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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • yes Navigation package fully loaded sat radio bluetooth back up camera heated seats rear shade etc....
  • joez34joez34 Posts: 1
    Just an FYI for anyone looking for this car..

    In New Jersey
    Sticker $ 38,300
    Price Paid $35,000 + Tax, MVS, $239 Doc Fee

    Easy purchase experience with very little haggling.
  • somanssomans Posts: 10
    Where in nJ?
    Which dealer?

    What extra it has/
  • activex111activex111 Posts: 41
    looking at buying a 2008 Es350, aquamarine blue , 43K miles and fully loaded. mark levinson audio, backup camera,navigation, ventilated seats, wood trim etc.
    dealer is asking 24.5. is that a good price?
    also, any known issues with 2008 es350?
    thanks in advance :o)
  • ezericsezerics Posts: 17
    Anyone have an advice on their negotiation strategy. Looking at the ES 350, never personally negotiated a lease or bought a car new before. Complicating things are the fact that we would like a navigation system and have another lease about to expire with two payments left we may want them to take over. Any tips? Do people here generally go by the Edmunds TMV? Invoice? Are the TMV and Invoice figures shown on Edmunds for this car accurate and good to base negotiations off of?

    Think I may want to lease, am I supposed to negotiate the purchase price first as low as possible, then arrange a monthly lease payment? How do you negotiate a lease without getting caught up in a 4 square monthly payments game? How do you pay less of a down payment/drive off cost or get additional mileage or options over and above what the current advertised monthly lease special is?

    Any suggestions? Where to begin...
  • gordongjgordongj Posts: 23
    The Canadian MSRP for an ES 350 with UL package is $55,000 including PDI & freight. Thank gooodness that Lexus vehicles dereciate quickly because I may have to wait until 2012 to buy my 2011 ES!
  • town12town12 Posts: 2
    Could you post the dealership that you got this good deal ?

  • coachjoshcoachjosh Posts: 3
    JM Lexus Margate Florida
  • nilmadnilmad Posts: 1

    I have an offer for ES 350 OTD for 37500 is it a good price to pay for? VA registration. It has below options
    Full Spare tire, HID, Park Assist, Heated seats, Preferred package 2, wood trim steering
  • 4barbara4barbara Posts: 46
    edited June 2011
    Here's what we got just today...comments:

    2011 Es 350...Fully Loaded & yes with Wheels & Spoiler, rear shades
    NO Down...12k miles per mo......36 mo's
    $600 OTD
  • There does not seem to be many posts on ES 350. Has anyone bought an ES350 with navigation recently or is planning to buy one.

    Can someone share what dealers are charging? I am wondering whether it is worthwhile to wait till the 2012's arrive?

    Appreciate a response.
  • Recently purchased ES 350 2011 from Tampa. MSRP $39980.00 for 2011 base model with Full Size Spare Tire with 17-inch Alloy Wheel, Heated and Ventilated Front Seats, Power Rear Sunshade, Intuitive Parking Assist, Wood & Leather Steering Wheel & Shift Knob, Body Side Moldings,
    Preferred Accessory Package.

    I got it for $39,147.63 out of door. I am planning to keep it for long, so trying to understand whether I need to purchase extended warranty for 7Yrs/100K.
  • Hello,
    I would definitely wait for the redesign of the 2012. I think the 2012 will be loaded more techie stuff, will have improved navigation and better styling, not that I'm complaining. I have a 2009 with nav/park assist and I love everything about it, however, if I was in the market for an ES today, I would wait for the 2012.
  • there are no changes to the 2012 model other than an exterior color change (addition of some kind of new gray pearl color in place of one of the others).

    2013 is the refresh year for the es350.
  • I meant to post this to you siddharth:

    "there are no changes to the 2012 model other than an exterior color change (addition of some kind of new gray pearl color in place of one of the others).

    2013 is the refresh year for the es350."

    the only question now is, is the 1.9% APR, 60 month financing coming back after the 2.9% APR special expires? I usually pay in cash but this low of rate is too good to pass up (cheap cost of money; I can invest it and return more than that). Also wondering if any manufacturer rebates will be coming to help clear out the 2011s. The rise of the yen lately relative to the dollar has not been good for those of us purchasing Japanese goods. Yen is up about 10% over the dollar in the last year. If we don't fall into another recession, I can see the yen falling back to this level in '12.
  • The extended warranty is just an insurance policy. The provider must collect more than he pays out or it he will not make money on the transaction. Why would Lexus offer a product like insurance if they knew they would loos money?

    That is the reasoning that led me to decline the offer. If I was purchasing a used vehicle whose previous care I knew little, then I might take such an offer if available.
  • I too am holding out for the redesign. I think the interior and dash are dated (2006) and need to be refreshed. Does anybody know if the 2013 model will come out early in the Spring of 2012 or in the traditional time of Sept. 2012? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's sooner than later because the Camry just came out and the ES should follow and also the current model is showing its age.
  • Just bought a 2011 ES350, MSRP of $43,503. Gave me $22,000 trade in on my '07 ES350 Ultra with 54,900 miles. Got the $1,000 Lexus Loyalty Rebate, additional rebate of $750 plus dealer discount of $1,753 off the car along with 2.9% financing. Got the 72 month / 70,000 mile Platinum Extended Warranty for $753 (MSRP of $1,400) too. The dealer, at first, wanted $24,000 plus my car for this ES350. After getting up and ready to leave, they came down to $18,000 plus my car. That would have been a lot of $ to leave on the table. But we were ready to go to another Lexus dealer 70 miles away versus the local one that is only four miles away.
  • gizmo2gizmo2 Posts: 8
    Hi, I'm helping my parents shop for a ES350 with Nav, Parking assist, Ultra package (HID lights, heated seats, rear shade, wooden steering wheel). Anyone purchase one recently or is shopping for one? I've made initial contact with several dealers around me, quotes I received are for approximately $39,000 just for the car (incl dest charge). They all seem skittish to commit to a number as they know I'm going to take it to another dealer.
    Also, is October a good month to buy? I know they always advertise a December to remember sale, but not sure if that's just marketing Bs or the deals are really better than.
    Any help is appreciated.
  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27
    I'm shopping around for a ES350 w/o Nav. I got $2500 below invoice plus additional $1000 loyalty rebate. FYI.
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