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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jreynajreyna Posts: 15
    yes should be able to do better. They are in 6% disc level....worse case should be able to get into 7-8 % off msrp and it wouldn't be a bad deal imo.

    This was probably a starting point for them, even though most post you see here are with nav. option, if you look @ #'s you can calculate from them the discs being given. Like most Lexus markup is around 10- 10.5 % before getting into options where the real markup can be. Most books, etc will tell you if they( dealer ) can get 1-3 % on veh. it's good deal for both sides, they of course have other incentives that will make it more profitable for them. I'm still in buying stage..waiting on color/pkg but so far I've gotten 7 - 8.5 % disc off msrp between 2 dealers.
    Hope this helps !
    Good Luck
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 989
    MSRP and the discount from sticker shouldn't even be in the conversation now days when talking about buying a car. Invoice is your starting point when negotiating for a car. On almost all but the hottest selling or new cars (IS Convertible or G37 Convertible come to mind) you should be shooting for a selling price of invoice or less.
  • jlumpjlump Posts: 4
    I am not very good at negotiating, especially with 2 dealers. Did you just tell the second dealer your 1st quote directly and literally ask him if he could beat it? Or, were you more subtle? Any advise would be much appreciated!! Thanks!
  • Smarty666, Glad to hear my posts helped someone. In addition to Ray Catena I recommend Lexus of Edison too. I submitted a price request from their web site (like I did with many others) and dealt with a nice guy who was willing to deal but we aren't supposed to put names and contact info here. Good luck!
  • To Jlump, Yes you absolutely can tell the salesperson you received a better offer from somewhere else and aski can they beat it. I've been doing it for years as have many others and they are used to this now, especially by email. Some may be a bit more receptive than others but the only place that gave me any kind of attitude was Lexus of Bridgewater. You can also just make an offer and say "this is what I'm willing to pay" if you don't want to disclose that you have an offer from another dealer. In negotiations though you are better off if they salesperson knows that they are competing for your business. It's human nature to want to win in a competition and you will cut to the chase faster and hear less B.S. if they know you are talking to another salesperson.
  • If you are in So. Cal area and recently purchased ES350, I would love to hear your comment on 2 quotes that I received yesterday.

    1. $39200 OTD on ES 350 w/ NAV (MSRP $40,270)
    2. $37500 OTD on ES 350 w/o NAV (MSRP $ 37,920)

    My tax would be 8.25%. Thanks!!!
  • radar6radar6 Posts: 28
    pantene1 what is the final price of the car? Did you add any extras like paint sealant or extended warranties? Your State taxes and fees are what they are. What counts is the amount your sales tax was based on..
  • jreynajreyna Posts: 15

    that may be true with certain makes/models but not the case with BMW, LEXUS, etc...simply because they dont have to. Take a look at all the selling price pts on these treads and you will maybe see 1-2 were able to purchase @ inv., and these were early in yr. when economy was in turmoil more than currently. So you can take from the bottom or top to reach price point you're looking to achieve, key being knowing aprox. cost veh. is costing dealer, they are a made for profit Co.

    Good luck to everyone.
  • OTD (Out The Door) is the final price which includes all fees (tax & lic). No extra was added. Does anyone know how much is reg/lic. fee for 09 ES350 in California?
  • jreynajreyna Posts: 15
    As bhusted mentioned cut to chase and let them know some things right off the bat. Like car mark-up is 10- 11 % before options where most options are 15-20 % mark-up and higher. Knowing or having close # of their cost will go a long way to your leverage. You should strive for 34k - 34.6 and wouldn't be bad deal imo.. One more thought if you are willing to pay $ 14.00, go to consumer reports online or call and you will get an instant dealer cost on specific vehicle w/ details on what options are costing Dealer.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 989
    that may be true with certain makes/models but not the case with BMW, LEXUS, etc...simply because they dont have to

    Sorry but Lexus's and BWMs are selling at invoice or better. I got a quote for an IS250 last month at invoice, and that was with zero negotiating. I also received a quote for a 328 for $1000 below invoice. I wound up getting a G37 for $1000 under invoice with my $1000 customer loyalty discount because they are the best value of the three
  • jreynajreyna Posts: 15
    Congrats. Different markets will yield different results or could be that your just better than the rest of us on this forum, because based on what I'm getting and what people are stating here, @ invoice is not happening.

    Again congrats on your purchase !
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 989
    Back to my point, I think people should be talking pricing in terms of relation to invoice, not MSRP. Over on the G35/37 pricing forum everyone discusses prices in terms of invoice except for one, and that one is a sales manager at Sewell Infiniti in TX.
  • nfjnrnfjnr Posts: 25
    I received the following quote from a dealer in Tampa last night for an 2009 ES350 w/o Navigation:
    MSRP $37920.00,Premum plus package plus preferred acessories

    Offer from dealer $34980.00.

    Any thoughts on if I could do better?

    Thanks Nick
  • jlumpjlump Posts: 4
    I received an offer from a dealer in Charlotte for $36,405.89 OTD with XM radio included on the ES350. North Carolina sales tax is 3% and I think the doc/tag fee is ~$550. I hope that helps!
  • Hi,

    I just read about your deal, and this is exactly the car that I am looking for. I'm in the bay area but wouldn't mind driving to LA. I called the dealership yesterday and the person I talked to wanted 38,000 + TTL. Can you give me the name of your sales rep and when you bought it and maybe that person might be able to help me out.

    I really appreciate it.

  • nkbuynkbuy Posts: 24
    If you are in the bay area, did you consider talking to putnam lexus or stevens creek lexus? I purchased my vehicle end of june from Stevens Creek as it was closer to my residence.
    The sales rep at Putnam is an asian and you can find his details on yelp.
    You can also talk to the Internet manager at Stevens Creek.
    Another good offer i got was from the lexus dealership in oakland.

  • I would say talk with Putnam Lexus in Redwood City as when I bought my car, they offered by far the lowest price as well as were easiest to deal with as far as giving upfront pricing without any haggle. Stevens Creek offer was 1k higher than what Putnam quoted for my car and even after back and forth won't match Putnam's price. It was a no brainer for me even though Putnam is about 20 miles from my house whereas Stevens Creek is just 5 miles away.
  • nkbuynkbuy Posts: 24
    I will concur with you on that regard. Putnam quoted the lowest and was no haggle whatsover. In my case Stevens Creek wanted to match, for which I said there is no incentive, so they lowered it by couple of hundreds more.
  • Great to know that you were successful in having Stevens Creek beat Putnam's price. In my case, they allowed me to walk and take my business to Putnam. I was put off by SC's salesman's attitude which was completely opposite to Putnam's salesman...ohh well I dealt with a wrong person I guess. :mad:
  • nkbuynkbuy Posts: 24
    btw:: it was your posting on yelp that prompted me to reach out to the salesperson at putnam you worked with to get the lowest quote. So thank you!
    Looks like you also looked at the TL before going with the ES. Same here!

    Playamdx: i would suggest you look up nick81982's posting on yelp(look at his previous posting on this forum for the nickname used there) and talk to the same
    guy at putnam.
  • Thanks....I'm glad that we are able to utilize this forum to help each other to get the best prices. I was impressed with TL features but couldn't get over its ugly design, glad that I chose ES :) .
  • drbspdrbsp Posts: 1
    I am interested in knowing if the Tampa dealership included Satellite Radio in the preferred package as well as the 50K or 100K warrantee. Was that an OTD price?
  • I can't help you in that regard as I'm located in SF Bay area and not tampa bay area. :surprise:

    May be some other folks can chime in....good luck with your research. :)
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    I also am in the process of deciding between the TL and ES. So far the best lease number was on the TL. Still working on the ES number in the Chicago area. Would appreciate any feed back on reasons for selecting the ES over the TL. Am a current Acura owner but wife loves the ES.
  • I would check Ride w/ G on the internet...

    great site for research and current lease rates on many cars. I think he quotes for 15,000 miles, so you can add 3% (I think) to the residual for a 10,000 mile/ yr lease. Get the ES, love this car!!!
  • a1s1a1a1s1a1 Posts: 20
    I had bought a new 2004 TL in 2004 which I had used for 55K miles and finally sold it six months ago. I debated the TL vs ES issue also and ended up getting an ES UltraLux Package with panoramic roof, Mark Levinson. etc,etc.

    Here is my take on the current TL;

    1. Nice if you like the shape
    2. Sportier to drive than ES
    3. Better sound system (ELS premium than ES base sound, not Mark Levinson)
    4. Available in AWD

    My issues with 2004 TL were numerous which includes fit, finish and rattles mainly.

    The current ES is;

    a dream to drive
    more prestigious
    better looking than current TL (subjective)
    'A' class fit and finish
    more reliable
    better dealership experience
    a little bit more expensive than TL (top of the line TL versus top of the line ES)

    I had also looked into G37 as prior to TL I had owned an infiniti I35. I would rate G about the same as TL in terms of the charecteristics as noted above. I had tried the 3 series BMW and I would rate it as inferior to TL and G ( again subjective)

    In the end they are all highly rated cars and you can't loose with any of the above .

    Good luck with your new purchase.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 989
    You are better off going to the place where he cut and paste them from. You will get them quicker and you can post a request as well.
  • nkbuynkbuy Posts: 24
    Here is my reasoning why i went with the ES after considering the TL AWD for a considerable period of time.

    Keeping the look of the car aside:
    ES was smoother and quiter in the ride(TL ride was little bumpy and my wife tends to get motion sickness. For a sporty ride..would definitely consider the TL)
    ES can easily sit 3 adults in the back seat with no issues. TL: 2 adults and a small child(check out the big bump in the middle seat floor for acura..a person would have to sit uncomfortably in my opinion). Not that i have so many folks travelling all the time.
    Financing was 1% cheaper for the lexus.

    If you want the latest technology, and the above points are not an issue for you, i would definitely consider the TL.
  • in23llsin23lls Posts: 2
    i just bought a 09 es350 here in bay area, has the nav plus park assist and rear sunshade, msrp was $40980 got a otd price of $39376. do you guys think if its worth the maintenance plan platinum for $3995. what they will do is service your car every 5k miles which includes oil change and tire rotation for up to 50 k miles. also w/ the $3995 is extend the bumper to bumper warranty from 4 yrs/50 k to 7 yrs/100k. for sure ill be owning the car for as long as it last.
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