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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • shangydshangyd Posts: 25
    Picked up a 08 ES350 for my wife with Premium Package with Additional Options (second package in LEXUS website)

    MSRP 37,406
    OTD 34,500

    For the TTL, we have 5% tax and $80 for title and inspection, nothing else. Thus if you do the math, the price for the car is about 300 under invoice. Enjoy it.
  • beezer86beezer86 Posts: 13
    Thanks for the info.

    Does anyone know when the 09 models come out? I heard there are no changes but not sure.
    Are there any new Lexus incentives?
  • patakapataka Posts: 4
    08 ES 350 with nav and premium plus: MSRP 42235
    Paid 37K + TTL;
  • ma77ma77 Posts: 2
    Ok... I am new to this and need some help please. We have decided on the ES350, not sure if we will go for the ultra luxury or premium plus. I called a few dealers and here is the best price I have gotten (I basically said I know what I want and I want your best price)
    ultra lux 39750 +ttl
    premium plus 37500 +ttl.
    I am in the chicago land area and am willing to go further out for a deal. I have read some of the posts and see people have gotten below invoice (which I think is 38538 for ultra lux). How much better does anyone think I can do....please help!!!

    Should I wait for the end of the month?????
  • johngreisjohngreis Posts: 69
    FYI Lexus just increased the price of the ES350 by $300
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    Should I wait for the end of the month?????

    That's not a bad idea. Today being only May 2nd, the dealer basically has 29 more days to reach his monthly goal(s). At this pont, he's not stressing about giving you "the best deal" yet beacause he has a whole month to be optimistic. Hit 'em up sometime between the 27th-31st.

    A great deal "can" be had any time during the month, but sometimes, depending on color, trim, length of time a vehicle has been sitting on the lot, etc. will dictate the price.
  • ajtlaaajtlaa Posts: 3
    was shopping over two weekends for a base non-navi es with premium package.

    spoke with every dealer in southern cal. and i mean every dealership- from as far west as oxnard, to as far east as palm springs, to as far south as carlsbad.

    this past weekend (4 days before the end of the month), i was offered $700 to $1,000 below invoice for pretty much any es 350 at 4 different dealerships:
    - lexus santa monica
    - keyes lexus in van nuys
    - tustin lexus
    - crown lexus in ontario

    i was still offered the same pricing even on the 1st of may. these non-navi models are rare because lexus cut production on them and are mainly making navi models, but they still sell very well because they are not very expensive (the least expensive build with leather, msrp $36,600+, has an invoice of $32,920 and you can do several hundred $ to $1,000 better than that, depending on the dealer and color).

    there is also a new build that features navigation but is not so packed with options that is also attractive if you are price conscious like i am- it msrp's at $39,600+ and invoice i believe is $35,410. you can get the same deal on this car as well (the navi models are much more easy to find in the color you want because they make more of them).

    if you have serious difficulty finding the color you want, then you may have to pay a little bit more. glendale, westminster and carlsbad (and more that i can't remember) are dealing at about $500 above the four dealerships i listed above. thousand oaks is extremely nice but they don't really deal- they were pretty much at invoice. at woodland hills, when i told them my pricing expectations (i'd already been offered this deal at four other places), were a bit offended and the sales manager came out and started lecturing me. :)

    i even know most of the current and upcoming inventory in the $36,600 non-nav build, so if you are looking for silver or smoky granite (that charcoal exterior- very nice) send me a pm. a lot of cars got delivered to the dealerships this past week, and in the next week or two a lot of them are getting even larger shipments. if you can't find the color you want right away in the build you want, ask them what they have coming in the next week or two- you can agree on the price and leave them a $500 deposit.

    as far as i've found, the only lexus dealership in socal that lists their new car inventory on the internet is santa monica, and you can find that at

    if you need more details, shoot me a pm.
  • kingbollakingbolla Posts: 3
    What dealership in Houston did you find that deal? Also, did you finance through them or on your own? I would also like to know what to expect as far as APR, I have excellent credit....thx
  • patakapataka Posts: 4
    Sterling McCall Lexus
    No financing involved
    No trade in
    It was end of the month.
  • hedonisthedonist Posts: 3
    You got an amazing deal...let me ask you again....this 34500 is out of your pocket for OTD price.

    What are the actual price (minus TTL).

    Can you please send the name of the dealership too.

  • banker67banker67 Posts: 2
    I am in the market for an ES 350 with the nav package. In NJ this is going for $41,815 MSRP. How much profit do you figure is in the $7230 for the nav package as the invoice for the base model is $29,900. Probably making a decision in a couple of weeks. I'm looking to pay less than $35K. Is this possible?
  • leslie24leslie24 Posts: 1
    Has anyone done any shopping in Arizona? And if so - where and with whom? I have an 2000 ES350 to trade in and want to buy a new 2008 for around invoice.
  • banker67banker67 Posts: 2
    Actually looking to pay $36K or less. Is this possible?
  • car2008car2008 Posts: 5
    Following is the deal in MA:

    ES350 navi + prem plus + few extras
    MSRP: 42314 (new price this week)
    invoice: 37520
    offered sale price = invoice price (went up this week)

    Is this a good deal?

  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    Lexus of dealer in the valley.
  • p4567p4567 Posts: 2
    Hi I got the same deal, 34,500 OTD, in addition two years of free maintenance, the deal is from Keyes Lexus in Van Nuys, tell them Peter T, who just bought the car for his mom sent you.
  • p4567p4567 Posts: 2
    It seems that a lot of folks, especially the ones that get good deals don't mention the dealer name to make it easier on others to get the same deal, so I'll change that. I just purchased a 2008 Lexus ES 350 with no Nav, got the 2nd prem package MSRP $2040 (chk the Lexus site) for $34,500 OTD from Keyes Lexus in Van Nuys, in addition they are having a special this month where they also adding on 2 years of FREE maintenance. Tell them Peter T, who just bought an ES350 for his mom for mother's day sent you. I worked with one of the internet fleet managers, am not suppose to provide her name per Edmunds guidelines. Hope this helps and happy car shopping! =)
  • rhlynnrhlynn Posts: 1
    I'm also looking for a ES350 and right now I'm looking at Bell Lexus. I got my ES 300 & ES 330 from them so I'm expecting a really good deal. Also, I have a Costco memebership so the pricing is much better. I will know what price they are giving me.
  • ajtlaaajtlaa Posts: 3
    34,500 was the otd price? that would be like $1,400 below invoice... or was it 34,500 including destination, but before tax title & license?
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    I think any dealer will be happy to make a Costco deal as it will be above Invoice. When I visited Bell Lexus, I was told that the last price they are going to sell was $1,500 above invoice but I later bought from Lexus of Chandler @ $500 above Invoice (w/o XM) but the car I choose had factory installed XM (they did not charge me for that) and gave free clear mats and touch up paint. Do check the pricing at Arrowhead Lexus and Lexus of Chandler (or Scottsdale Lexus, management is same so hope the pricing will be same). All the best and keep us posted.
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