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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi,
    I also live in Boston area and thinking of buying ES350. Could you share your car details, like options you purchased and the price? Appreciate your help.

  • radar6radar6 Posts: 28
    jreyna did you order a Black Sapphire or is there one coming in? I bought the Black Sapphire with a grey interior. You will like the color its very nice. Ours came with WF,Z1,NV,PT,HL,PA,WU,BE,FS and BM was added by dealer and thrown in to deal. The only option we would have liked was the HN power sun shade which doesn't come in our area. Didn't know how long it would have taken to get car. I saw car with HN listed in mid west. Whats an extra $210 when your spending close to 40K.
  • radar6radar6 Posts: 28
    Lokesh see my above post it lists options and color. Herb Chambers was dealer they have the most inventory colors and equipment etc. around here . Let me know if you need any other information. Radar
  • v4fv4f Posts: 3
    Retail Total
    Vehicle Base Model ..........................:$ 34470.00 $ 34470.00

    Rear Seat Side Airbags ..................... 250.00
    Full Size Spare ............................ 205.00
    High Intensity Discharge Headlamps w/AFS ... 815.00
    Navigation System Includes: ................ 2650.00

    Voice Activated DVD Navigation System w/Rear
    Camera, and Bluetooth ......................
    Intuitive Parking Assist ................... 500.00
    Premium Plus Package Includes: ............. 1280.00
    Perforated Leather Trim Interior with Memory

    Driver''s & Front Passenger''s Seats, Outside
    Mirrors, and Power Tilt/Telescoping Steering
    Wheel, Heated and Ventilated Front Seats, ..
    Driver''s Power Cushion Extender, Rain-Sensing

    Wipers .....................................
    (TOTAL MSRP VALUE OF OPTION $2,480.00) ...
    Wood & Leather Steering Wheel .............. 330.00
    Preferred Accessory Package: ............... 210.00

    All Weather Mats ........................... 109.00
    --------- ---------
    Total Accessories ...........................: $ 6349.00 $ 6349.00

    Destination Charge ..........................: $ 875.00

    MSRP.......................................: $ 41694.00
  • jreynajreyna Posts: 15
    waiting to come in....2 @ two different dealerships are supposed to be getting one in...looking for pkg msrp @ 41600, same one you purchased sounds like.
    May I ask how much did the bm list for. Saw one that had molding and it looked very nice.

    Congrats on purchase, I'm at point do I wait till december and try to see if one like I want is available then, taking a chance though with '10' model coming in may not be many 09's to choose from.
  • radar6radar6 Posts: 28
    Body side molding was put on by dealer they put the cost on paper work as 399.00 which reduced my 36957.00 to 36558.00. I guess it was done for the books. Moldings are very nice plus it protects side of car from doors and shopping carts. You are in Houston area I see some dealers in Dallis that have Black Sapphire in both grey and Ivory Int colors. It also looks like you will also get Rear sun shade included to. The cars down in your area don't come with all weather mats but you can get them from dealer. If you go to Yahoo autos enter your zip you will see cars at certain dealers in your area.
  • jreynajreyna Posts: 15
    cool. Will look up inventory through yahoo and check it out--thks.

    Will definitely try some in Dallas area. Are you able to individual dealer web-site for say inventory @ Dallas dealer or another source is better alternative.
  • radar6radar6 Posts: 28
    The search shows some of the dealers in the search area not all though.I found four or five cars with the Black Sapphire and both interior colors. Enter es 350 in key word then enter zip code for area let me know how you make out.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I wasn't going to buy the vehicle but rather lease it but I ran into the same problem you did with the dealerships; Bridgewater and Lawrence Lexus wouldn't even negotiate with me which got me frustrated because they were the closest dealers to me; I've heard from other people on edmunds that Ray Catena Lexus is the best for both buying and leasing in regards to choices and the best price so I most likely will be going down to them this month; thanxs for posting because it is reassuring to hear someone else having the same problem with the same dealership
  • jlumpjlump Posts: 4
    I received the following quote from a dealer in Raleigh last night for an 2009 ES350 w/o Navigation:

    2009 ES 350: MSRP $34,470
    Premium Plus Package, Wood & Leather Steering Wheel, Rear airbags, Bluetooth audio, Full size spare, Cargo net, and Trunk mat (total options MSRP $2,502)
    Retail Value: $36,972
    Discount: $2,187
    Sales Price: $35,660

    This is higher than Edmunds TMV of ~$34,600. Can I get a better deal?? Has anyone purchased a car similar to this one?
  • jreynajreyna Posts: 15
    yes should be able to do better. They are in 6% disc level....worse case should be able to get into 7-8 % off msrp and it wouldn't be a bad deal imo.

    This was probably a starting point for them, even though most post you see here are with nav. option, if you look @ #'s you can calculate from them the discs being given. Like most Lexus markup is around 10- 10.5 % before getting into options where the real markup can be. Most books, etc will tell you if they( dealer ) can get 1-3 % on veh. it's good deal for both sides, they of course have other incentives that will make it more profitable for them. I'm still in buying stage..waiting on color/pkg but so far I've gotten 7 - 8.5 % disc off msrp between 2 dealers.
    Hope this helps !
    Good Luck
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 985
    MSRP and the discount from sticker shouldn't even be in the conversation now days when talking about buying a car. Invoice is your starting point when negotiating for a car. On almost all but the hottest selling or new cars (IS Convertible or G37 Convertible come to mind) you should be shooting for a selling price of invoice or less.
  • jlumpjlump Posts: 4
    I am not very good at negotiating, especially with 2 dealers. Did you just tell the second dealer your 1st quote directly and literally ask him if he could beat it? Or, were you more subtle? Any advise would be much appreciated!! Thanks!
  • Smarty666, Glad to hear my posts helped someone. In addition to Ray Catena I recommend Lexus of Edison too. I submitted a price request from their web site (like I did with many others) and dealt with a nice guy who was willing to deal but we aren't supposed to put names and contact info here. Good luck!
  • To Jlump, Yes you absolutely can tell the salesperson you received a better offer from somewhere else and aski can they beat it. I've been doing it for years as have many others and they are used to this now, especially by email. Some may be a bit more receptive than others but the only place that gave me any kind of attitude was Lexus of Bridgewater. You can also just make an offer and say "this is what I'm willing to pay" if you don't want to disclose that you have an offer from another dealer. In negotiations though you are better off if they salesperson knows that they are competing for your business. It's human nature to want to win in a competition and you will cut to the chase faster and hear less B.S. if they know you are talking to another salesperson.
  • If you are in So. Cal area and recently purchased ES350, I would love to hear your comment on 2 quotes that I received yesterday.

    1. $39200 OTD on ES 350 w/ NAV (MSRP $40,270)
    2. $37500 OTD on ES 350 w/o NAV (MSRP $ 37,920)

    My tax would be 8.25%. Thanks!!!
  • radar6radar6 Posts: 28
    pantene1 what is the final price of the car? Did you add any extras like paint sealant or extended warranties? Your State taxes and fees are what they are. What counts is the amount your sales tax was based on..
  • jreynajreyna Posts: 15

    that may be true with certain makes/models but not the case with BMW, LEXUS, etc...simply because they dont have to. Take a look at all the selling price pts on these treads and you will maybe see 1-2 were able to purchase @ inv., and these were early in yr. when economy was in turmoil more than currently. So you can take from the bottom or top to reach price point you're looking to achieve, key being knowing aprox. cost veh. is costing dealer, they are a made for profit Co.

    Good luck to everyone.
  • OTD (Out The Door) is the final price which includes all fees (tax & lic). No extra was added. Does anyone know how much is reg/lic. fee for 09 ES350 in California?
  • jreynajreyna Posts: 15
    As bhusted mentioned cut to chase and let them know some things right off the bat. Like car mark-up is 10- 11 % before options where most options are 15-20 % mark-up and higher. Knowing or having close # of their cost will go a long way to your leverage. You should strive for 34k - 34.6 and wouldn't be bad deal imo.. One more thought if you are willing to pay $ 14.00, go to consumer reports online or call and you will get an instant dealer cost on specific vehicle w/ details on what options are costing Dealer.
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