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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • If you don't have a strong preference on the choice of color, I'd buy it locally.
  • Hello guys..

    I am new to this forum, but have been reading all your posts and I find them very useful in my research. Decided to join in and join in the discussions as well. I hope no one will mind :D. Finally decided that I would go with an ES350, instead of an TL. I am crossing over from a Toyota and would rather 'stay in the family'. Seen that a few people have bought the car with the smoky granite color. I fell in love with it when I was at the dealer 3 weeks ago for the first preview/test drive. Put in a deposit right at that time to book the smoky granites with NAV and PP (find them very limited and hard to get). Anyway, I would like to know the range of prices that users in this board pay for this (especially those in the So-Cal area). The dealer say the car would probably come in within 2 weeks time or so, so I am eager to get enriched with all your advises when I go to the 'warring' table with the dealer. :confuse: Appreciate all the feedbacks and inputs. Have a great weekend.
  • cc2010cc2010 Posts: 16
    Congratulations. What state/dealership did you work with? Did you find them through an online car finder? Lexus of Spokane stated the "costco price" is $1K under MSRP, for UL, premium plus, etc for the ES. Lexus of Bellevue will go $1600 off MSRP for UL, $1500 off for Premium Plus w/ Nav, and $1200 off for PP w/o NAV. So you definitely got a great deal, this early in the game. Lexus is also having a sales event on the RX & the GS. Thanks
  • Hi CC,

    How things going? I agree with you all the quotes that you get from Lexus of Bellevue, we got the same numbers from them as well as from Lexus of Seattle. However, according to Jacklyndang's post, she seems to be able to get a PP with Nav for $2627 under MSRP from this area. :confuse:

    Anyway, one of the Sale associate in Lexus of Seattle that we worked with told us the name of a dealership which has the color / package that we wanted, but it's cost inefficient for them to trade cars with other dealership. So we contacted the dealership directly to make the deal. Long story short, we got the deal, but our car hasn't delivered yet. So, I will wait until our car is here (in a week or so) to give you a little more details. I would probably email you directly then if you are still interested to know at that time. ;) Or feel free to email us if we were unable to check this board every day.
  • jfrick76jfrick76 Posts: 5
    I just got an offer yesterday for the ES 350 with the basic Premium Package (PM), Heated and Ventilated Seats (HH), Blue Tooth (DC), HID Headlamps (HL), Wood and Leather Steering Wheel (WU), and the preferred accessory package for $34,900 + TTL (MSRP $37,424). I tried to get them to throw in XM radio, but they only offered to sell it to me at their cost ($584 installed) vs $899. They claimed that XM can only be installed by the dealer not at the port because they car is not built for a simple install at the port right now, but they will later this year. I was surprised to get a deal like this, so now it makes me wonder if I can do better. I would probably ink the deal if they throw in the XM. Also, because it is so close to the end of the month and I am going to wait and see if they call me this week. What does everyone think of this deal? By the way this is the exact configuration I was looking for. I am just torn because I really would like to have NAV, but I am not willing to fork out another $2,000 + when I can get a TL with NAV for $33,000. Any thoughts?
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    TL is smaller, rides like a Honda, much noisier than the 350, is about to change design in a year or two....I drove the TL and the 350 and in my opinion, can't begin to come close to the 350 in quality and comfort. I find if I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a feature, price (within reason) isn't going to hold me back. Because if I didn't get it, everytime I saw it afterwards I would be saying, "I really wish I had gotten that."
  • slmdslmd Posts: 6
    That sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I was offered $1500 off MSRP for the premium package from Lexus of Rockville and am thinking about it. Where did you get the offer?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,643
    Sorry...not here... Read the message printed in red, please...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • w000t... So excited that I finally got my ES350, in the color and package that I want. Just got a Smoky Granite Mica/Gray interior with the PP package, HID, Nav, Rear sunshade+air bags, full spare, IPA, PAP and the wood/leather steering. I got it at abt 3700 off MSRP which I think isn't that bad. Might be able to get a better deal but the salesguy wanted to really do this deal and he threw in Lo-jack at a substantial low price. Was considering getting the one with UL but decided to save up.
  • cc2010cc2010 Posts: 16
    Congrats. Sounds like a fantastic deal. What state/dealership did you work with? Did you find the dealership thru the internet? Lexus is enjoying the high demand/low supply ratio right now...I'm really tempted to wait until Sept and see how prices are then.
  • Got it at a Southern CA dealer. Well, I went into the dealer at first to take a look at the IS but was drawn to the ES. Yup. You are correct abot the high demand/low supply ratio thing. Very few dealer was willing to go more than 2k below the MSRP. I am sure the price might be lower in Sept as the other manufacturers are rolling out their 2007 models. Supply might improve as well. I think it might have begun as the dealer that I bought from actually received more than 10 ES350s (3 of which is the color that I want). Other few dealers that I was in touch with expect deliveries within this few weeks as well.
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    I brought a ES 350 premium package w/ navigation (included parking assist option and full-spare tire) from Pohanka Lexus in Chantilly, VA for approx. $41,000. The internet sales man gave me $1400 off MSRP. This was a month ago, so you may be able to get a better deal now.

    thanks for your information. I think this is the second person I know who got their ES350 from Pohanka. It's been around the $1200-$1500 off the MSRP. I'm hoping that if I wait until after September... prices will be around the $2000 off MSRP, if not... then I waited for nothing. Looking to buy the UL, but the way the demand and supply is... I may have to go with the PP w/ Nav. Can't afford to dish out for the UL. Was your service and experience good at Pohanka?
  • xeeebraxeeebra Posts: 5
    Sounds like a good deal to me. Do you mind sharing the name of the dealership? The best I have gotten so far in the Northern California is 2000 over invoice ($37,400) for a Premium plus with navigation, HID and power rear shades. They didn't have the colors I wanted. Is this a good price? Is this comparable to what you paid?
  • Hi. Sure. I won't mind. The dealer is Crown Lexus. They are in Ontario. Actually your price is pretty good. Are those the only options/package that came with the vehicle? If they could throw in a few others such as the preferred accessory package, rear airbags and full spare tire, it would be better. I paid more than you as I have parking assist and lo-jack as well.
  • alien2alien2 Posts: 33
    I recently purchased my 350 from Lindsay. They did try to add for the full size but I showed them where it was already in the price (by the way it's a full size on the premium wheel). They thru in touch up paint, all weather mats (will use them in the winter months) and took $500 off the sticker. I don't think that's too bad considering it's a 2007 model that's been on the streets for less than two months. There were only two on the lot and it was the only one with the ultra package.
  • xeeebraxeeebra Posts: 5
    They were going to charge me an extra $1595 for chrome wheels that this car came with. I politely declined. I am waiting for the inventory to build up a little bit more. Right now it seems low.
  • twiehofftwiehoff Posts: 2
    I just picked up the ES350 w/ Premium Plus and Navigation (Smokey Granite). MSRP - 41,094, got $2,500 off MSRP. I bought it at Lexus of Wayzata. I thought it was a fair deal considering there are only 2 Lexus dealerships in the area - under common ownership.

    I had a great buying experience until I met with financing. Rate quoted was terrible and when I asked about leasing, their "Lexus Standard" money factor was .00305. After about 15 minutes of arguing and letting him know that he was crazy, I left, went to the bank and financed the car.

    Last problem - when I got it in the sunlight in front of the dealership, there was a small chip on the door. The dealer promised to fix and make it "unnoticeable". Time will tell.

    Thanks to everyone who actively posts to the board.
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    I just picked up the ES350 w/ Premium Plus and Navigation (Smokey Granite). MSRP - 41,094, got $2,500 off MSRP. I bought it at Lexus of Wayzata. I thought it was a fair deal considering there are only 2 Lexus dealerships in the area - under common ownership.

    Great deal..... that's exactly the deal I would be satisfied with. Right now, around my way (DC/MD/VA)... seems that $1500 is the average. I'm hoping discounts will be closer to your deal when I plan to purchase toward the end of the year. Hopefully supply of cars is up and demand is low? Crossing my fingers!
  • luckyturkluckyturk Posts: 3
    Just closed a deal on a ES350 w/premium package for $33k at Lexus in Pembroke Pines, FL. Beutiful car and a super dealership, willing to pay me fair money for my trade and no pressure sales. I think I got a good monthend deal. :)
  • Wow.. Thats a great deal. What other options are installed on your vehicle?? You are paying close to invoice price if I am not mistaken. Congrats and ^5
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