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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Seems like there are a ton of 2007's out there right now for sale that are buybacks with new transmissions. I haven't seen much in the way of forum discussion on whether or not people have had success with these cars. I'm thinking about purchasing one: UltraLuxury Package with 5K miles for about $34K. Is it worth the risk of buying and saving about $8K off a 2008? I think I can get the 2008 for $42K.

    Any feedback from anyone with experience would be great!!!
  • A local dealer quoted me $33998 + fee for 2008 ES350 premium package, is that a good price?
  • Where are you finding the buybacks being sold? If the discount is deep enough, I'd consider it.
  • epinliepinli Posts: 2
    Just purchased for the following options:

    Lexus ES350 MSRP Invoice

    Base 4 door 33720 29899
    Premium Plus Package 2480 2058
    Navigation 2650 2230
    rear Side Airbages 250 200
    Full Size Spare 205 164
    Prefer Accessary Package 197 117
    Parking Assist 500 400
    Power Rear Sunshade 210 168
    Wood Steering Wheel 330 264
    Adaptive Headlights 815 652
    Destination Charge 765 765

    Total 42122 36917

    For $37475 + IL Tax $2627 + County Tax $15 + Documentary 58.48 + License Transfer $80

    Out of the Door Total : $40255.48
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    Congratulations. I think you got a great deal!
  • ninasninas Posts: 7
    No, BAD DEAL - I got mine 2008 Premium package (bluetooth, etc..) no HID or heated seats for $33,300 at lexus of bridgewater, nj.
  • yes... I think so too but it is the best internet deal I can get around here - San Jose, CA. They claimed that if I can get a written document or email quote which is cheaper, they will beat that price. So is there anyone able to share his/her quote?
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    Did you get the navigation system on your car?
  • I found a place in Minneapolis who does mainly higher end used vehicles. He said he's bought and sold about 60 of these buyback vehicles this year and hasn't had any issues. But what else would he say. I would like to see if anyone has actually purchased any buybacks. He said that the warranty is still valid, so if there ever was an issue Lexus would still take care of it. In terms of resale value, how does a new transmission harm the value?

    Just as a comparison the exact same car brand new 2008 I can get for $42K. The 2007 (with 5K miles) I can get for $35000. Is $7K worth the risk? Or is there even a risk since it's still under warranty.
  • I think you can get a brand new Ultra Luxury packaged ES350 for $39,xxx, according to what other forum members have gotten. So, I would consider a buyback only if it is significantly lower than that - i.e., $30,000 with not more than 5,000 miles. If you can do that, then it would be worth it (at $10k off), 'cause I bet the new trannys are trouble-free. Otherwise, I would not touch the buybacks; it's not worth the risk.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    This is just food for thought, but several people on this board bought new 2007's that were NOT buybacks ( MSRP at $42,000) for $36,500 -$37,500. I would want a better deal than $35,000.
  • The Ultra Luxury Packaged ES350 runs MSRP $44,615 to $45,111. Even then, I wouldn't touch a buyback unless it's $30,000 with no more than 5,000 miles.
  • Great deal! Looks like you got the car for roughly $500 over invoice.

    The guy who claims you got a bad deal is wrong! $500 over on a high-line vehicle is a good deal, especially on a Lexus.

    Regardless though, it's after the fact now, so just be happy and enjoy your new car.
  • Okay, So the best deal I've gotten on a new 2008 Ultra Lux w/ nav & Mark Levinson package is $41,700. Should I take it and run or can I do better? The salesman said that the Ultra Lux is hard to find. And black on black is even harder. What if I can negotiate $42K with a clear bra thrown in? I think that's worth about $1K.

    The MSRP on the vehicle is $44.9K
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    What does say the "True Market Value" is? When I bought my car I also ordered a Consumers Report for $14 that listed the dealers actual invoice price and msrp. Both of those tools (Edmunds and Consumers Report) were helpful plus the consumers input from this board.

    Good luck.
  • sodaguysodaguy Posts: 71
    Edmunds TMV is worthless as far as a prices paid guide. If you are paying more than 1k below listed invoice, you are getting ripped, period.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    I agree. I should have said the information it gives on the invoice price is valuable - no necessarily what others are paying.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    I should have said to look at the information for the invoice prices - not necessarily for the market value.
  • For 2007 models, the best I've seen fellow forum members get is about $39,xxx for a 2007 ES350 Ultra Luxury Package.

    For 2008 models, I think you should aim for another $1,200 off and try to get it for $40,500 + tax + license/registration. But you may have to wait another month for dealers to take substantial amounts off the 2008 models.

    Paying about $1,000 over the best forum member prices it the way to go and still a smokin' deal, since I think best forum member prices reflect deals-of-the-century.

    P.S. The thing about Ultra Luxury being rare - please... - tell the salesman that it's also rare to find a buyer for an Ultra Luxury Package as well!
  • Okay, I've got one down to $41K. What do you mean by substantial in another month? It's costing me about $500 a month to wait. (Long story) If i wait until December to get the car it would have to be more than another $1000 off so $40K or less. Also, on the $41K I'm trying to get him to throw extras like clear bra or interior protective coat. Which I don't think I'll get the clear bra, but I've got a 4 year old so the protective coat might be good enough.
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