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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cc2010cc2010 Posts: 16
    I called Costco. Only participating dealer in WA is in Spokane. I would say they would have to have an awfully attractive price to go all the way there. No harm in calling, I'll share if I find out anything. I think it all depends on the make, demand, etc. I know Costco's price on certain Toyotas was like $400 over invoice. No price break on the Avalon, however.
  • Thank you for sharing, cc2010. Yes, we'd like to hear how it goes.
  • hwisehwise Posts: 1
    I stopped by the local Lexus dealer today for 1st test drive. I am not looking to purchase for some 60 days as I am coming off lease. The salesman told me he had sold a Royal Ruby ES350 with Cashmere and Premium Plus option to an individual who decided they do not like the cashmere leather and want one with black leather. They have placed an order for yet another 350. It should be in in about a month. When it comes in, they will have a used 2007 to sell. Anybody have any ideas on what a low mileage, used 2007 should go for?
  • Has anyone had experience in Houston? I have one dealership that says they'll come off the price $500-$1000. Another says they're charging sticker.
  • fram_dudefram_dude Posts: 7
    i just put a deposit on es350 with lexus of norwood for a premium package with HID, basically the car with 37424 MSRP.
    final price with tax,title,reg..comes to 37500.
    basically its a discount of 1900 on the msrp. that's all i got. much more than what Ira was willing to go.
    i am not an expert negotiator,basically i got tired of haggling after a point. so in my view 1000 above invoice is a dream deal...not much can happen at this point, not in the boston area. i believe the market is tight. maybe this month. 2 months from now...more cars on dealers might see the 1000-1500 above invoice deals here.
    right now i would say if you can get a car 2000 above invoice that is a good deal. norwood for some reason was reluctant to go above or come close to the 2000 discount from MSRP.
    my experiences...hope to get the delivery next week. looking forward to drive the car. my first LEXUS.
  • I think you got a great deal. Congratulations. What color do you have?
  • fram_dudefram_dude Posts: 7
    black with black interior. one of the things i was hoping to see was more posts about e350 in the boston area, before i went to buy. hopefully this gives an idea for people who are looking to buy in the future.
  • jimbresjimbres Posts: 2,025
    On Friday, my wife placed an order for a tungsten pearl / light grey Ultra at Rallye Lexus in Glen Cove. Agreed-upon price is $43,384 before TTL, which represents a $700 discount from MSRP.

    This is not a great deal. I would rather have postponed the purchase until later this year, after Infiniti rolls out the new G35. I firmly believe that Lexus dealers will be much more willing to negotiate when the ES 350 is no longer the hot new ride. But my wife had promised to sell her '99 ES 300 to a young cousin who needs a car before school opens in September, so she didn't feel that we could wait much longer.
  • jcassellajcassella Posts: 1
    On Saturday, I purchased a new ES 350 black/black with the ultra luxury package (every option less the pre-collison detection). The MSRP was $43,989. My price minus TTL was $40,850. Not bad considering the car is in very high demand and the ultra-luxury package with additional options is very hard to come by (at least in the northeast).

    Has anyone been able to negotiate better than $40,850 with the top of the line options package?
  • Wow, which dealership did you go to? That's an excellent deal.
  • ctk1ctk1 Posts: 79
    Check out the Lexus of WaterTown. I have a great buying experiences with the sale man. I got a good deal (3000 off the sticker price)when purchasing the new RX330\2004 when it just comming out.
    Since then I refer my friends and relatives to Lexus of Watertown.

    Good luck
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    Please share the dealership and state you bought from?

  • kishoreykishorey Posts: 3
    I was at Watertown Lexus 2 weeks back for a short time, on a sunday afternoon. The sales person was courteous and mentioned MSRP of 37k for premium package and 40k for premium + nav. He said there may be a room for $500 in price. Wondering if there are any other data points for Boston.

    Given the tight pricing on this car, I am looking at the RL as well. Any thoughts on RL vs. ES 350?
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    I did a quote for an UL ES350 over an email to Lindsay Lexus. They quoted me MSRP. I have to say... I'm very disappointed with my reply. Is the UL still in high demand or are these dealers still staying tight to MSRP.

    I really want the UL package... but if MSRP is all I can get offered, then I may have to down grade to a Premium Plus w/ NAV. Not sure if I can get a better deal on this level trim instead.

    Any feed back from anyone in the DC/MD/VA that has just recently purchase an ES 350?
  • kumar2kumar2 Posts: 12
    I had gotten my Ultra Lux with Mark Levinson etc. at 39300 (1000 over invoice) with COliseum Lexus in SF Bay Area
  • tagbtagb Posts: 1
    I went fishing at the end of May and found the dealers in San Antonio, Austin and 3 in Houston were playing the waiting game - each holding to near invoice, but anxious to hear if any of the others offered me better. But demand was so much greater than supply in the area that they had little reason to drop. At that time, the best I got was $500 off MSRP (Nav w/Prem Plus pkg that MSRPs for $40,749.) I was going to have another go at the end of this month to see what happens. I may try Dallas too. Anyone with experience in DFW?
  • fram_dudefram_dude Posts: 7
    $500 of MSRP is not a good deal. i got an ES350 for $1900 of MSRP, i was aiming for $2000 off atleast, but the dealer would not budge. he emphatically said NO. i could have said SCREW YOU and walked off, but my old car was having transmission issues and i was driving a rental for few days, so i wasn't going to haggle around for extra 200-300 dollars. so i decided to go ahead and agree for $1900 of MSRP. if you are not in a hurry, try getting it for atleast $2200 -2400 off MSRP. the market might loosen up after July 4th. the car drives nice, i am enjoying it.
    check out Lexus of Norwood. the fact that i really hate is these dealers try to fool you around when you buy the car and yet they want you to give them "outstanding " rating when it comes to customer feedback...after your car purchase.i said i will think about it.
  • megjaspermegjasper Posts: 1
    I bought a 2007 ES 350 from Mission Viejo Lexus yesterday. I had called the dealership & spoke with the internet guy to see if they had a black one w/o navigation. They had one, the sticker price on the car was $38k & some change. I asked him if they were dealing on them & he said that the internet price on it was $34,433. Over $4000 off sticker price. I didn't have to haggle. GREAT buying experience!!!
  • Kumar,
    That's a great deal. Congrats! Did you have to do a lot of negotiating and shopping around or were they pretty straightforward?
  • mmenonmmenon Posts: 6
    I got the following quote from a delaer $35133 for lexus with premium plus package

    Leather interior which includes leather and wood trim on steering wheel and gear shift knob
    - Dual front power seats with driver and passenger memorized seat positions. Driver seat cushion extender and 2 memory positions, which memorize seat, steering wheel, and outside mirror positions. Moonroof with tilt and sunshade
    - HID (High Intensity Discharge headlights)
    - Rear electronically controlled sun shade and rain sensing wipers that adjust automatically according to however heavy the rain/snow is falling
    - Dual front heated and ventilated seats for those cold winter nights and hot summer days
    - Electrochromic auto dimming inside/outside mirrors which tilt down while in reverse
    - In dash 6-disc changer, bluetooth technology, and dual temperature zone control
    - Power tilt/telescopic steering wheel
    - 17” alloy wheels with summer tires and a full size spare
    - Front, side, curtain, and knee airbags
    - Preferred accessory pkg which includes: Cargo net, cargo mat, and wheel locks

    Is this a good deal , please let me know

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