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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am also looking for same car..I am in Texas...did you buy the care or did anyone quote a better price ???
    I am willing to buy one from any dealer in any state ....
    my research tell me the best price should be about $34750...anyone else has any input ??
  • Suraja12,

    I'm going to try and work out a deal with Woodfield Lexus this week. Do you remember who your Salesperson was?

  • give me your email address and i will send you his name and email
  • Please send it to

  • I am in Houston also, looking to buy similar 2010 ES350.
    seems like a good price.
    where did you buy your car and how did you negotiate the price ??
    Last w/e I went to sterling mccall lexus but they did not want to come down on price, they did not have many cars either.
  • nfjnrnfjnr Posts: 25
    My 2009 Es 350 had a MSRP of 37,920. The same exact 2010 ES 350 has a MSRP of 37,060.Leather, bluetooth and rear side airbags are standard. The leather this year is not perforated.
  • jreynajreyna Posts: 15
    In December, I will be strongly be looking to replace my 2004 ES with 2010 model. Can anyone tell me if 2010 version when you get Navig option, the Mark Levison is also part of Option. Previously 2009 you had to go UL option to get levison stereo.
  • jals8jals8 Posts: 2
    I just got quoted $38,000 +TTL for a 2010 ES 350. Do you think that's a good price?

    If i lease it for 48 months and 15K miles they quoted me $600

    The residual is 20,936.
  • goldbalgoldbal Posts: 10
    I have paused my search for now until December to Remember Lexus annual sale event since I hope there will be some manufacturer incentives. I was told by a several dealers that the event would start in mid November.
  • Is that the basic model without NAVI?
  • The model w/o Nav...should be about 35000 however right now they are bringing in very few cars on the lot after the slump and clunker prog so they are trying to sell at MSRP or discount only $1000....I wud wait for 1-2 months when cars do not sell because of bad economy, then they wud discount more. I am in no rush....
  • jals8jals8 Posts: 2
    It's with NAV and the intuitive park assist rear sunshade..and so on
  • Are you kidding? They are willing to sell the one with navi for only 35K? No way. The MSRP is 41,126.
  • The car with NAV and other option has list of 41k, if they offer it at 38 k + ttl, without other high dealer charges it is a gud price...tell me where u got this quote and maybe I can also buy one from can keep the referal fee....
    Pleez tell me who is offering this price, maybe I can come there....

    right now they dont have many cars on the lots due to manufacture cutback, so dealers are not willing to cut back on price, but soon they will
  • So if the dealer offer 38 k for a car with Navi is a great price? Are you in Texas?
  • Which dealership do you get the quote from? If they offer that low, I want to buy the car from them.
  • I also got a quote for a NAVI car for 38k +TTL with tint. If you think this is a very good price, give me your email, and I can send you the sales name and the dealership name.
  • azuluazulu Posts: 20
    I do not need NAV or the ultra luxury package. The dealer is offering #33,888 +TTL for a final OTD price of $37,680. Admittedly it is a 2009, but with the low APR financing available (0.9%) - is this a good price?

  • $37680 is not a bad price...but I wud go for a 2010 at that price..
  • I am in Texas, my email is : forajit2@yahoo send me the dealer name...pleezzzz
    also, let me know if you got a quote w/o navi ...
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