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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • That is a strange coincidence. :) 13.04.2001 a day that will live in infamy.

    Paint durability (as opposed to the appearance which is (generally) very good, especially on the Lexus cars) is poor because the water soluble paints used (for environmental reasons) now don't hold up to chipping very well. Of course, all the steel is galvanized so at least it doesn't rust.

    Lexus paint chips just like Toyota paint and in most cases it is the very same paint with a different name. The chips are just part of the deal on modern cars and that fact has spawned the clear bra industry to the heights it currently enjoys.
  • It does not surprise me one bit that ES350 sales are declining. I have an 05 ES330 coming off lease next month. I'm paying $417 a month and I put down only $600 up front. That included tax, acq. etc.and it's well equipped. Looking at a comparable ES350, it's not anywhere close to that. Of course I would expect to pay a bit more due to higher MSRP etc, but we're not even talking the same league. Lexus doesn't seem to want to be competitive in leasing again. I just got a quote on an S80...MSRP $42,600...$2000 down, and $379 a month OTD. ES350 with a lower MSRP won't come close to that! Consider this, plus the problems we all know exist with this car (the transmission hesitation has annoyed me since I got this car) and it's no surprise sales of this vehicle are down.
  • I read an article that says the "Consumer Report baseline price" for this car is $29,311 that is over 600 lower than the invoice price. Consumer Report also says there is dealer holdback on this car. Does anyone here know how much the holdback is?

  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    I forgot to mention that the insurance for G is more than the ES and G has it's own share of problems as the ES.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    I disagree in my case - my new, completely loaded G35X was actually $35 less per 6 mos than the same coverage on my 350. No accidents/tickets and credit ratings are also part of insurance costs in my state.
  • Lexus "holds back" 2% of the base MSRP and another 1% of the base MSRP called "wholsale financial reserve". Basically 3%, so roughly $1k to work with if you want to try and negotiate into their holdback & wfr.
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    I agree, it depends on state, insurance company guidelines, credit scores, tickets, etc. but what I have read in various websites (different states) and in my personal experience, G costs more to insure than ES. Also, there was an article few months back on yahoo and other websites that the expense to repair a G will be very high if the car is rear ended. May be this all ties into the insurance cost, I don't know.
  • ocautoseeker,

    Thanks for the info. I guessed it's 2% because I see the difference betwee CR baseline price and Edmunds dealer invoice price is about 656. Does Lexus dealer has TDA fee (Toyota Dealer Advertise) on their invoice? Some dealer told me yes. Some told me no. I live in NJ. Any idea. anybody?
  • eights38eights38 Posts: 137
    charlieliu - Holdback on a Lexus is 2% of Base MSRP ( What dealer in NJ are you working with? If you need more help, please feel free to email me.
  • 2008 ES 350 Premium Package, Rear Air Bags, Heated vent seats, full size spare tire, bluetooth, wood/leather steering wheel, preferred accessory package. Southern California.

    Quoted: $33,700 w/ destination only. not including tax,dmv,doc fees

    I think this is pretty high. I should be easily able to shave off another $700 to make it $33,000 in my opinion. Especially when sales are failling...

    I know someone was able to get the same car in san rafael, ca for $31,500 because of dealer year end sales.

    What do you guys think? Should I push for $31,500 or 32,000?
  • Here's a copy of the bottom of an ES350 invoice:

    DCV920 TIME: 08:26
    Model Number: 9000A SERIAL # :82161842 Check Code: 7

    Model Description: ES350 4-DR SEDAN Category ..........: G
    Year ............: 2008 Current Dealer ....:
    Vehicle Base Model ....................: Base MSRP$ 33720.00 $ 28888.00

    Total Accessories ...........................: $11876.00 $ 9380.00 $11876.00
    Destination Charge ..........................: $ 765.00 $ 765.00
    TDA .........................................: $ 422.00
    Dealer Holdback .............................: $ 674.00
    Whsl. Financial Reserve .....................: $ 337.00

    --------- ---------
    Total .......................................: $ 40466.00 $ 46361.00

    As you can see, there is a Dealer Holdback which is 2% of the base MSRP, and another 1% called Wholesale Financial Reserve. The TDA is roughly 1.25% and that will very by region, state, and type of vehicle.

    Hope this helps.
  • Your info is great. Thanks a lot for sharing it.
  • According to Edmunds the dealer invoice for this car would be 33,300+. Is that possible the get 1000 under invoice? keep me posted.
  • Thanks for the info. I've been talking to Prestige, Bridgewater, Edison, Momonth and Lawrenceville. So far, the best I got is invoice price. But their invoice seems 400 more than Edmunds not including hold-backs. If including hold-back, their price would be over 1000 more than their cost. Should push more, say 300 under Edmunds's invoice price? That price would leave dealer with about 350 profit. I know they, NJ dealers, have to make some profit. But how much? Any ideas?
  • I was just at a dealership in Rochester Ny. The exact same vehicle with your options was previously quoted to me at $34,500 the Rochester Dealer said the absolute lowest they would go is $33695.00.(just the car no registration or tax or title) This was 2 days ago. I thought that was a pretty good deal and didn't even question asking lower. Now I am curious to hear how you made out. I am amazed someone else got it for 31500 since that would be like dealer invoice plus destination with out any options. Let me know if you got them any lower.
  • Has anyone had to pay for a Lexus dealer prep fee. We were all set on numbers on a 2008 ES 350 and the sales person mentioned a prep fee of $99.00 extra which included full tank of gas and wash wax and detail. Not sure if this is common or just a way of making extra money..Any info .????
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    Never heard of such a thing.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    Sounds like garbage to me! I thought getting a clean car with a full tank of gas was a standard practice. I would not pay for it.
  • Bought the car today. Paid under $34K plus tax, title and registration. Has options: PM, HL, HH, WU, DC, BE, FS and Z1. This board is a great help. Got a lot of information here. The deal went very smoothly. Will pick up the car next week. Pretty happy so far.
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