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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141

    You got a good deal and are happy and that is the bottom line :) !

    What do you mean Sewell said they would pick up your car and drop off a loaner? I am just curious.

  • All three dealers told me that when I need the oil changed or anything done to the car for the first 50k miles they will come to my home/office and drop off a loaner and take my car. I was surprised Sewell will do this because I am a good 30 min drive with out traffic from them.

    My neighbor has two Lexus cars and they come to his house every time he needs an oil change, he said it’s the greatest service.

    I went there last week to have my new plates put on, they also washed it and I was out the door in 30 min.

    They will hand wash your car anytime. If I lived next to the dealer I would be there every Sat morning to have my car washed.

    P.S. The real kicker is that you do not have to replace the gas in the loaner.
  • I am looking for a Black exterior / Light Gray interior combination.

    Although this is a possible combination in the ES350 catalog (both 2007 and 2008), local dealers here in Northern California are telling me the ES350 is only available as Black/Cashmere (tan) or Black/Black combinations for the Western United States. Anyone else experience this situation?

    P.S. I recall a member here from Texas who recently purchased a 2007 ES350 Black/Light Gray combination.
  • Does the bluetooth option automatically "give" you the 6-CD option as well?

    It's not altogether clear according to the Lexus website or the brochure...
  • They're lying. I went to Glendale and asked for black on black and the dude said its doesn't come that way.
    We went to Oxnard....they had it on the lot.
    Call up Shabnam Riz at Oxnard....they have it on the lot.
    Tell them Mark from Valencia told you to call.
    Call info....805 area code.
  • Just visited with Park Place Grapevine, agreed on an 07 ES350 with premium plus pkg for 34.2 pretax(I think 36.5 OTD). Just wanted to thank this forum for its help :) .
  • Got the following deal at Sewell Lexus in Dallas:

    Sticker: $42122
    Sales Price: $38000


    Rear Side Airbags
    Fill Size Spare with Alloy Wheel
    HID Headlamps with Adaptive
    Power Rear Sunshade
    Voice Activated DVD Navigation
    Rear Camera
    Intuitive Parking Assist
    Premium Package
    Perf Leather
    Memory on both front seats, and outside mirrors,
    and tilt sterring wheel
    Heated / Ventilated Front Seats
    Driver side cushion extender
    Rain sensing wipers
    Wood and leather steering wheel
    Preferred accessory package
    Trunk Mat
    Cargo Net
    Wheel Locks

    This is pretty much how all the systems with Nav are set up, at least in this area.

    I had given up on getting a decent price on a 2008, so I started searching for used cars. I found a 2007 with Nav listed on AutoTrader by Sewell. I called and got a salesman. He said that car was sold. I asked him to look for any cars with Nav in either Smoky Granite or Black Sapphire. An hour or so later he emailed me back with the above 2008, and quoted $38422 selling price. I was a little stunned, since nobody was discounting 2008s here, including Sewell. I called him back and he verified that this was the offer on the '08. I managed to overcome my surprise, and asked him if he could move any further down on the price. He said he thought he could get $38000 even approved. Would I take the deal at $38000? I said if you can get that at $38000, I will immediately come down and buy the car. He called back 10 minutes later, dropping the other shoe. He told me that the sales manager had "by mistake" quoted the car thinking it was a 2007, and they are not offering that kind of deal on 2008s. However... since they already made the offer (by email) they would honor it. Which they did.

    Sewell is a class operation, so I tend to believe this story. They told me there was no profit in the deal, but they felt honor bound to go through with it. I felt honor bound to accept it. Personally, I think there was a little bit of hold-back left, but I cannot verify that right now. All in all it seemed like a very sweet deal considering the newness of the model.

    The care is amazing. I highly recommend the Nav option. I think it will be worth it to us.

    Later I had a dealer in Austin tell me that $38000 was definitely a great deal for me, and not very profitable for the dealer.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    Yes I bought black exterior, and light gray interior. That did not seem to be a problem. It came off the boat in Long Beach so I don't know why CA dealers cannot get it unless they are sold out.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    Glad you got a good deal! This forum is very helpful.
  • I visited Johnson lexus in Raleigh NC and looked at a ES350 2007 with 18,500 mi. The purchase price was $33,000 I got it down to $30,452.00 with 5 free oil changes and 1 compound detailed.
  • The Lexus dealer in Northern California is correct.

    The 2007 and 2008 ES 350 is only available in Black Interiors LA25 or Cashmere LA05.

    The allocation scheduling for the Lexus Western Area for August and September shows a Total of 203 ES350 made out of the 203 ES Made 95 will be 212 Black Obsidian with LA05 Cashmere and 108 212 Black –Obsidian with LA25 Black Interior.
  • The INVOICE price is lower than that.
    With 18k on it I'd expect you should get it UNDER $30 OTD
  • Looking for a reasonable price with the following options

    PT - premium plus package
    PA - parking assist
    DC - bluetooth
    FS - full size spare

    Would like to get OTD of 33K or less. Anyone know of any deals out there? Thanks and GOD bless
  • Seems you got a good deal. Does it come with Navigation? Please reply. Thanks. :shades:
  • No, it did not have Nav on it. I already have a portable nav unit which is hooked up to the car now. The car was equipped with the premium plus package, rain sensing wipers, rear sunshade, blue tooth audio, 17" alloy spare, wheel locks, and I think that's everything. I threw out a number and they agreed, maybe I overpaid but from this forum, it seems like I got a fair deal.
  • Hello all,
    I am looking at a 2007 ES350 with premium package - MSRP is 37,050 and delaer says they can sell for $33,000 plus taxes, prep etc. Is this a good price.? I though I would do better given that it is a 2007 (new).
    Any advice would be appreciated. thanks
  • and another thing, only one dealer in town so I know I can only bargain so much. Are there any on-line places that sell these cars directly to consumers.? like
    I checked and they did not offer it in my area. (North Carolina)thanks a lot
  • A $4000.00 discount is good. Dealer by me only wants to give a $2000.00 discount.
  • on the 2008's or 2007s.? I am thinking maybe I should wait and buy an 08. thoughts on that.?
    and where are u.?thanks
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    That is probably a good price. Did you do the True Market Value (TMV) on Edmunds. I think the base price with NO options is about $29,700. I don't know with premium package.

    What kind of deal will they give you on an '08? If it is close I would go with the '08 but I would do my homework and find out invoice prices etc...
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