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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jerrys2jerrys2 Posts: 181
    I got the price over the phone before going to the dealer. The only thing to negotiate was what I would get for my trade
  • davidzdavidz Posts: 35
    Am I reading this right? You just paid $3,400 off sticker for a 2013 ES350? By my estimate that about $400 below invoice.
  • For 2013 ES350: I am getting one at invoice in Greater Boston (too many options to mention). Is this what people are getting?
  • Which dealership in Boston are you getting the invoice pricing from. Thanks for the info.
  • Looking for a good price on a '13 in L.I. It seems that true car, etc are now much closer to retail than they were in the past !How did you find the invoice price?
  • Hi, I am looking to purchase a 2013 ES350, Starfire Pearl, Black Nuluxe Espresso Bird's Eye Maple Interior, with Premium Package, and Spoiler. MSRP = $39,859.00. I live in the State of Delaware. I am looking for the best possible price. Does anyone have any ideas about the best possible price? Thank You
  • I am from DE. I found the best possible deal, after weeks of negotiating, in PA.
    If you want, email me and I will share my experience and recommendations with you. My mail is todds911 at yahoo dot com.
  • Thanks Todd for the information!
  • I bought an Infiniti M37x in the end of August. I liked the car but the gas mileage was awful and I drive a lot. I knew this going in but thought I could stomach it. I couldnt.

    Went into Lawrence Lexus and made the following deal. Traded in Infiniti M which I paid 45k for and used for 4.5 months for ESH loaded up with sticker 46300. I paid 3k plus tax and doc fee for an out the door prices of 3480 dollars. I think that I did not get hurt to bad on this one as the ESH could not have been had in August or September for anything but MSRP. Would have cost more than the M which had huge discounts.

    Easy deal I drove car and then negotiated over email.
  • bic64bic64 Posts: 12
    MSRP $44,427. Paid $40,427 in mid-December, and also was able to obtain Lexus all-weather mats (worth ca. $100) free of cost. That is, the negotiated price was ca. $4100 below the MSRP, translating to a discount of approx. 9.4%.
  • It's always helpful to give the location of your purchase. Thanks.
  • Thanks for the info . You got a

    Thanks for the info - you got a GREAT deal! Was it in the NY area??

    GREATgreat deal. Is it in the NY area???
  • bic64bic64 Posts: 12
    Location: New Jersey
  • bic64bic64 Posts: 12
    It was in New Jersey.
  • johngf1johngf1 Posts: 37
    Thank you - I'll use this when buy ing April when I get back from Florida. Good luck with your new car.
  • exaudiexaudi Posts: 4
    Which dealer and what options did you get? am in the market for one. Have to pull a plug soon.. Debating between Acura TL or Lexus ES... Thanks.
  • bic64bic64 Posts: 12
    I'd rather not give dealerships name here, but a couple of them were willing to sell at approximately the same price. The options were as follows: Luxury Pkg, Display Audio, Wood Heated Steering Wheel, Rain sensing wipers with deicer, Blind Spot Monitor w/Rear Cross Traffic Alert, HID Headlamps, Power Rear Sunshade, Intuitive Parking Assist, Trunk Mat, Cargo Net & Wheel Locks. Don't know about the Acura TL, but we are very pleased with the Lexus ES 300h. Good luck!
  • There is no comparison. The Acura TL does not have the refinement an ES has. The ES is smoother, quieter in road, engine, wind noise. Hands down I would go for the ES.
  • exaudiexaudi Posts: 4
    Thank you BIC and bluefranky. Am leaning towards es 300h as tl is due for a major redesign. Since this will be my first hybrid am wondering if extra warranty is worth the price? Any comments.
  • bic64bic64 Posts: 12
    We did not get any extra warranties. Note that you will still be able to purchase the extended warranty later on, just before the manufacturer's warranty runs out.
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