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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • financebuzzfinancebuzz Posts: 12
    I just wanted to get some feedback on the prices I am getting quoted on a 07 ES 350 with Premium Plus and Navigation (List: 41,322). I have received the following quotes (this is Drive out w/ tax, title, tag, fees, dest.):

    Nalley Lexus - Smyrna: $40072
    Hennessey Lexus - Gwinnett: $40203

    I had asked for $39,170 which was basically invoice and allowance for approx. $500 in fees. Is this a realistic goal? Are the quoted prices ok or should I be able to do better?

    Unfortunately, I do have some time constraints. My truck was totaled last week and the insurance company is supposed to have my check for me tomorrow. Thus, I start paying for the rental on Friday and I do not want to do that for long!

    Thanks for all's help!
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Please don't include taxes in asking about prices - they vary too much from one locale to another. Please list what the car is costing you BEFORE sales tax and license, but include any dealer add-ons. Then and only then can the audience here help you with pricing.

    My first reaction is that you're paying too much, but without any knowledge of GA taxes, who knows??
  • financebuzzfinancebuzz Posts: 12
    Thanks. In my county in Georgia the sales tax is 6% and because I do not have a trade, I have to pay that on the entire purchase price. Thus my offer was for basically invoice per

    Given the above information on taxes and my conversation with the gentleman from Hennessey, they are offering to sell the vehicle for basically $1000 over invoice. I do not have my notes right in front of me, but I will plan to edit this post/post details once I have that.
  • rmcneicermcneice Posts: 20
    I've begun contacting dealers in the area via the internet on a 2007 ES 350 with a Premium Plus package (that's the wood trim, bluetooth, heated & vented seats, etc.). So far I've used links from Costco, Capital One (Drive One) and directly from Edmunds to see what the discrepancies are for the same car from dealers on and around Long Island, NY.

    The Costco dealership (no hassle pricing) says they cannot quote prices over the phone due to the relationship and agreement with Costco, but he did say he would give me an indication if he could do better if I called him with other prices. This dealership is not really close by, so it's my last stop.

    The Capital One dealership (no hassle pricing) quoted me $34,615

    The Edmunds dealer hasn't replied yet, and my close to home local dealer is waiting for me to get back to him.

    How does this first quote stand up these days?


    BTW - Edmunds doesn't show an invoice amount for this car anymore???
  • donaldarvisdonaldarvis Posts: 11
    Robin-you are completely wrong about how to negotiate a better discount. You SHOULD make the dealer feel like it is very important to you that you purchase the vehicle from them. All money is green but someone who is local, is going to complete their service work at that dealer, and is going to be an advocate for the location by providing referals and postitive word of mouth always gets a bigger discount than someone who says, "I don't care who I buy this car from, I just go to whoever has the best price!" What's more important, price or value?
  • Hi,

    I am in the throws of a negotiation at Stevens Creek Lexus and they want to sell the car today with essentially the same options that you received for your ES350. Where did you buy your car and who was the rep?

  • devon_gadevon_ga Posts: 8

    I bought the same package from Hennessy Gwinnett the beginning of this month (May 2007). I got Hennessy Gwinnett to match the best deal I got quoted from a dealership in FL over the internet. Hennessy Atlanta & Nalley Lexus Galleria, were not even willing to match FL's price. As you can see, the same dealership but a different location was willing to negotitate. The out the door price you mentioned was a little in line with what I paid including Cobb county taxes, but I also purchased the spoiler. I tried to negotiate more after I agreed to the price match, but all I got was a free 10k service and a mug. I wish I could have gotten more, but I am pleased. Also, the exterior and interior color I wanted was limited in GA.

    Try to negotiate more since the 2008 will be out I believe sometime in August. Also try to get a 10k service, upgraded wheels or something as a token of buying from whatever dealership you choose. I have researched various forums where some buyers have gotten great deals with more extras than what I got. However, they have been mostly outside of GA.

    Also, contact every dealer in Metro Atlanta & Macon. One of the dealerships in FL was very competitive. Negotiating over the internet made a difference for me vs. going in person. Have you tried that option?

    Negotiate! Negotiate! Negotiate!
  • newcar28newcar28 Posts: 9
    I test drove the Es350 and fell in love with it. Tampa lexus gave me a measly $3k discount off the sticker 41322 and the lease price for a 36mo, 15 k lease was $704 per mo with $1500 out of pocket. I was also told to change two tires before turning it in. LExus of Sarasota offered to buy my current lexus 330 (lease ends June 15) the car so I would not pay excess miles or replace tires, and offered the same deal for 636.00 per mo with $1321 due at signing (incl. tax, 1st payment, and dealer fee of $489). I think it is a fantastic deal! ANy thoughts? this is for an ES350 with premium plus package w/ nav, bluetooth etc.
  • dlipnickdlipnick Posts: 1
    I live in Houston but would go to Sewell Dallas for the right deal. Which Nav did you purchase (VN Navigation System w/Mark Levinson Premium Audio, $4,050 msrp, or NV Lexus Premium Audio w/Navigation, $2,650 msrp) and are there any other options besides the Premium Plus package built into the $37,400 price?
  • Am also looking at the same model with the above options - Premium with navigation.

    Could you please post the amount you paid for?

  • Well I actually wound up going with a 2007 Acura TL. I just preferred the car after driving that, the G35 and the Lexus. However, I would agree that there seems to be a difference between Hennessey Gwinnett and Hennessey Lexus. I would have had no majors concerns dealing with the gentleman at Gwinnett. However, the response I got from Hennessey Atlanta on my initial offer (which was admittedly unrealistic at invoice) was that it was in fact unrealistic and that they were "not a charity" but a business who deserves to make a little money on the great cars they sell. Rudest response I received last week from many Infiniti, Acura, Lexus, Lincoln, Chevrolet, Buick and GMC dealers. He also told me I was "assigned" to him even though I had dropped by to test drive the ES350 before I ever got the response from his email. I wrote him back and told just how rude I thought he was and that it was not what the Lexus brand wanted and copied a sales manager. Uncalled customer service. I would give his name if permitted so that others could proceed with caution, but the rules of the forum work in his favor in this case.
  • devon_gadevon_ga Posts: 8
    Sorry, the ES 350 did not beat out the Acura TL. I considered the Acura TL as well because I was concerned about the tranny problems in the ES. However, I just could not find the TL in the interior and exterior colors I wanted, and the interior was smaller compared to the ES.

    I basically got a similar speech at Hennessy Atlanta. They just turned me off. I can say I was pleased with my experience at Hennessy Gwinnett. Even though I did not buy from that location, I may still get it serviced there after 1 year. The Gwinnett location is a little too far. I am not far from Nalley, but they turned me off as well. What is the deal with the salesmen Do they want to sell a car or what?

    Anyway, enjoy your Acura TL. I think you made a good alternative choice. Did you get the same features (nav, etc.) in your TL?
  • devon_gadevon_ga Posts: 8

    Sarasota gave me a great internet quote on my ES 350 compared to other dealerships in FL and GA. I think they may be willing to negotiate more with you. I was able to negotiate with them after the initial quote they gave me, but they did not have the color I wanted. However, the GA dealership had the car and basically matched Sarasota's price.

    Tampa Bay Lexus was a waist of time. It took them weeks just to respond to my internet request for a quote. See if Sarasota can do better. I did not lease my car, but I would think negotiations should be just as good as buying.

    Good luck on your negotiations.
  • benji5benji5 Posts: 12
    As stated in previous messages, in NJ, for MSRP of $41,711 which is Premium Plus w/ nav and other options, I paid $37,200. Others have gotten below $37K.
  • Sounds like Hennessey Atlanta needs to learn some customer service lessons. Having a nice, new fancy building is not going to be enough to keep customers from going to another dealer if you talk down to them. There are some strong options in this market segment if people get turned off by a Lexus dealer.

    My TL has the similar features. Naturally, it does not have some of the latest 07 whiz-bang options as the ES (movable headlights, push-button start) but for me I can live without those. I actually felt more comfortable in the TL. The legroom, shoulder room, etc. was similar, but it just seemed like the front roofline came down further into my sightlines than I liked and I felt I had to slide down in the seat for best visibility. Definitely a nice car and very well equipped but I think the TL was a better fit at this time. Don't think I would have made a poor choice either way.
  • sfbaycarssfbaycars Posts: 1
    I got a quote from Lexus Stevens Creek for the exact same configuration for $37,262, which is about $1,200 higher than yours! I'll try to get them to match the price if possible.
  • csquatcsquat Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy 2 cars at the same time, an RX400h and also an ES350. I would like the 350 configured with the premium plus package. The quote I got from lexus of las vegas was 38799 on a 41822MSRP. From what I have been reading this sounds like a rip off and it should be much closer to actual invoice of 36000. Has anyone else purchased through them? I am working with the Internet Sales Manager.

    thank you
  • rmcneicermcneice Posts: 20
    I've rounded up a few more quotes on an ES350 with Premium Plus but without the Navigation.

    Edmunds says MSRP = 38145 and TMV 35662
    Cars Direct MSRP = 38256 Price Quote = 35079
    Smithtown (via Drive One from Capital One) MSRP = 38711 Price Quote = 34615 (this is the lowest I've seen)
    Rockville Center won't give me a price over the phone
    Larchmont (via Costco) MSRP = 38301 Price @ 36000
    Fleet Rates MSRP @38000 Price @35000
    Massapequa MSRP = 38661 Price Quote = 34776 (but will match lowest)
    Boston dealer (via a work associate) MSRP = 38301 Price Quote = 35056

    I'm going to Massapequa tonight with a $100 off coupon from their website and a $200 more off when you set up a demo drive via their website. That should pay for the manditory floor mats that they always hit you for.

  • atl_buyeratl_buyer Posts: 3
    I actually had a very positive experience at Hennessy Atlanta - I dealt with multiple people, and all of them were very professional and helpful. No one was ever condescending, and they did negotiate without giving me any speeches. It was actually Nalley Galleria that I had a less than stellar sales experience with - salesman didn't seem to take me seriously, and dumped me after my test drive, ironically leaving me standing right next to a framed article on the wall about how important it was to them for women to have a positive buying experience (I am female)!!

    Ultimately, I paid $37,600 for Premium Plus with Nav and the other options they come with (headlights, rear air bag, wood steering wheel, preferred accessory package, etc.), plus I added XM radio. Limited availability of color combinations in GA should not be an issue - these cars seem to be coming into port regularly, and your dealer can get allocation of the one you want. That is what I had to do to get what I wanted, and it did not take long, and did not affect my negotiations - we agreed on price and then it was only a matter of when the next one hit port.

    All in all, in the Atlanta market, I did not find the dealers to be jumping at the chance to compete and negotiate when I shopped my quotes. Could I have squeezed a little more out of the deal? Maybe. But my price was within the range of what I was willing to pay and I was satisfied with the deal, so I went with it and have been very happy with my car and my buying experience.
  • Glad you had a positive experience and got a deal you were satisfied with. It could very well just be the individual that gave me the speech. To be fair, the two salespeople and the sales manager I spoke with while there to check out the car were quite friendly.
  • 93hog93hog Posts: 1
    I was planning on ordering an ES350 with the ultimate package since the dealer in my area (there's only 1) doesn't have one with this option nor plans on getting one. My question is this, if all they have to do is order it, should I expect to be able to negotiate a price at invoice or lower? Or do they not take that approach if they have to order one?
  • atl_buyeratl_buyer Posts: 3
    They will still want to make as much of a profit as they can, and will still have a sales commission to pay since a sales person will have to handle your order and delivery - if it were that simple to get invoice or below, everyone would order and they'd never sell anything off their lot. So, you will still have to negotiate for the best deal you can get.
  • vikinghwhvikinghwh Posts: 2
    Try the Lexus dealership in Orlando...They beat all the other local dealers in Florida by 500.00 when I was buying my ES350. Ask for Dawn!!!
  • wboywboy Posts: 1
    Longo Lexus is quoted me a Smoky Granite Premium Package w/ NAV for 37062. Should I bargain down for me ?
    What would be a reasonable number ?
  • navtownnavtown Posts: 3
    Bought a new ES 350 with premium pkg from Lexus of Louisville for $ 33800 not including taxes and ttl. Great service from an excellent sales person.
  • cornsclancornsclan Posts: 4
    what was the final purchase price you paid and if you could would you list the options that were included
  • cornsclancornsclan Posts: 4
    I have an offer for a new es350 with premium plus pkg and navigation of 36800 does anyone have an opinion on this price--good deal or not
  • klee4498klee4498 Posts: 1
    I just bought 2007 ES350 with Premium Plus and Navigation
    for $36562+Tax+Lic. The MSRP was $41822
    I got it 500 below invoice.
  • roinctroinct Posts: 7
    My father is in the market for the same car in NNJ. Can you tell me which dealer made your best offer?
  • cornsclancornsclan Posts: 4
    Got that price at Ray Catena in Oakhurst ask for Mark
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