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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    Has anyone else encountered this problem? We paid extra for side moldings, but the salesman says there is a problem with the color so I am taking an IOU until we can get the moldings installed. We are paying an extra $350 for them. The salesman originally told me that the $199 Edmunds said they are worth does not include labor for putting them on. I googled Lexus body moldings and saw they will be available in Sept for $199 - no mention of labor to install them though. I think I will have them take the $350 off the contract and just wait till September and drive to a dealership closer to my house. Any opinions from anyone? Thanks
  • gqstylegqstyle Posts: 6
    please e-mail me also. Thank you.
  • 4barbara4barbara Posts: 46
    Like anything the laborers working at the dealership are used in ANY form so they can exact a price to charge.
    So if they (laborers) have nothing to do they still get paid the same salary. I bet that the moldings are a snap together puzzle that is easily installed.
    You'll never know how they do it or how long it takes because you are seeing the work preformed. But I can bet you that they'll tell you it takes 3-4 that including lunch break? ahah
    The workers will never work on ONE job at a time but several. In this way they could be doing many things and the dealership charging OUTRAGEOUS fees. Did it really take that long...I truly believe its much less than you think. You can't argue with the dealership. Get it done 3rd party, you'll save $100 easy.
  • 4barbara4barbara Posts: 46
    the salesman to ask.

    This is your DEATH wish. The dealer will charge you just slightly higher than what you want. So when you hem and haw the deal making is now in THEIR court...not yours. They make you come to them with this ploy.
    NEVER...EVER get to the price point of what you want to spendl. They won already.
    Don't tell them how you're gonna pay UNTIL you finalize the bottomline PRICE they are willing to sell.
    But to do that you must RESEARCH till you drop. Never commit to them as to WHEN you're ready to buy. They ask that all the time. When you don't get the deal you want...get up and leave, NO SECOND GUESSING!!! And NEVER respond to the question...."What's it gonna take to say yes"
    This is another way to get you to argue with them. They want that dearly.
    Always say that I'm shopping around and won't make a decision until I believe that I'm at the lowest price that exsists in the market.
    Even tell them you're willing to pay cash. That'll keep them in YOUR PARK. Won't make a difference if its not! They'll sell it deal to the bank anyway.
    The O7s are already on the losing end in a give back even before you leave the lot....its depreciated just sitting on the lot. The 08s are where THEY want to be and not sit on inventory. There's plenty of 07s around....SHOP TILL YOU DROP!
    You'll save thousands.
    Ask about their money factor once you are ready.
    Ask WHEN the car was
    Ask their RESIDUAL %....this is of the UTMOST importance in pricing it out for the montly payment.
    Lexus have EXCELLENT resale value and should garner 55 to 60 percent. They higher the number the lower the montly.
    But that ALL depends on the PRICE!
    Don't EVER take the line it doesn't matter what the price is...IT CERTAINLY DOES MATTER!!!
    Why! Because the percentage and montly is used against that figure. They lower the lease term the HIGHER the residual percentage...hence the lower the montly.
    Remember...NEVER...EVER tell them or answer them "How much do you want to spend"...
    CHANGE THE SUBJECT and control the deal by working solely on the FINAL PRICE!!
    At some point all the dealerships you've been talking to will be close. When that happens GET THE EXTRA OPTIONS for Free to seal the deal with whomever is willing to give.
  • mac1lsr1mac1lsr1 Posts: 20
    Thanks for the great tips, 4barbara. I already have been doing most of what you say, but you have inspired me to do a much better job of negotiating for the price that I want to pay. I DO plan to buy a new 2007, but the lowest existing market price (I like your term) probably won't hit its lowest point until the 08's are hitting the lots (maybe end of September). I'll be scouting the new car lots to keep track of inventory, so I can use that for my negotiations. I'll let everyone know how well I do (And now I'll have this in the back of my mind while I'm sitting down with the saleperson!)
  • 4barbara4barbara Posts: 46
    I can't believe I missed the H in monthly 3 times...
    I was typing kind of fast but still
    english or typing 101 again
  • 4barbara4barbara Posts: 46
    Working on a deal right now with Glendale, Ca
    for ES 350 with PP+ no nav.
    First price out of the gate!


    More to come
  • 4barbara4barbara Posts: 46
    My mistake....that was MSRP

    w/o Nav.....$33,500
    with Nav....$ $37,000

    And like I said just before.
    It was the first price there's MORE ROOM!
  • mac1lsr1mac1lsr1 Posts: 20

    Man, you sure get the deals! That's just what I want, Prem. Pkg./Nav.
  • mac1lsr1mac1lsr1 Posts: 20
    Moderators, why doesn't the invoice price appear for the base price of the car? I really need to know the invoice price of the car with options before I can make a deal. Thanks.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    I am not a moderator, but the way I found out the invoice price was through a consumer report. I had to pay $14.00 for it, but it was worth it to me. They also tell you what options they recommend (mostly from a safety standpoint)and it also gives you the starting negotiating price. Edmunds TMV is very close to what consumer reports recommends, but it is nice to know the invoice price the dealership paid. Of course this is the end of the 2007's so you should be able to get an excellent price. I probably could have bargained for a better price, but I am paying $37,350.
  • mac1lsr1mac1lsr1 Posts: 20
    Oh, that's right. I've been getting Consumer Reports magazine for years. I forgot about their new car pricing reports. I've got a CR magazine right next to me, so I'll look up how to get a report. Yes, I'm working. But I'm multi-tasking ;)
  • 4barbara4barbara Posts: 46
    what vehicle did you get?
    and the options?

  • The base invoice is $30,441 with destination included... as far as I can tell..

    I'm not sure why Edmunds does not show it.

    Hope this helps,

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    We got the ES350 Package II which includes everything except the Mark Levinson Audio Pkg, Park Assist, and Panoramic Sun Roof. has a moon roof. I am not really sure I understand the difference between a sun and moon roof, but it doesn't matter.

    By the way my car was delivered today and I love it so far. We are taking a little road trip over the weekend so I will have some real feedback Sunday night.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    Multi-tasking? You must be a female (and if you are a man - gulp...sorry. It was a joke ;) ). Back to car talk. Did you get the new car report from Consumers Report?
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    I am very pleased with the price I paid for my Lexus, the straight forward communication with the salesman (internet manager TA, at Park Place Lexus Dealer in Plano) and the customer service I received. They went way out of their way to give me great service including delivery to me. Unfortunately I live nearly 4 hours away from this dealership so I won't be going there for service, but if their service department is as good as their internet mgr. I am sure I would be pleased. I highly recommend them! Another poster Pumkin was also very happy with his transaction with the internet mgr.
  • jweston1jweston1 Posts: 15
    What did you buy and how much was the discount? How much is their doc. fee?
  • newrnewr Posts: 24
    I am considering buying a 2007 ES350. One recent quote for a Ultra package is 39800 with MRSP of 44200. Is that a good price or should I be able to get more? I believe the invoice price is about 38700...should I expect them to sell at or below invoice given it's year end?

    Also, how much is doc fees usually? I've been told $350 by this dealer.

    Should I keep waiting? Also, am I better off to deal with internet dealers or just walk in?

  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    We bought a 2007 Lexus ES350. The pkg I got included everything except the Mark Levinson audio, the panoramic sun roof, and the park assist. (I have the navigation system, back up camera, heated and ventilated leather seats, moon roof etc...) and paid $37,350. I probably could have gotten a better discount but I had dealt with 4 other dealerships and this was at least $1200 cheaper than the best deal I got from any of them. Also I didn't have to wait while they went to talk to their mgr and get back to me etc since I was dealing with the internet manager (who by the way was very personable, polite, returned my phone calls, and emails). Pumpkin who posts here used the same salesman and paid $36,950 and got the same pkg I did and like Pumpkin said it was the attitude of the salesman that made the difference.
    Extra fees:
    Inventory Tax: $74.21
    Documentary Fee:$50.00
    TX inspec. Fee: $23.75
    Deputy Svc. Fee:$ 5.00
    Title Fee: $93.80
    TX road & bridge$11.50
    No license fee and no US luxury tax

    plus TX sales tax @6.25%= $2334.38

    Hope this helps.
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