH does not have the passing power of the 6-cyl Camry, but it is pretty good if you want to floor it. You tend to be so conscious of fuel consumption, though, that there is much less temptation to floor it than in a non-hybrid. But if you really need to move, the TCH does pretty well.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Remember too that sgoodman's results may not be typical. Depending on where you live, how you drive, etc. I just drove my TCH to work this AM, mostly on the interstate at 65 mph and got 41 mpg. Yesterday on a mixed interstate, town and rural drive I averaged 41 for about 80 miles. Interstate driving is not even the sweet spot for my TCH, It really shines on rural 2 lane roads.

    My lifetime FE after 51,000 miles is 37.3 mpg. I've never gotten less than 32 on a tank (and that was extreem weather and fast driving).

    Some may suggest their 6cy or even any other car where the EPA advertises a high hwy FE claim, do as well as a TCH, but unless someone tracks their FE all the time, they probably don't have a clue about what their car is really doing.
  • loves2readloves2read Posts: 47
    have had our 09 TCH for little over a month--have driven over 1K mainly short distance (under 5 mi) on city streets with red lights--not stop and go driving on freeways under the battery and has 4 or 5 distrance runs on freeways--but I am not a commuter--retired now--and don't really need to drive long distances to do my daily living....I knew when I decided to buy a TCH that I would probably not get the super efficiency that some people post about because my routes are different...

    have put in 3 tanks of gas and have been getting with the math about 33.2 to 33.8 as the avg mpg....
    when we stop the car and check the mpg readout--we get many EXCELLENT showing over 35 mpg--so I keep expecting to get a better MPG when I do the math...

    I am not super disappointed since I realize that much of my driving routes do not take advantage of the strengths of the hybrid system---but I do try to maximize my battery use and just the coasting effect (which my husband says works in any car--not just a hybrid)...I have had some concerns about what my MPG dial is doing when I compare it with the little icon showing battery/gas engine/wheels on the center console because they seem to be at cross purposes at times--but people said that is normal---trust the car's system--so I am trying to do that...

    the only consolation is that I know we would not gave gotten numbers even this good if we had bought a 4 cyl XLS top of the line (which IS what we would have bought)...or a 6 cyl Accord and I know that my friend who bought a new 09 6 cyl Camry --and does basically the exact same type of driving I do --is getting way less than we are--under 20 for sure...

    it just seems like I have enough of those uphill starts from the light and hitting reds vs greens to make an impact and doing errands in my area there is no way NOT to have shorter distances which eat up the MPG
    I am starting to find streets to use that don't have so many lights or stop signs

    We are using this car when we go out together in the evenings and on weekends which we definitely did not do when I had my PT Cruiser--so I know my husband appreciates it vs using his Tahoe...
    just hope I can learn as I go on how to maximize the hybrid's strengths...
  • grggrg Posts: 15
    I have had my TCH 21 months, and I don't understand how the new owners are seeing such low mileage. I have a 2007, and I average 38 mpg in the spring and fall.
    If I use the air conditioner on eco, I get a little worse mileage. The worse mileage is in the winter when I use the heat/defroster. But I never get let than 32 mpg for a tank of gas. Hills aren't an issue because what goes up must go down, no? I agree that there is a definite style of driving, and one has to hope for 2 lanes so the acceleration people can pass on the left. I eventually get up to the speed limit, but it is slower. I find the whole process a positive relaxing experience. As far as tips goes, there is a basic "thrust and glide" approach that should be engaged to maximize the use of the electric engine. It can be searched for through this website.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I live in the hills and granted it is not an equal exchange of energy between the ups and downs. But what I notice a lot is when I'm going uphill and getting say 20 mpg, my excess power is still charging the battery if I'm not pushing the car. Then when I crest over the hill I have a full charge and my gage will drop to 60. If I am then in an area with rolling hills or mild grades the battery power added to the idle engin will propel me with an FE rating still above 40.

    My one tank of 32 mpg was on an interstate driving at 80 to 85 for about 3.5 hours in a cold (less than 40 degree) rain. rain usually costs me the most pain, but wind and cold add as well. Idon't live in a large metropolitan area with numerous stop and go situations and I must assume those getting 24 have those situations. I have driven in every other situation and can't get below 35 unless I intentionally push hard. Even spending a weekend inside the loop at Baltimore I was able to get 39. Not every redlight was an uphill start.

    I do have to make an effort though to not be in the fast lane, do fast starts, and all the other things I did in the past.
  • mz3smz3s Posts: 17
    With all the mileage posts here i'm just not convinced a hybrid is the way to go. Better mileage and all is great, but why should I have to sacrifice my driving style to get the numbers? I'm not a hypermiler, but not a nut either. I don't see the benefit of adding complexity to my car, paying more for it, and having to putt putt it everywhere pissing off other drivers for the extra mileage. And its not that much given that i drive normally.
  • redmazda3redmazda3 Posts: 28
    From your name it looks like you own a Mazda 3s. My wife and I own a 2007 TCH and a 2004 Mazda 3 Hatchback. She drives her TCH as if it is a regular gas engine car. There are times, when I am behind her in my car, that I have trouble keeping pace with her starts and she goes just as fast around corners as I do in my Mazda. She drives the TCH about 90% of the time. Her commute is about 8 miles of stop and start driving and she still manages to get around 36 mpg. So without really trying to get excellent gas mileage, she still gets really good gas mileage. When I drive the TCH, I can generally squeeze a couple of extra mpgs out of the car. We love driving both cars.
  • mz3smz3s Posts: 17
    good for you guys, glad you two are happy with your cars, assuming you like your MZ3. your wife's camry is delivering as advertised.

    my issue is whether its all worth it. they make weird popping noises. For me, no.

    Thanks for an honest post. it's certainly better than hearing people getting that mileage figure and complaining. and with the "on this one occasion on the luckiest day of my life when i found a blank check and a four leaf clover... oh yeah... going down the hill with the engine shut off I got a billion skillion mpg. those stories are kinda cool though. it keeps my own imagination in check.
  • shazam3shazam3 Posts: 13
    "If I use the air conditioner on eco, I get a little worse mileage."

    Hmm?!? That's odd. I thought I read on the manual that if you use the AC on ECO it uses less power therefore you get improved fuel efficiency.
    I'll try driving without ECO to see if I get better FE like you are experiencing.
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