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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am glad I could help. Thanks Chris.
  • snarkussnarkus Posts: 4
    I got a price from Stevinson of Lakewood for ES 350 with:
    Premium Plus + additional option

    Their offer $35629 + usual fees
    MSRP $39385

    What do you think, decent deal? Haven't started bargaining yet.
  • hedonisthedonist Posts: 3
    Hi there

    I think you are getting a very good price for a New ES350 with Nav. I would really appreciate if you could send me the details of the dealer/Salesperson.

    I am also looking for a similar one in the Houston area.

  • congheocongheo Posts: 2

    Is this for a 2008 model..if it is then I think it a good deal. Could you tell me what dealership and who did you deal with?

  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    Don't get me wrong but $3,000 below invoice is never heard of for a Lexus without factory incentive, ES350 has $1,000 cash incentive for current ES350 owners. I don't think you can buy ES350 w/PP and NAV for that price but if can pull it off than please post the details so that others also can have this once in a lifetime deal.
  • volodosvolodos Posts: 7
    I am negotiating with a dealer for 2008 es350 used one (mileage is from 2500 to 7000). The dealer offered me 32500. I countoffered 31800.

    What do you think the reasonable price is?

    The car is optioned with

    Premium+ (PT) Package: (includes)

    6-Speed Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission w/ Intelligence (ECT-i) & Destination Charge.

    (PT) Leather Trim, Key Fob-Activated Driver's Seat, Steering Wheel, and Outside Mirror Memory, Heated and Ventilated Front Seats w/Power Cushion Extenders, Rain Sensing Wipers, 17" Alloy Wheels
    (DC) Bluetooth Audio/In-Dash 6-CD Auto Changer

    (WU) Wood & Leather Steering Wheel

    (HN) Power Rear Sunshade

    (BE) Rear Seat Side Airbags
    (FS) Full Size Spare

    (Z1) Preferred Accessory Pkge. (Cargo Net, Wheel Locks, Luggage Mat)
  • colslickcolslick Posts: 26
    pataka, if you are indicating the options are 1) lexus premium audio w/navigation (NV) and 2) premium package (PM) and nothing else that is a good price-$420 over the invoice of $34,080. But ther are many other dealer fees above TTL.
  • dw8534dw8534 Posts: 5
    1) they had it last summer at the end of July, one week after my wife got her ES350 from Rockville Lexus. Honestly I donot like that car, it is dangerous driving it on I270, esp. on high spped merge. :lemon:

    2) Donot care about invoice price, started with best price you can find here, tell them that is the price you get from another dealer. Also becareful on document fee, usually is $100 but some places like Pohanka changes $399,

    3) yes new car market is down but dealers have to make money, they try to make more profit from each car they sell.
  • milymmilym Posts: 4
    we are going to pick up our new Lexus ES350 tommorrow.
    what should I check the car before I sign the paper work:
    1) scratch
    2) paint
    3) milage: what is the reasonable number on the milage meter for a new car? 5mile, 10 mile,....what should we do if it is more than that?
    thanks a lot.
  • patakapataka Posts: 4
    I am sorry to talk about something I was mislead by the dealer on. They revised their quote to 37,866 + TTL for navigation and premium plus package. He says this is 1.5% over invoice. The dealer is sewell lexus of dallas.
  • colotjcolotj Posts: 18
    any mileage under 500 should be acceptable. Although I would suspect much lower than that. Your warranty will not start until you sign the paperwork and the existing mileage will be noted extending your warranty to the respective start mileage. Look for any dings or scratches as these are not covered under warranty. If there are any minor scratches or dings have them note them and they will fix them for you at some point in time if you do not want to wait after you purchase the car. Although there should be no scratches or dings it's not unusual to find one or two. It's not a deal breaker. Get a full tank of gas from them as well.
  • 500 miles????? On a new vehicle, assuming they did not have to do a dealer trade, I'd say no more than about 50 miles, 100 max! - any more than that should raise some eyebrows.

    Hope your purchase goes smoothly.
  • larydlaryd Posts: 3
    looking to trade in my 2005 ES

    price from sewell on model with premium plus package
    wood and leather steering wheel
    rear air bag
    rear sunshade
    full spare
    window tint/stripr ($395)
    $35,398 -$1000 incentive = $34398 plus ttl Msrp is $38965

    this computes to about $900 over invoice which give them them $900 plus the $765 holdback.

    first problem is that without the $1000 incentive this is $1900 over invoice
    I do not think this is a good price since the incentive should not effect the dealers price to me. (The Incentive is from Lexus corperate not the dealership)

    2nd problem is that they only want to give me $18500 for my really clean low milage 2005 ES

    they will turn around and make it a certified vehicle and ask between 25k and 26 k for it. maybe get 22k to 23.5 k (my guess)

    Any one have in advice or buying experience in the Dallas area?
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    I don't have any experience or buying advice, but I am interested to see what you do. What is the blue book value of your car? What if you try to sell your car yourself?
  • larydlaryd Posts: 3
    trade in value depends on which source u use
    nada $22725
    edmonds $21,161
    kbb $17605 (dont like this one too much:))
    it should be at least $20000 imo..... they can sell it for 22.5k to 23k at least

    Also shopped Avalon limited but it is only about $1500 to @2000 less

    I hate to admit it... I like the Avalon a lot. it just seems a little stoggy and "old" feeling to me. maybe I will get one when I hit 65 years old.

    I still need input on the price I should pay for the Lexus HELP ME PLEASE
  • jimbresjimbres Posts: 2,025
    Can't help you with the buy side of your transaction because I don't live in your area. But it's pretty clear that you could pick up at least $1K by selling your car privately. Why leave that money on the table?
  • larydlaryd Posts: 3
    I would have to get about $1250 more from a private sale to make up for the sales tax savings generated by a trade in. Yes, I could probably get a little more by selling it myself. However, if I could get about 20k for the trade in The hassle of having to sell a car myself may not be worth the differance.

    Anyone know if Lexus is going to have to extend some rebate program itno the summer due to slow sales?
  • buntycbuntyc Posts: 1
    What is the current price on the Lexus ES350 in Tucson, AZ?
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    Invoice as on
  • pmpkin123pmpkin123 Posts: 14

    Go to Park Place Lexus on preston and George Bush and tell them Sewell is being unreasonable. They LOVE to beat Sewell. I went to the internet guy Tony Arthur right away, and got a great price last year.

    you can email him if you want to see. If you like tell him you saw the message board on edmunds, he will know what you are talking about. I posted about July 2007 as did several others from houston on up to dallas, and it seemed that park place got lower price faster than sewell.

    good luck, if it helps, tell him I sent you, but honestly, do NOT think it will make any difference at all. Tony just seems to want to sell ( at least by email and last year, maybe this year is different.)

    which (real name steve)
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