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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • thepostmanthepostman Posts: 49
    Hi Sooz

    Is there anyone in particular that I need to speak with at JM? Looking to purchase ES 350 this month
  • I am looking for a used ES350 in Maryland and have gone the Carmax route but not found the right one yet. I now want to explore the local Lexus dealers used inventories.

    Much has been written on these forums about new car buying pricing and strategies, but very little about used car prices. Carmax seems to have fair market pricing but Lexus dealership pricing on similar vehicles is over several thousand higher. Has anyone bought a used Lexus from a Lexus dealer. Can fair market value prices for their used cars be negotiated??
    Any suggestions or hands on experiences greatly appreciated!
  • ac360ac360 Posts: 2
    I am looking for 2012 ES 350 with Navigation in NJ
    Any suggestion for price without TTL

    Also should I wait for 2013 ES 350?
  • geo123geo123 Posts: 33
    The 2013's are already out. Saw one yesterday at a local Lexus dealer. The interior looks much better. However, I did not care for the black dash.
  • ac360ac360 Posts: 2
    what was the cost without TTl?
  • geo123geo123 Posts: 33
    The car was loaded. It had a suggested MSRP of about $44K. You can go to and configure a 2013 with the options that you would like to have. What is interesting is the base invoice cost is only about $2,285 less the MSRP. Also, the factory options have very little markup. Makes you wonder how the dealer is really making their money selling a new unit.
  • cht1cht1 Posts: 6
    Realize it's early days, but anyone have buying experience with a 2013 ES? Buying in Dallas. Sewell and Park Place both quoting MSRP. No discount, financing incentive or loyalty bonus.

    Sales guys say "hey, it's a brand new model get in line" anyone have a different experience? Predictions on whether they will dissent during the December sale?

    Thanks for any info.
  • Make an offer. Look up the trade-in prices and remember that those are often higher than what a dealer will offer for someone's trade, or are higher than an auction price. I'd use the Edmunds or Blue Book trade in price like an invoice price on a new car.

    Dealers make more money on the used side than the new, because the margins are better. If they list a car for $25k, you can probably bet there is at least a few thousand in profit in that number. If you can buy it for something closer to book trade-in value compared to retail, then you probably did OK. CarMax tends to be lower than dealer retail, but are usually not great deals, plus they apparently do not negotiate.
  • cht1cht1 Posts: 6
    Signed today on a 13' ES, Blue w/blk inter ion. Lux pkg+Nav $43552 (plus sales tax). Park Place Plano, TX. Absolutely no wiggle room on MSRP but they threw in dealer installed tint, pinstripes,.5% off LFS best rate and Clear Shield.

    Of note: pretty much a feeding frenzy when I was in the dealership. Two observations; the $880 up charge for 18" wheels was getting a lot of resistance --dealer saying this is how certain cars are equipped and we can't change it. second thought; if you are in a market where there are competitive Lexus dealers, work it. Sewell and Park Place fought hard for this sale despite strong demand for this model -- local bragging rights or something more$$$$$?
  • I want to buy 2013 ES 350 this month with Premium package, Navigation,blind spot monitor, parking assist and heated seats. I would like to hear the price paid and potential discount from anybody who has bought 2013 ES 350.
  • cht1cht1 Posts: 6
    Guys, third post from me on purchase of 2013 ES. Picked mine up this afternoon and didn't park it until dusk! Fun, fun, fun to drive. The haptic system that controls the screen driven functions works great. Ride is smooth and the fit and finish is awesome.

    Now for the crappy part--are you listening Lexus?

    Why isn't there a place to rest your phone? Lots of bluetooth technology but no place to rest your phone within easy reach. Truly a pain in the butt.

    And why in the world would you get rid of the sun glasses holder?????? Lexus pioneered the storage cubbyhole and it was a GREAT idea. Why are we going backward???
  • wesnywesny Posts: 2
    2012 ES 350 with Navigation. Dealer quoted $37,000 before TTL. Is it a good price. Can I counter offer to $36,000?

  • That is a very subjective decision only you to make.

    FWIW I just paid 33k including taxes and titling fees for a certified 2010 ES350 with NAV and new michelins.

    The certified warantee starts after the original new car warantee ends.
    The 2010 was in excellent shape with a little over 24000 miles
  • adpcsadpcs Posts: 57
    I purchased a 2012 ES350 w/ Nav last week from Dallas. MSRP about $43,100,paid $36,900 including tint, pinstripe, and delivery to Houston. Starfire Pearl/ Light Gray Interior
  • Can you share the buying price,options, MSRP and the dealer name.

  • We just bought a 2013 ES350 MSRP was 43700 paid 41700...2K off MSRP. Not sure if that is a good deal or not, but thought others could get at least that.
  • Can anyone share what you paid?

    I found a new 2012 ES350 with navigation for $36900....Is that an ok deal?
  • lpnclpnc Posts: 9
    From what I know, this seems to be a pretty decent deal. I'm still debating between 2012 and 2013 model. Your thoughts? Please share the name and location of the dealership. Thx.
  • lpnclpnc Posts: 9
    Please share the name and location of the dealership. Thx.
  • Lexus of Rockville in Maryland
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