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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • doctasdoctas Posts: 7
    I got an internet price for a MSRP 36,174 (premium pkg, bluetooth, leather/wood steering wheel, and rear side airbags) for 33,200. I went into the dealership and they said they were unwilling to go any lower on this price. I called another dealer and they said they may be able to do 32,900 plus tinted windows.

    I don't know if I wait till the end of the month if I can push the price any further. From what I've been reading, this is a good price, but I'm in no hurry to get the car and if I can get a lower price that would be great.

    The other problem is I like the blue onyx pearl and apparently it takes about a month to get this car.

    Any advice? and does anybody have this color?

  • jfrick76jfrick76 Posts: 5
    No, they did not have much in stock. They may have had one or two in stock, but there were a lot of people looking at them. I don't necessarily think I got a better deal because there was no nav. I think the biggest two reasons I paid what I paid was because it was the end of the month and they had the car I wanted coming in the next day and it was not sold yet.
  • forthillforthill Posts: 35
    I pick up (in NY) my ES w/blue onyx pearl and tan cashmere leather interior next week. I also had the car configured with premium pkg (PM), bluetooth (DC), heated/vent seats (HH), adaptive front lights (HL), wood/leather steering wheel (WU), and pref accessory pkg (Z1). The msrp was 37,424 and sell was 35,700. The blue onyx pearl was the only ES left at the dealer and I really had no color preference.

    You got a very good price it seems.
    By the way, I love the color.

  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    No, they did not have much in stock. They may have had one or two in stock, but there were a lot of people looking at them. I don't necessarily think I got a better deal because there was no nav. I think the biggest two reasons I paid what I paid was because it was the end of the month and they had the car I wanted coming in the next day and it was not sold yet.

    I guess even if stock is limited.... it's all timing and if they have the car to sell. Thanks for the advise. When I do take the plunge.... I will share my info.
  • mongermonger Posts: 3
    I called Mission Viejo after reading the 2 postings on Edmunds. Let me tell you about my experience:
    1) I left many messages with their Internet Sales People and never got a call back
    2) Once I did get in contact with them they were rude when I told them about another offer that I got from another dealer. They wanted me to send in the offer to them because they thought I was lying.
    3) They do quote lower prices as mentioned butthey don't really have much inventory.

    So I called another dealer in the OC and here was my experience:
    1) They were very helpful and kind and willing to work with me. The salesman was honest and nice.
    2) They gave me a good quoted price for a premium package car.
    3) They delivered the car to my house (which was 50 miles away). They sat with me at my house to go over every little question that I asked.

    I would definitely go to Tustin in a heart beat after this positive experience. They have much more inventory and much more affiliated dealers. I would expect the treatment that I got from Mission Viejo if I was buying a Pinto.
  • jcinsfjcinsf Posts: 1
    To add to monger's post and to be helpful in light of this board's mission:

    We (monger is my bro-in-law) paid $33,414 (OTD was $36,5xx) at Tustin in Southern California for premium package (MSRP $37,064) for m mom's car. I heard the salesperson was great, drove the car and delivered directly to her house and made the sale really easy.

    I also recommend Glendale's Internet Department that was really friendly and helpful, but in this case could not beat the Tustin price. Glendale offered the car for $33,850. Because of the delivery, my mom went with the cheaper deal.

    I don't know if this was the best deal out there, but it was the best we could do at this time.
  • 350350 Posts: 9
    Which dealers offered those prices?
  • rgriffrgriff Posts: 2
    I bought my wife an ES350 in May, one of the first in San Antonio Tx. There is only one dealer here and negotiations are "take it or leave it". I did manage to get $1000 off MSRP due to trying to special order an ES330 since October 05, but that's another long sales (nightmare) story.
  • bobbo55bobbo55 Posts: 25
    I too am looking for 2007 ES 350. I live in northwest Indiana. Today I received 2 answers on the cost of a new 2007 Es 350. I got price Quotes on the internet from 2 Lexus dealerships.Both were exactly the same $1500 under MSRP. Which isn't too bad at the begining. In the Chicagoland area there are approx. 10 Lexus dealers.I am hoping to get $2500 off so I have to do better.I have a 2005 Honda Ex V6 accord with low miles. Which I hope to sell to carmax. They will always give you a better deal than the dealerships.My Honda is wonderful but, I fell in Love with the 2007 ES 350 Lexus.Actually the accord isn't too bad compared to the Lexus.If the Lexus is a 10 the accord is an 8.75 or so.The Lexus is still much prettier. The accord is plain.Anyway I am in no hurry to get this Lexus.But, I will have it by late september.Shopping for the best deal is a lot of fun.Well, anyway if there is anyone in the Chicagoland area who got a good deal let us all know.Thank you, Bobbo55
  • I'm in the SF Bay Area. Have looked at several dealerships and can get 5% over invoice with no problem for either the Premium or Premium Plus package (the two that I'm considering).
    Has anyone come across a deal better than that? Thanks.
  • payanapayana Posts: 2
    I have been shopping or lurking for an es350 for sometime now. I have been monitoring the prices for the Es350 for several months now. I probably know the market better than the lexus sales people. Well, when I read your posting about Mission Viejo I was totally shocked. Although, I haven't purchased my car yet, I have called them several times on different telephones (cell,home,work and other) and they have always quoted me the rock bottom prices, posted here. They have also always returned my phone calls. My emails did go without a response, but hey noone is perfect. The prices quoted to me over the phone were way below Longos and Cerritos. The other dealers when I told them about the Mission Viejo prices just told me go for it, we can't match them. At Cerritos, when I spoke to the salesperson last Memorial weekend he assured me I was part of the "Cerritos family" as I had purchased my previous car from them. When I visited them again after the saleperson called, I asked them to match the Mission Viejo prices and they declined to do so. They would not even make a counter offer for me. Basically, just shined me on. And don't forget, this is what they "do" for "ex-customers/family". Needless, to say I am very upset with them after being told we were family and then turned around and not even match prices or counter. So, even though I have not purchased a car yet, I have been on many lots searching for my ES350. Lets give Mission Viejo the kudos it deserves for offering the best prices in the area.
  • mongermonger Posts: 3
    I can't speak about Cerritos, but I bought 2 cars in the last week from Tustin (which were both delivered to me).

    I'm all about customer service. If you don't return my calls or emails, you don't get my business. I still to this day have not received and response back from Mission Viejo. I receive better service at the fast food line at McDonalds.

    I agree with you, they do quote rock bottom prices. But if you don't get the service that is necessary to win over your business, why go there.
  • richbf2richbf2 Posts: 73
    Hi everybody! i just bought my es350 on July 4th. The car comes with everything: premium pck., HiD, power name it. One optional feather is CHROME RIMS. The Msrp is 37.9k. The sale person gave me 2000 total off sticker price. The driveout price is 40.1k. What do you guys think of the deal? i really the car, but when re-assess the deal, i think it is a bit high. Please advise. thanks
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Is there Nav, Mark Levinson & rear seat airbags?
  • sammyssammys Posts: 30
    I'm sorry but your figures do not make sense. If the MSRP is 37.9k then it should sell for 37.9k or less. Your quote of "driveout price is 40.1k" is not realistic as it implies you are paying a $2k premium.

  • sammyssammys Posts: 30
    Actually, now that I think about it my reply to your post was not entirely correct. If you got the car for $2000 total off sticker (msrp) then that makes it 35.9k. Your driveout price includes taxes and such but that would make your other fees/taxes at over $4k. Something still sounds incorrect. Are you sure 37.9k was not your selling price and 39.9 the msrp?

  • hain802hain802 Posts: 1
    I live in SF Bay too. Can you mention a few dealer name that gives you that price? Do you through a special channel to get that or just get the quote from edmunds ?
  • The dealers in Serramonte and Pleasanton. Concord Lexus is closest to where I live so when and if I get ready to buy, I will press them on the $ over invoice question. I went through Edmunds and also Costco.
  • The part I hate most when buying a new car is the process of getting rid of the old vehicle.

    I've never purchase a Lexus before, but like the new E350.
    Any comments out there about how you were treated pricewise trading in your car?
  • richbf2richbf2 Posts: 73
    Hello Zekeman1! yes. It comes with everything. You name it.

    Hello SammyS! Sorry for the confusion. Let me breakdown. Msrp 37.9 - 2k off. 35.9 + 1500(chrome rims) + Tax & title. There you go.
    What do you think of the deal? Thanks :confuse: :confuse:
  • cc2010cc2010 Posts: 16
    Hi, still here and reading these boards. Have you rec'd your car yet? How do you like it? I haven't seen Jacklyndang's post. Do you have the post # so I can read it? Hope everything went well.
  • bobbo55bobbo55 Posts: 25
    Bash4, I just wonder how did your transaction go at Lexus of Merrillville.How beautiful is that Ruby Red ES350?
  • Hi cc, yes, car has been delivered. Everything went well and in the process getting it registered. We are very happy with the color choice we made and loving the car so far.

    How about you? What color/package do you have in mind? When are you getting yours?
  • rileyjrileyj Posts: 13
    I have posted the following in the other board, but maybe more appropriate here:

    "After a month of shopping and longer than expected process of selling my old car, I finally struck the deal at Mission Viejo Lexus. The MSRP is $41499 with navigation and park assist etc., and I paid $36972 (or $200 over invoice) plus tax and license. Beverly Hills and Glendale Lexus came very close to MV's offer but do not have the color I prefer. Longo's best offer is $1200 over invoice, and became unprofessional when the salesman start bad mouthing other dealers."
  • dkla76dkla76 Posts: 41
    which dealer in LA gave u 3000 off? is leather seat an option or standard? im planning to purchase just the base with no options at all. all i need is leather seat and moonroof. thanks
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Perhaps things have changed in the past year, but I can say that there has never really existed a 2002-2007 ES3XXX withOUT leather seats. At least there has not in So Ca.

    I used to do a lot of price comparisons on this board but since then, I found a better way. Run an Edmund's TMV on your candidate vehicle and it will give you the price you can expect for the options you want based on your geographical area. The downside of this is that you have to enter every option into the TMV tool.

    To mitigate that, just run a TMV on a car with options close to what you want. Then record % under MSRP and % over invoice. You then know that you can expect to get similar deals on similarly equiped vehicles in your region.
  • clipper1clipper1 Posts: 70
    Prior posts about Mission Viejo quotes are true. Great deals and courteous no-sweat procedures.
    I live in FL...However,
    An excuse to buy a great car and visit my daughters.....

    However, question: Do the California cars get less gas miliage and less power (due to emissions) as opposed to NE or SW or SE Lexus?

    Thanks for the answer.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Do the California cars get less gas miliage and less power (due to emissions)

    Don't think so. When I sold my 02 ES300 to a gentleman from California, he was worried about whether it would "pass CA emissions." (I purchased the vehicle in Virginia.) Reading the emissions paperwork that came with the car, it indicated that Lexus guaranteed the car to pass emissions in all 50 states, or words to that effect. The purchased confirmed that fact with State of CA. So, I can only assume the 07 ES350 continues with the same guarantee.
  • clipper1clipper1 Posts: 70
    Thanks Zekeman -- you are correct.
  • bdhillonbdhillon Posts: 2
    Anyone have any good deals you can share and what dealership you got them at? I am in the market in for a 2007 es350
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