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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I looked at all your posts during my recent purchase, so I hope someone else finds this info useful:

    I contacted a bunch of dealers for an ES 350 with Premium Plus and Nav. MSRP is 41,612 (website says 41,465).

    (prices listed are first offers and do not include documentation fees because they vary by dealer, usually $199 to $299.)
    Bridgewater, NJ -> $36,859 (BEST PRICE)
    Greenwich, CT -> $36,894 (invoice)
    New Haven, CT -> 37,394
    Hartford, CT -> 37,794 (they later matched Greenwich)
    Ray Catena, NY -> 37,600
    NewCountry Latham, NY -> 37,894
    Springfield, MA -> 37,900
    Smithtown, NY -> 38,394
    Westport, CT -> 38,569
    Rallye, NY -> couldn't match Greenwich

    I had a trade-in, so I only planned to visit places that gave me good offers via e-mail. Greenwich gave me a great price immediately. New Haven was close and said they could probably match it, but I didn't have time to visit them. Hartford said they'd match the Greenwich price.

    I wanted a smoky granite mica with black leather, Greenwich had one coming on a ship in 7 days or less, whereas others said 2-3 weeks. I was ready to buy the car from Greenwich. When I called to confirm their fees, I couldn't get ahold of my internet salesperson, nor the manager I met with in person. Finally, I got ahold of another salesperson, he said he'd look up the fees and call me back in a few minutes. He called back 6 hours later. By that time, the car I wanted was already sold and the next one would be there is 2-3 weeks. The new salesperson kept telling me how I had to "pull the trigger," that they'd get a car for me from another dealer but I had to pay a $2000 deposit before they'd even locate the car. I resented the hard sell since other salespeople were pretty good. But overall, I was really annoyed and decided it wasn't worth the hassle of going to Greenwich if I couldn't get ahold of salespeople and if they couldn't call me back in time.

    Most of the dealers' internet salespeople were pretty nice and offered the same Lexus service (loaner cars, pickup/delivery services for major tuneups). I would have liked to go to Bridgewater, but it was just too far away.

    I ended up buying from Hartford because it was the closest dealer to me, they gave me a great price for the car, and they gave me the same trade-in value as other dealers did. Their documentation fee is $299, which is slightly annoying, considering Greenwich is only $199. But the registration fee for transferring plates was $13 less, so I only ended up paying $87 more. It was well worth it because the internet sales manager was responsive by e-mail, didn't pressure me, and was very patient in person while we test-drove and considered the ES 350, GS 350 AWD, and the RX 400h. My ES 350 will be straight off the ship in a couple weeks. I'd highly recommend going to Hartford for a Lexus because the price was great and so was the service.
  • dw8534dw8534 Posts: 5
    Can I know exact what few other extras you got? numbers I got from Rockville of MD is $37,394 and Towson is $37,844 for premium plus package with nav system, so I am trying to ask them much your price but I would like to know more details if you do not mind. TIA.
  • njcargirlnjcargirl Posts: 1
    Those of you out there who have recently bought a 2007 ES350 with the Premium Plus package - what were you able to successfully negotiate? Below invoice? Please specify price with details and dealer. If you have a $0 down lease with tier 1 credit, please share the leasing factor and residual too.
  • crazymacrazyma Posts: 20
    Purchased a 2007 ES 350 with Premium Plus package and Navigation for $36,894 + tax OTD from Lexus of Watertown (Boston) today. Purchased from Ed Grady, Salesman, who was great, although everyone else was rather questionable. They were quite accomodating, it just took a lot of work. All of your posts have been very helpful, I hope this is to you.
  • car4maddycar4maddy Posts: 3
    Also looking for best price in Central NJ - went to Bridgewater NJ and priced the 2007 ES350 with the Premium Plus Package - Offer was $41,800.00 including taxs and all fees - have you received better pricing?
  • car4maddycar4maddy Posts: 3
    can u tell me where you purchased the new es350 for 36800.00 sounds like a great price
  • dw8534dw8534 Posts: 5
    Got 2007 ES350 with Premium Plus package w Navigation for $37,000 even + TTL from Lexus of Rckville, MD. That place was so busy we waited for more than 30 mins to speak to a salesman, that made me very happy I got enough time to study the car.

    We know they are going to play salesman/manager game so my wife and I did the same thing, I started with number I got from their internet sales manager ($37,389)and push down a little bit then wife steped in and finished the job. ALWAYS ask for extras even after number game, we got free all weather floormats in that way. Overall not a very bad deal IMHO. This place gave me lots of help I wish everyone here got a good deal.
  • car4maddycar4maddy Posts: 3
    Yes - I am in the market for puchasing a ES350 having difficulty sending you email. please advise on email address.
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    If anyone is shopping for ES350 in the valley, I recommend to visit Lexus of Chandler before you buy one. No one can beat their pricing or customer service. There is no salesman/manager games and also the finance guys give you great deals on extras if you plan to buy one. Even their after market sales is better than corporate Lexus, they'll make sure you are 100% satisfied with the vehicle. I have had very good buying and after market experience. The sales manager gave clear carpet and touch up paint at no cost and the finance guy charged me the same price as any shop for window tinting. I highly recommend this dealer.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,995
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  • If you live in New Jersey or close by and are looking to get an ES350 or a Lexus in general, I know from experience that there is only one dealer that will beat any NJ dealer's price quote on the car.

    They were offering me the Lexus ES350 Ultra Luxury with an MSRP of $44xxx for $39xxx, which is basically invoice and had I got an even lower quote they would have beat/matched the price in addition. I ended up buying an Acura (would do things different given the second chance) but this dealer is certainly thee one to see for Lexus buyers in New Jersey:shades:
  • What is the current lease deal you're getting ? and what are you looking to get (deal wise) ?
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    Want to buy Lexus ES350 with navigation system. Does anyone have experience with a dealer in the Houston, TX area?

  • cyearycyeary Posts: 2
  • pmpkin123pmpkin123 Posts: 14
    well, not sure about houston area, but i just picked up the premium plus w/nav including wood steering wheel, park assist, and mudflaps......... for 300 over invoice, or at least what they showed me as invoice..... about 36,950.

    it was dallas area, plano dealership. That said, they told me southeast region only ships 3 trim packages, so would think houston is same. With the year getting shorter and shorter, i would think invoice is now possible, with 1/4 % less finance rate than your local credit union will offer.

    good luck

  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    I was hoping since it's near time for the 2008's to come out, the 2007 Lexus 350 price would come down. I also read an earlier post that thought the new Infinity 35 (I think that's the right number) would cause some competition and bring the price down. What are your thoughts? I am in no hurry and can wait till the 2008's come out in hopes the 2007 would be more affordable. Still wondering if anyone has gotten any good deals in the Houston area. I live in College Station so could drive to Austin, San Antonio, even Dallas if the deal is right. The Lexus package options are so confusing it is hard to get an invoice price because to get Premium Plus pkg it includes Premium Pkg, but it requires the rear seat side bags etc...I think it is meant to confuse the consumer. Even the Consumer Report put out with the invoice price and MSRP price is hard to follow in the packages and options on the Lexus.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    Thanks Pmpkin. I was so busy typing I overlooked your post. Is your $36,950 before TTL?

  • crazymacrazyma Posts: 20
    For 2008 the Lexus ES 350 receives restyled outside rear-view mirrors for a sleeker look. Inside, the ES adds two rear personal lamps for added passenger convenience.

    The ES 350 will carry a base MSRP of $33,720, an increase of $250, or 0.7 percent.
  • espo1espo1 Posts: 27
    Where are you finding info on the 2008 ES 350?
  • thanks for your post! very useful information. :)
  • pmpkin123pmpkin123 Posts: 14
    yeah, sorry, been out of town. In fact, wife took car for road trip with kids......... and really likes it.

    We tried the G35 as a loaner car for several days, and have to say, the fit and finish/ but more importantly the "feel" of the es350 is much nicer. One thing that irked me about G35 was the seat adjustment buttons are on right side by console, almost on my right leg? strange place and uncomfortable for me.

    as for prices, and interest rates? There seemed to be plenty of the color & options package that I was interested in. I got the #2 of the 3 offerred. So, nav included, but not the Mark levinson radio.

    I got this option list from them at park place lexus, plano texas

    2007 Lexus ES 350

    Package I – “Premium” - *$38,157
     Premium leather trim interior with real wood accents
     Heated and Ventilated front seats
     Driver memory: Seat, Steering Wheel, Outside Mirrors
     Power Tilt and Telescoping Steering Wheel
     Bluetooth Compatibility
     6 Disc, single feed in dash CD player in the console.
     Rain-sensing Wipers
     Driver Seat Extender
     Carpeted Cargo Mat
     Wheel Locks
     Power Rear Sun Shade
     Body Side Moldings
     Smart Key

    Package II – “Navigation” - *$41,322
    Adds to Package I:
     High Intensity Headlamps with AFS
     Lexus Navigation System with Voice Activation and
    Backup Camera

    Package III – “Ultra Luxury” - *$44,842
     Mark Levinson Audio Package
     Park Assist
     Panoramic Sun Roof

    *Prices subject to change without notice

    it "does" have the rear camera for helping back up, which I mistakenly thought was park assist..... :)

    if you do get to plano to deal with them, I spoke to the oldest internet manager there, T.A. , and he got emails from me as "which"..........

    Reason I say it, is, he was very no nonsense, gave me the price i asked for $300 over invoice as far as I could tell.... (made me think there was alittle more room, verified i think by their summer sale athon)

    well worth the drive up, but actually.... I would consider asking them to meet you halfway. I am willing to bet that if park place sold you the car, they would deliver it to waco. If not free, certainly cheaper than you driving it back yourself :), but ......... if you are married?

    Take the wife up to dallas as a surprise..... stay at the "W" hotel, spend evening drinking at Ghostbar, and when you get ready to leave? have the lexus in the hotel garage to drive home with. You will probably have a smile on your face all the way home.

    good luck

  • walteruwalteru Posts: 3
    Can you let us know which dealership and where it is? Thanks
  • walteruwalteru Posts: 3
    I got excatly the same quote from Rockville Lexus this afternoon. Have you tried to have them matching those NJ prices posted in this forum?
  • tarkiotarkio Posts: 4
    I've seen posts where people buy a Lexus from a dealer that is close to their home for convenience after purchase. Even though sales people will say you will be better taken care of after the sale if you buy from them, it is nonsense.

    My best friend is a fixed-cost manager at a large Lexus dealership. These are the guys who make the money for the dealership. They are responsible for almost everything EXCEPT new car sales. All of the real profit is made in finance and service. Anything made in new car sales is just gravy.

    The majority of the marketing money is spent on keeping the service department busy, and Lexus pays the dealership for warranty work. Any Lexus dealership will welcome new service business no matter where you bought the car.

    I've had a Toyota and a Lexus that I bought far from home and then had service performed at a nearby dealer. I always had the same level of service as anyone else.
  • uvawahoouvawahoo Posts: 23
    Just picked up a 2007 Lexus ES350 Ultra luxury in black saphire (blue). The car has everything (ML, XM(factory installed), Nav, panormaic moon roof etc...)

    Dealership: Pohanka Lexus in Chantilly, Va
    Dealer: Man Khanna
    Price: $40,285 + $715 destination fee = $41,000 Before TTL

    Out the door price: $42,4XX...

    I hope this helps. The ultra luxury is a hard car to find, and I even had to wait 2 weeks to get her.
  • walteruwalteru Posts: 3
    Just purchased an ES350 from Lexus of Sliver Spring, MD

    Options: primium package, rear side airbag, full size spare tire, convenient package (mat, net etc)

    MSRP=36,117; Invoice=32,388; purchase price=32,388
    (all figures include $715 freight charge)
  • dw8534dw8534 Posts: 5
    Yes, but I let them think the number is from Towson.
  • dw8534dw8534 Posts: 5
    That is a great buy! I spent extra $4612 just for backup camera!
  • laslotothlaslototh Posts: 1
    Just a quick note to thank you for your research. I stopped into Hoffman Lexus yesterday and did an invoice deal in 10 minutes based on your post. Saved me a ton of time and effort. I pick up my new ES350 tonight.

    BTW, Don Salierno says hello. He remembers you well.
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