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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi all, what is the out of door price in So. Cal? anyone know? is 41000 out for navi/premium plus pkg/park assis/HID/rear shade good price??

    thx ahead!!
  • philo82philo82 Posts: 10
    Can anyone recommend any companies/chains that can provide such aftermarket items as Wheels and XM Radio installation at more reasonable costs than what Lexus is asking for?

    Also,will purchasing/installing XM Radio through a non-Lexus vendor create a serious risk to the integrity of the wiring/electrical system of the car?

  • rileyjrileyj Posts: 13
    I purchased on in July from Mission Viejo Lexus at $369xx (MSRP at $41499), roughly $4500 off. Including license and tax the out of door price is ~$40K. I assume more dealers can offer this price range now in October when there are more supply and competitions.
  • Thank you for your referral to the Sarasota dealership!

    They are first class in every respect. I will be picking up my Tungsten Pearl ES 350 this weekend. The car has the premium plus package with Navigation and rear spoiler along with body side molding. MSRP was $41,520. Price paid was $37474 plus tax title and license. I'm extemely pleased with this dealership.

    By the way, the message to you from the West Kendall dealership was hogwash. They wouldn't even come close to the figure they quoted to you in their "too sad too bad" e-mail message so you didn't miss out there by any means.

    Thanks again for the great referral! :)
  • hub23hub23 Posts: 2
    Hi I'm new to the forum, so bare with me. Read yours about pricing and I have a some questions. What package did you get on the vehicle? Did you get any extras @ no cost? Was it easy or difficult to get your deal?

    I received an internet quote of $33,662 for an ES 350 w/prem only (basic opt). What do you think about that?

    Need yours and anyone else's help. I want some bells and whistles,but dont want to have to sell the farm :sick: .
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    Re: XM radio--if you're talking about buying the Lexus factory XM module...if installed correctly it shouldn't add any more risk to the vehicle wiring/electrical system of the car. Matter-of-fact, I've read the instructions on how to install the factory XM module--there are no wires to cut/splice; just mount the box, disconnect some harnesses from the amp/control module that's in the trunk area, then plug the corresponding XM harnesses inline. I'm not saying that it's so easy that a child can do it, but it definitely is easy enough for any competent professional car audio installer to do it w/o screwing up the vehicle electrical system.
  • rileyjrileyj Posts: 13
    Mine is a Premium Plus with Navigation and parking sensor. I didn't get much extra other than oil change at 5K & 10K miles, and a car detailing work at 6 months. They would not give the car tinting for free. The negotiation was relatively easy, basically we agreed to the $200 over invoice in a phone conversation.

    Your premium only package has MSRP at $37087, I would expect at least $4K off (i.e. $33K) to be considered a good deal in Southern Cal.
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    Has anyone recently purchased in south FLA?

    What is considered a good deal on the ES350?

    I was thinking a couple of hundred bucks over invoice??

    Thoughts?? Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    I received a quote of $32,600 for a ES w/ Premium Package w/ a hefty $700 doc/dealer fee.

    Is this a good price?
  • Looking to buy in California where there are about 35 dealers. All have a website header "contact dealer" which has a very limited size to give pertinent info (model,color,options,etc...) Any suggestion on a better way to reach them through e-mail and also to get the internet sales manager's direct line without calling the dealership? Many of you have done it and this is my first time, so help...
  • slmdslmd Posts: 6
    Anyone purchased es350 lately in DC/MD/VA area? What kind of deal did you get and from which dealer?

    Thanks a lot for sharing your info.
  • Thanks for the information on the Sarasota dealership.

    I have a question about how you obtained your price from that dealer (which was an excellent price, by the way). I requested a price quote from them via e-mail for a model whose MSRP is $36,242. The price they quoted was $33,448, which is about $2,800 off MSRP. Since your price is about $4,000 off MSRP, I was wondering whether you got that price by negotiating after you received the dealer's initial quote or if they offered that price with their initial quote.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Anyone willing to share prices/buying experiences in Austin on the es350 ?
  • I bought in mid October. I could bring down to $35.5 for a non-nav version. It is about invoice+2K.
  • Costco autobuying links send your email to a dealer nearest to the zipcode you enter, giving your email/name, and you get name/number of Internet sales manager at the dealer. If you want to check directly with different Internet Sales managers, first find dealerships you want to visit/call, and then enter their zipcode (as your zipcode). You will get contact information. You can then call and make your offer instead of asking the price.
  • hetnhetn Posts: 5
    Mind to mention which dealship you got your car? Thanks.
  • I've been reading the posts from around the country and my area prices don't come anywhere near the others. I've been to several dealers and they are all within the same range for an ES350 w/nav, premium plus, adaptive hl, parking assist, etc.
    around 40+. They aren't anywhere NEAR invoice - taking about 1200-1400 off MSRP. Why the huge difference? Also any other Chicago area (suburban) people finding the same thing as I did?
  • I'm not in Chicago, but I'm getting the same thing in St. Louis. I got two quotes here for an ES350 with premium/nav. One was for $1,000 off MSRP and the other $800 off MSRP.

    I need to wait anyway, as my 4Runner lease is not over until June of 07. Hopefully it will come down more by then. If not, I would think about going to that Sarasota, FL dealership people keep raving about. Road Trip!
  • I recently bought an es350 in the chicago area. I went to the dealership towards the end of September and test drove the car at the lexus of naperville dealership. I was going to buy the car that day but when it came to negotiating the price the salesman gave me the round about and said the car which was listed at 37,174 was going to be about 40,500 otd and that there was no negotiating. he said that the car was very hard to find and that no dealership in the area was going to go down. I was trying to get the price down to 37 or maybe even 37,500 otd. i told him i would not budge and that if he wanted to sell the car i would have the check within the hour. he talked to his "manager" and came back with a price of 39,400. i told him no and that he had my number and he could give me a call if anything changed. he basically carried me out the door as though he did not want my business. the next day he called me and said he had a different manager and that he could go to 38,900. I told him no and that i was going to go shopping around. he tried to convince me that i was not going to find the car for that price i wanted it and was wasting my time. I ended up going to lexus of westmont. that day and talked to the salesperson. she informed me that the car was hard to find in any color and that it would take some time. I let her know that i had visited other dealerships and that they had one in stock but i was looking to negotiate a better price. she asked me what was i looking at getting. i told her black on black premium plus with some additional options and a spoiler also. i told her that i was looking to get it for 37k otd. we talked for a while and she said that the best she could do was 38,500 but it would take 2 to 6 weeks to get it. after a little more talking we settled on a price of 38k even. I ended up taking the deal for three reasons: 1. i had checked other dealers in the area and no one had the specific car i wanted (the naperville one didnt have a couple of the options and the spoiler i wanted) so lexus of westmont was going to order straight from the factory. 2. I knew that at 38K it was going to be the lowest i was going to be able to get it at seeing that the sticker price was 37,500. 3.From the moment i walked in to the dealership they showed great customer service compared to the naperville dealership which seemed to not want my business. I ended saving about 2,300 off msrp, 1000 above invoice and got the exact car i wanted. About two days after i made the deal at the lexus of westmont i got a call from the naperville dealership where the salesperson asked if i found the car i wanted and how much. i told them and they said they would match there offer no problem. they said that the es i test drove was sold the day before and that i would have to wait 3 months to get one. I basically said no thanks and about three weeks ago i got the call to pick up my new es350 from the dealer after waiting about 4 1/2 weeks. i picked it up with no problems and ireally like the car it was worth the wait. I have pictures of the car and will put them up if anyone wants to see them.
  • Hi, I'm shopping for an ES 350 in Pittsburgh area and am finding discounts to be only about $1000-$1500 off MSRP. How do I get access to more internet dealers outside my area who will give me better pricing? Every time I attempt to get internet bids, I'm sent to the only two dealers in the area (who are owned by same person). Need competition in western PA! Thanks for advice.
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