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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just purchased the 2008 es 350 with premium package plus rear seat side airbags, bluetooth audio, preferred accessory package, full size spare, and wood and leather steering wheel
    MSRP 37160 Dealer Invoice 33265
    I got it for 600 over invoice at 33865 plus admin fee for lease of 600 for total cap cost of 34,465.
    This is in Florida.
  • How did negotiate this deal?
  • I read this thread extensively before buying my 2007 ES350 last spring, but nowhere did anyone mention their experience with the Navigation System. I know this forum is for another topic, but if you don't search specifically for info on the Nav System you might not know it is a very pretty, but very bad system . It has one positive feature; its wonderful touch display.

    BUT... first and worst, its inputs are all disabled above 6 mph including dialing by Bluetooth, entering a destination, and changing a destination. If you think its voice recognition system will substitute I'll tell you that the voice recognition system has not once understood a spoken street name in many, many tries. You can not enter or change a destination until you pull over, period. This really sucks.

    Its database, in spite of purportedly being larger than any other, cannot find addresses my much older, bottom-of-the-line Garmin can.

    There is no function to go direct to a city without putting in an address. You'll want to do this all the time on a trip.

    If you enter a street number it doesn't know it just sits there making you guess over and over until you enter a good number, rather than telling you the range it knows as does the Garmin.

    The only time I used it the POI database took me to FOUR pizza restaurants before I found one still in business.

    I would strongly advise you skip the Lexus Nav System, primarily because the way they have allowed their lawyers to convince them we cannot drive and touch a screen at the same time. This thing turns into a $2,400 lump of greyed-out buttons above 6 mph. In many cases pulling over is more dangerous than programming while you drive.

    If you need a nav system buy a Garmin. If you insist on a built-in unit, buy an Acura which is programmable underway. If you doubt what I say, Google will find you plenty of dissatisfied buyers.

    I hope this helps you keep from wasting $2400 like I did. This thing makes me so mad I now refuse to hit I Agree to make it work. By the way, Lexus requires you to agree to obey all traffic laws in order to use their navigation system. Huh?
  • Which dealer in Florida as I am looking to lease in Florida as well?
  • Hey everyone, I plan on buying a loaded 2008 ES350 in the next few weeks.
    Norcal dealers are notorious for inflating prices (due to the wealth and demand for luxury cars here). I could use some advice regarding strategy on getting a great price. I already read that Marin Lexus is a good place to try. I still don't know what price I should aim for. I would appreciate some advice

    Ultra-Luxury Package
    Navigation System/Mark Levinson® Surround Sound Package
    Intuitive Parking Assist
    XM radio

    MSRP $45,201
    INVOICE $38,938

    colors I am considering:

    saphire pearl,
    metalic red

    additional options:

    Cargo Matt
    17" Sport Wheels
    Rear bumper applique
    black floormats for my cashmere interior
  • techman,

    On an Ultra Luxury, shoot for $500 - $750 over. No harm at starting negotiations at or below invoice, though. Remember, there will be a regional ad fee of ~ $500 on the factory invoice. So, don't be alarmed when their factory invoice does not match an invoice you pulled off the Internet. Just FYI.

    Good Luck!
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    Hey techman,

    Do your homework before you go in so that they know you are an educated buyer. I bought the consumers report that gave me the breakdown of the cost of the optional equipment. It told me what the dealer paid and what the MSRP price was. I think you can find the same info on edmunds for free. Shop around and compare prices - don't commit to the first good price you get. and of course read this board - it has a ton of good info!

    Good luck!
  • I got this deal at Lexus of Orlando. I also added the chrome wheels.

    I told them I had done my research and I knew that they would be making a profit on $600 over invoice and they accepted it.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    Hi tuneguys -
    I am not impressed with the navigation system either. I thought it was just me because I had not read the instruction manual carefully or maybe misunderstood what I read! NOW I know I am not totally ignorant! I have been very frustrated trying to put in addresses it will accept etc... We bought our kids Garmin navigation systems for Christmas and I think I should have asked Santa to bring me one, too!
  • I just leased an '08 ES350 from Wilde in Sarasota for $580 per month including tax with first month, tax tag title and acquisition fee (total was about $1,300). I hate paying fees like that, but since all the dealers seemed to have this, and the price was below what I'd have been willing to pay, I decided just to pay it rather than bleed it in over the 36 months.

    I got the premium plus package and navigation. MSRP was about 42,300 and the price paid was 37,600. I was told the residual was 57%. I was very happy with this dealership because they offered me this price via email with -0- haggling, and also offered 484 for a 4 year deal which I strongly considered, but since I'm very fickle after 2 years, I was fine with taking the 3.

    I also got e-mail quotes from Lexus of Tampa Bay, who quite frankly are inflexible and unrealistic (not to mention a bit insulting). They started at 734 for a 3 year lease with $1,000 down and when I told them that price was more than I was paying for my 5 series BMW they came down to $704 as an EOM concession. Clearwater started at $689 and told me that it was there "best deal". When I told them I didn't understand how they got to that price with the residual they quoted, they came back with 656. When I told them that I had a much better deal, neither of them replied.

    Wilde was outstanding. The paperwork tool less than 20 minutes. It's a bit of a drive from Tampa, but well worth it from my perspective.
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    Sales for ES350 in Jan 2008 was down by almost 18% compared to Jan 2007 but 37% less than last year's average (83,000 units were sold last year which is close to 6,900 units sold per month on an average).
    Are buyers less interested in buying ES350 or just the economy? I think it is the economy as most of the cars posted negative growth. Any comments?
  • The economy is bad and that would effect luxury cars across the board but I think the fact that Consumers Reports has said Lexus ES350 is below the industry average on reliability has to hurt sales too. Rock solid reliability has been a touchstone of the Lexus experience since day one. Comparing the current Lexus ES to the previous model it has undergone a truly precipitous drop in reliability. And this is everything from creaks and rattles to the transmission flaring that has lots filled with Certified Used ones. (Read: Former :lemon: )

    In my opinion, the bundling (some might say bungling) of the Mark Levinson audio exclusively with the Nav is another mistake by Toyota too. The Nav is weak and the ML is great, you shouldn't have to take them together. I will never buy another built in NAV again, given the pace at which the Garmin (et al) continue to improve. Nothing turns buyers, even "luxury buyers", off faster than getting force fed a pricey option with what should be a relatively inexpensive one. Remember when the Europeans used to put the Xenons into $4,000 bundles. And people paid it.

    Ultra Luxury is a cool package but I can't swallow taking the Nav as part of the the tune of ~$10,000. That is nuts. Try to find "ultra luxury w/ no nav" anywhere. I'm not even sure they make them.

    Aesthetically the current Lexus ES is a homerun, far and away more attractive than the two versions that preceded it. Performance wise it sets a new benchmark for the line as well. So I think economy, reliability and poorly thought out (or just downright greedy) option packaging would be my top three reasons for the ES's abysmal sales.
  • I've been a Toyota fan for over 20 years, but my two current Toyotas have been a disappointment. Currently we have a 05 Tundra limited and a 06 Highlander limited.
    I find that the Toyota dealers are getting downright obnoxious with their take it or leave it attitude and my current vehicles have not been problem free.
    The paint is just plain terrible-stone chips everywhere. Our third car, a 97 Caddy STS with 92,000 on the clock has much better paint, but has had some reliability issues. The Toyota navigation system was designed by a moron, or by somebody that thinks I am a moron. I turned my factory Highlander system off and use a Garmin 660-at least it will accept my address!
    I'd like your honest appraisal of the dealers: Do they treat you like a king and bill you accordingly? Is the Lexus paint quality and nav design better than the Toyota?
  • I am shopping for a ES350 with PM. What price should I offer to dealers? Is invoice price insulting? If yes, how much over invoice should I offer? Appreciate all feedbacks.
  • I just noticed that we became member on the same day - Apr 13, 2001.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    I do not like the navigation system at all - not worth the extra money you have to pay for it. I have not had problems with the paint on my car, but I just took delivery in August. I have seen other people complain on this board about the paint being 'thin' on their ES350.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,667
    Everyone that signed up previous to April 13, 2001, shows that as their join date...



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  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    I have an 07 350 and the paint job is pathetic - in the right light near the front bumper on the hood, you can see where it drooled when they were spraying it along with some other uneven areas. While I don't have any pitting because I have a clear bra, the paint job is much worse than the 02 300 I had...when I bought that one the salesman pointed out that it had many many coats of paint (can't remember how many - maybe he was BS'ing me), but I do know that I never waxed it once and it always looked terrific.
    Quality of Lexus has diminished - fit & finish is quite poor compared to my G35X - I wouldn't buy another Lexus. For now my business goes to Infiniti.
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    I agree with Z. ES350 has it's share of issues like paint, rattles/squeaks, poor fit and finish. However, I recommend 2008 ES350 over G if you are looking for luxury vehicle and not sporty. G is fast and you will feel connected to the road while ES is quiet and more spacious. ES is also more fuel efficient and has some features that G does not have. Z has both G and ES350 and has outlined the pros and cons in his previous discussion, that might give you some info.
  • ekndyekndy Posts: 3
    Please send me an email to and let me know the salesperson that you dealt with at Lexus of Orlando. Thank you very much.
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