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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • drd8drd8 Posts: 9
    sounds like a good to me....thanks!
  • hey msj09 do you have the quote info or the bill of sale you'd be willing to send me?
    I am interested in the same car and would like to get the same deal.
    please contact me peter[at]
  • willing to share where ou got the deal from please?
    monajain99 @
  • Hook it up msj09, lemme know where you got your car
  • Hook it up msj09, lemme know where you got your car. I am also in the bay area
  • msj09msj09 Posts: 31
    PrOject and Rashmi_Jain,

    I have sent you both emails.
    I got the car from Magnussen Lexus in Fremont, CA.
  • Is this car have the ultra luxury package? It appears to me that you have got a price which is about $3500 less than the carsdirect price. Can you tell me exactly what you have on this car? I would like to get an ES350 with similar options.


  • msj09msj09 Posts: 31
    I listed what the car has in my post #2332 (the preferred accessory pkg 2 includes wheel locks, cargo net, cargo mat and rear bumper applique). The price I got was about $2,400 under the price. Sometimes carsdirect has a decent price, sometimes not. You can almost always do better.

    It does NOT have the UL package......that would bring the MSRP up to over $44K.

    good luck!
  • kitnckitnc Posts: 4
    I just bought a new one for a good deal ( I think) for just below $34K. The sale man was very professional. Thanks for the post of #2264 by quannoname. Most of negotiation was done over the phone. I and the director sale person were kind of agreed on the price over the phone but when I came there to do the paper work. He was tried to get an extra $100 from me. We talked and talked. I was mad and walked out the show room. He called me back to do the deal. I was about to forget it and move on but I thought the deal was great so I hold my anger to save money from other dealers. Just use your buying power. He said something which I did not expect from Lexus. The sale person was definitely great. My car has the following options:
    FS: Full Size Spare Tire
    HH: Heated Front Seats
    Z2 : Cargo nets,mat, wheel lock and rear bumper applique
    WU: Wood & Leather Shift Knob
    PA: Intuitive Parking Sensor
    HN: SunShade Rear
    LR: Rear Spoiler
    Plus 2 tint back windows for my kids and wife. He was tried to get $100 to plit for this cost.
    The total MSRP: $38500. I got for $35500 out of door price which included tax, doc fee, DMV fee all the fee. My car is still in the shop and waiting to tint the windows on Monday. If you wait until end of march, you can get better deal than me. But you never know. If you live around NC state, I can recommend to the sale person. Thanks for previous posted to help me save some money.
  • hw03hw03 Posts: 9
    I'm located in FL and looking to purchase a 2010 ES350 with the VN and UL package. I've been told the UL package is nearly impossible to find and will need to order and will take approx 2 months. Has anyone else experienced the same problem trying to find the UL package? I just don't understand why Lexus is making this option so rare?
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    HW03...I experience same problem here in Texas region...few & far betw having the UL on the dealer lot. I;m LIKE YUOU not sure why it's the case...anyway I'm purchasing aloaded prem plus with all options including lip spoiler, clear sheled. Will p/u mine in 2 weeks it was coming in on ship....wanted the black sapphire/ cashmire and he had one coming in. Actually live in Houston area but purchasing veh in Dallas.
    good luck with your search.
  • hw03hw03 Posts: 9

    What is the "prem plus" package? I don't see it listed as an option. Picking up in 2 weeks sounds reasonable...lots better than the 2 months I'm being told. I haven't ordered yet and will be visiting 1 of only 2 Lexus dealers in the area next week. If you dont mind me asking, what kind of price did they quote you? I'm hoping not to give more than 39,600 if I can get the UL option and the VN option.
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    hw03....prem plus usually comes pkged w/ Nav package....msrp is @ 41250 or 41501 depending on when it came on lot...was a price increase. have you been to a dealer will get alot more comfortable with options...only comes in 2-3 options not counting ul pkg as we said cant find much in our respective areas

    I added lip[ very much so my msrp is @ just over 4,000 off msrp which I consider a very good deal..very happy with transaction. didnt actually order mine is was coming from japan to dealer on their inventory sheet ( wanted black sapphire ) so he assigned vehicle to me once agreement was made. did evrything over ph/email being dealership is in Dallas and Im in suburbs of Houston.,. THESE are some of codes assigned to veh...BE..FS..NV..PT..WU..LR..Z2. Having tint & clear sheild-3m product to frnt hood, side mirrors, side frnt panels ( highly reccomend on dk color) done by individual who does work for Lexus dealer. good luck ..let us know how you come out.
  • hw03hw03 Posts: 9
    lexhou, Thanks for all the info...I really appreciate it. I'm going to review your codes and look at the options again. Think I'll visit the dealer and see what one looks like without the UL package which seems impossible to get. Due to an accident totaling my wife's 03 model I really don't want to wait 2 months.

    Keep me updated to on how it works out for you and I'll do the same.
  • radar6radar6 Posts: 28
    Was at my local dealer yesterday getting my 2009 ES looked at and saw two 2010 ES350'S with UL package VN, PA and preferred acc package One was Black sapphire and other was Satin cashmere. I wish we would have waited for 2010 to come out plenty of stock at local dealer from base to UL models.Good luck on your search they are out there.
  • quanonamequanoname Posts: 19
    man you make me jalous :-(
    you got more options and pay way less out the door price.
    good job!
  • quanonamequanoname Posts: 19
    so you know your odds of getting one
    read post# 2266, only 3% build with UL package
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    Radar.....where are you located.
  • radar6radar6 Posts: 28
    I am located in the northeast(Mass). Timing is everything when we were looking in July there wasn't a good selection due to all the factories shutting down due to the economy. We were lucky getting color we were looking for(they had no UL's on lot at the time). Dealer is large they sell 350 plus new Lexus a month on average so they probably get allocated more cars that's why they have had UL packages. I saw two others there last month when I got my 5000 mile service. These on the lot now were built after the first of the year. Wish I could pick up Black sapphire one its a nice looking car!
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    edited March 2010
    kinda thought you might be on East Coast...that seems to be only area where they are putting the UL pkg, not sure why. You can't find them down ..Tx AREA for nothing. Your killing me with the black sapphire--ul pkg it's the exact one I wanted but no where to be found around I settled for loaded prem plus/nv and all access...pretty much everything but the ML sound..really wanted, roof..not big deal...upgraded leather--believe comes with UL pkg . the prem plus pkg has an upgraded leather so that part is ok. Still excited about p/u veh very soon..counting days. what color did you purchase and again what does it have on it.
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