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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • klee3klee3 Posts: 51
    How much do they charge for delivery to College Station? I live in Houston. I'd be interested if the price is right. Thanks.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    I talked to Northside and McCalls but I wanted the navigation pkg. The best deal I could get with that included was $38180 with a drive out of appx. $40,850 and that was at McCalls. I think the best Northside ever gave me $39,177 BEFORE TTL etc..and that was on a car WITHOUT the navigation system because the salesperson didn't remember.
    I am talking to TA in Plano in the morning, but I am under the impression that there will be no delivery charge.
    Did you TMV with the options you want?
  • klee3klee3 Posts: 51
    Hmm... If you do not have to pay a delivery fee, that would be great. What's TMV?
  • zhanzhan Posts: 4
    Got a drive out price in Austin 36722
    Dallas SeWell 36700 for a es 350 pre pak. without nav. 2007 model. Is this a good price? Thanks,
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    True Market Value that Edmunds gives.
  • klee3klee3 Posts: 51
    Oh, I see. Well, it's $35,704 before TT&L vs $38,195 MSRP.
  • klee3klee3 Posts: 51
    I think that's a good price. I was quoted $37,500 driveout. However, the price should decline more as the 2008's are coming out soon. Not sure about the amount though.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    I have not talked to TA out from Plano yet. We keep missing each other. Looks like Zhan out of Austin is getting the same pkg as you and his quote is about $778 less. What car dealership are you dealing with in Houston?
  • Jano,

    sorry, have been working too much...

    if you were to get the 2007, which it sounds like you "may" be committed to by now....... i would think right at invoice would be more than fair!

    That would make it 36,650 for the package II. I paid 300 over that, but it was an offer I made, and Tony Arthur did not hesitate to accept. But....... I think he knew I had little room to go up. So....... I think anything between invoice and 36,950 is more than a fair price. AND.......... it seems all you would have to do is ask for it. By now there is the summer sales special on, and I think (but not positive) that there is $1000 worth of dealer incentives available to them perhaps? As well, the interest rate from lexus should be good right now? otherwise, what is the point of their advertising summmer sale?

    As for tony, yes, very very nice and easygoing to work with. I figured delivery would not be a problem, Lexus gets a lot of mileage out of service like that....

    by that I mean, you will tell a lot of folks, and they will actually think its cool, so good advertising for Lexus, and also....... very very good for Park Place lexus to get their name out across state as someone who you can buy a car from over the internet, and not get hundreds of miles put on just for the trouble.

    So, sorry it took so long, but jano, sounds like you may be on right track.

  • zhan--

    no, not that good a price! i got the premium plus WITH nav for36,950.

    if u want that deal, check with tony arthur at park place plano. he's the internet guy there, and i got that deal just by email.... he is very laid back, very nice, NO GAMES, overall a great experience!

    tell them :which" sent you, not that I get anything, but i was poor, and told him, so it was nice, and easy. Honestly........ if it had not been invoice, I would not have been able to afford the car... so worked out for everyone. specially me :)

    ask jano2 how his experience has been as well.

  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    I knew you said you were getting the car for $300 over invoice, but I wasn't sure if $36,950 was invoice or the total. You are getting a little better deal than me, but it is close. Before I added the side moldings the price was $37,350, but now it's $37,700. What Tony told me about the molding is that they were standard equipment for the first 3 months and then customers wanted rear air bags and full size spares. To keep cost down they took molding off and added the spare and air bags. He also said on Edmunds they say the price for moldings is $199, but they does not include the labor to put the moldings on at the dealership. Now if you tell me your cost included the side moldings I might think I didn't get such a good deal, but I am happy so far.
    I put my deposit down this afternoon and the car should be in around Aug. 15.
  • zhanzhan Posts: 4

    Is that the drive out price for 36950? with NAV.

  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    Hey Zhan,

    I don't mean to answer for Pumpkin, but yes he did get the navigation system, but that price is before TTL.

    I also dealt with Tony in Plano and got the navigation system,
    (It's called Package II. Look back through the posts and Pumkin listed the packages sent to him By Tony) and my quote was $37,350. Drive out price was around $39,942. I then decided to add the body side moldings for another $350.

    I think you should at least ask for a quote from Tony at the Plano Lexus dealership. You can do it all over the internet. It cannot hurt to try. You might be pleasantly surprised! I could be wrong, but I just have a good feeling about him.

    Good luck!
  • klee3klee3 Posts: 51
    Westside, Clear Lake, and Sterling McCall.
  • zhan,

    yes, jano is is right, if you look through earlier posts you will see the equipment that is "standard" for southeastern region dealers according to tony. I did not put TTL in there or fees in the price quote since not all forum participants are from texas :)

    But they will get here as soon as they can :)

    so, yes, i paid 36,950, and you could prob get it for 36,650 just for asking. Or just ask for the moldings to be put on free LOL

    but........ i agree with poster several months back. Its not the couple hundred that makes a diff, its the attitude. And park place/tony arthur have been great to deal with so far.

    Tell them jano and which sent you, and Jano, or zhan? if you want to tease tony? ask him why the bottled water is NOT cold for the customers LOL, he might get a kick out of that.

  • Bought on 07-28-2007

    I paid $34,500.00 for my ES 350 at Sewell Lexus Dallas. The only thing it did not have is Navigation, High Intensity Headlamps, Mark Levinson Audio, Park Assist, Panoramic Sun Roof and Chrome Wheels.

    Sewell wanted $1,700 for Chrome wheels, I got the same wheels for $750 shipped to my door from L.A. Wheel and Tire.

    My experience with Sewell was absolutely wonderful; I did all my negotiating by e-mail with both Park Place Lexus Grapevine and Sewell Lexus of Dallas. Park Place also offered me the same price of $34,500.00 but did not include Window tint, Hand painted pin stripes and All weather floor mats. Park Place did include the plastic stone chip hood protector though, Sewell did not.

    E-mail me if you want the sales managers name, he was fantastic, it only took one hour to sign all paper work and purchase the car. My interest rate with Lexus was 5.99%.

    Things I don’t like about the car so far: Engineer who designed interior lights should be fired (Cannot see a thing, very dim), driver side Ventilated front seat works better than passenger side, ceiling is a little low, not much head room (I am only 5’-10”). Other than that I love the car, my previous car was a 2000 E320 Mercedes.

    Package I – “Premium” - $38,157
    - Premium leather trim interior with real wood accents
    - Heated and Ventilated front seats
    - Driver memory: Seat, Steering Wheel, Outside Mirrors
    - Power Tilt and Telescoping Steering Wheel
    - Bluetooth Compatibility
    - 6 Disc, Single feed in dash CD player in the console
    - Rain-sensing Wipers
    - Driver Seat Extender
    - Carpet Cargo Mat
    - Wheel Locks
    - Power Rear Sun Shade
    - Body Side Moldings
    - Smart Key

    They also threw in the following:
    - Window Tint
    - Rear Spoiler
    - Hand Painted Pin Stripes
    - All Weather Floor Mats

    Total list price of car was $39,100.00……….I only paid $34,500.00.

    Sale Price - $34,500.00
    Sales Tax - $2,156.25
    Dealer's Inv. Tax - $80.07
    Documentary Fee - $50.00
    Deputy Fee - $5.00
    License, Trans, Title - $103.80
    Inspection - $23.75
    Sub-Total - $36,918.87

    Good Luck, John
    E-mail –

    P.S. I followed this web-sight in buying a car and it absolutely works: How to save money buying a new car in 5 quick steps.
    The key is to get a internet quote from the Dealer through Kelly Blue book or, this will cut out the middle man (the salesman) and you will save by not paying commission to the salesman. Internet price will always be far less than walking through the door and getting a price.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    Pumpkin- I will ask Tony about that water- I will let you know about his response. I should be talking to him again today.
    If my husband had been dealing with Tony he probably would have asked him to throw in the moldings and I should have asked him, but I didn't. :blush:
    Well now I am excited to get my car. I hope I am super happy with it. That's a lot of money for a car even if you are getting a good deal. I told my husband we needed to save for our old age and not be buying expensive cars :)
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141

    Like I told Zhan - I would at least call Tony or email him at the Lexus dealership in Plano and get a price quote and ask him what you can work out for delivery. If he won't go all the way to Houston maybe there is a good half way meeting point. Of course if you have a trade-in that won't work.

    Good luck and let us know what you do.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    Hey Pumpkin - what color car did you get? Was it the white?

    Hey what color did the rest of you get???

    I got the black with gray interior. I really wanted the IS 350 because it is sportier, but my husband did not. He said it was too small. One of the salesman I talked to in San Antonio thought the black looked sportier in the ES (which was one of the colors :( I was thinking about anyway). The white car I looked at in San Antonio seemed to be a bright white not the pearly looking white (which I like) I also kind of liked the moon shell mica. Did anyone see the Tigers Eye Mica color??? It's a chocolate brown with a little shimmer, but that's only available on the sports Coupe. I REAlly liked that color.
  • klee3klee3 Posts: 51
    I called Tony today. He's been very helpful. I am still deciding between 2007 and 2008. Also, Navigation system is very appealing. I will buy a silver ext. and black int.
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