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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gursgurs Posts: 9 i guess i shd be able to get 10% discount from MSRP for 2010 ES model or do u think i should try for even more. Its my first time buying a car and i really have no clue how all this works.
  • I'd like to buy a new 2010 ES350 (trading in my 08 ES350) with the options UL and FS. What price do people get for a similar configuration?
  • i guess i shd be able to get 10% discount from MSRP for 2010 ES model or do u think i should try for even more. Its my first time buying a car and i really have no clue how all this works.

    8.5% - 9% off the MSRP will land you at close to the Dealer Invoice price. Add a couple of hundred to go over Invoice and then subtract the $3K rebate to get to the final price, plus tax and tags.
  • I just used Edmund's new car pricing tool to try to get the TMV for the car I want. And it gives a TMV that $2500 lower than dealer's invoice price. If you add in the $3000 rebate from Toyota, that'll be $5500 lower than the dealer invoice. So I'd get the TMV from Edmund's website and try to get a dealer to agree on that price starting with offering a price lower than the TMV minus rebate.
  • Just bought a 2010 ES with an MSRP of $41,215 for $35,000 +tax and tags - had a fun bidding war with two local dealers. Financing at 3.99 for 60 mos. This is the same car that was offered to me at $37k two days ago before the new $3k rebate incentive. Couldn't get it any lower.
  • vt2010vt2010 Posts: 13
    Just bought a new 2010 ES350 Base model, sticker $37,435 for $30,100 (Total 33.3K out of the door). (Dealer at Los Angeles, CA.) When delivery, I noticed that the dealer name on MSRP windows sticker is from Arizona. Is it made any different on the car?
  • charlieliucharlieliu Posts: 80
    edited October 2010
    Any options, HL, HH, WU, HN, FS, etc?
  • gursgurs Posts: 9
    Hey guys...

    just wanted to ask you guys if I am getting a good deal on a 2010 ES 350...the dealer is asking 36000...its a model with navigation and all the accesories which usually come with it...i am just curious if I am getting the best deal....I am in chicago....
  • vt2010vt2010 Posts: 13
    MSRP $35,175 + option Heated Seat, Full size spare tire, etc, fee. Total $ 37, 435.

    19.8% off MSRP.
  • vt2010vt2010 Posts: 13
    My opinion: Depends on invoice or percentage discount off MSRP.
    Dealers have cash back $3000 to move 2010 model, expired 11/1/10
    May I ask what is the MSRP sticker price?
  • gursgurs Posts: 9
    edited October 2010
    MSRP was 41,640 i think . what do u think abt the deal ???

    thanks for your help
  • vt2010vt2010 Posts: 13
    If you want to buy 2010 model, it is the best time to buy and remember supply is limited so you might not get the color and/or option you want. 2011 model no problem on supply but cost more (lowest I found is $37K with min option.)

    Both models are identical except fuel (2010 premium, 2011 regular) but i found on "Manual page 490: Unleaded gas " (Did not say: require or recommend)

    Price might be lower during weekday.

    Below is a good deal from earlier post:

    #2539 of 2552
    Buying a new ES350 - $3K rebate from Lexus by bytesandbits
    Oct 06, 2010 (10:40 am)
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    Looking to pickup a new ES350. MSRP - $41414, dealer is offering it for $34671 plus tax and tags. There is a $3K cash rebate from Lexus effective today. Don't have much details on how long the offering is for but read it on - - sj.html
  • gursgurs Posts: 9
    thanks a lot ...i appreciate your feedback
  • vt2010vt2010 Posts: 13
    You are welcome.
    I just bought a new ES 350 that why I want to share info..
    I do not have any connection with any car dealers.
    I hope the new buyer will get similar or better deal.
    I wish you will get the deal you want
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    gurs.. i wouldnt hesitate on deal. Excellent disc on msrp level. I purchased es350 -2010 in March and the best was able to do --10.2 % discount including 2.9 % interest @ 36 mos. As mentioned already supply is limited dontb lose out for couple hundred dollars....they are offering you a very good deal. Go buy the wont be dissapointed .
  • gursgurs Posts: 9
    hi guys...firstly ,thank you all for your input.....i dont think i wud have made a good deal without the advice and opinions of you ppl....i just got my es 350 back from the dealer today...MSRP of it for 35 + tax and tags...otd was is 9.75 in was a killer..i am very impressed and happy with the car...hope to enjoy it for a long time...thnx guys..
  • Hey everyone, I've been following the posts here for months and finally purchased today. I picked up a 2010 ES 350, MRSP $41,215 with NV, HL,HH, PA, WU, FS, and Z1. Black with Parchment.

    I showed them the Edmunds TMV and asked them to match it. They did. It was $34,575 +Tax and Reg.

    It's a great time to buy. We had no trouble betting the exact car we wanted. Maybe the northeast is overstocked, we are in upstate NY. The dealer is bringing the car in from another dealership later this week. We wanted to put the entire cost on a credit card that gives us 2% but they put a cap of $2000 on that. I guess it makes sense from their point of view.

    Thanks for all the helpful posts!
  • wmkimwmkim Posts: 3
    Great deals... I picked up my 2010 ES 350 Cerulean Blue... UL Pkg, ML/Nav, Park Assist...for right at 10% off MSRP; probably should've negotiated more, but was eager to get out of my lease on my prev car (had 2-mths left w/ major $$$ for maint coming up) I figure it's a wash.

    Wasn't the first color choice...but the Ultra-Luxury pkg added some uniqueness to the car...loving the Mark Levnison audio/USB iPod connection and great ride of the car. And a big gas mileage improvement (20+ mpg consistently) versus my gas guzzling V8 (b/w 12 - 14 mpg).
  • One local dealer offer me this
    2010 Lexus ES350 with Navigation (NV), other options include: PA, HH, WU, FS, HN.
    MSRP $40610

    dealer offer $37200 OTD, the tax rate here is about 9%
    It looks like the price is about $34000 + tax + TTL

    I don't think there is 1.9% APR available.

    Is this a good deal overall?
  • heart5heart5 Posts: 4
    If someone could tell me if this is a great deal I would appreciate it.
    2010 Lexus ES350 w/o Nav, preferred package,FS,HH,WU
    MSRP 37,435 OTD $35,200 I was told this includes the $3,000 incentive
    I am in AZ and tax is 9.1% and tags and license about $520
    Thank you so much!
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