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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • malibu0212malibu0212 Posts: 16
    Is $33150 the out-of-the-door price? If yes, that is a great one.
  • sxylxysxylxy Posts: 29
    Hi there,

    I leased the same exact car here in California in Black Sapphire for $70 more per month. It looks like most of the difference is the $1,000 from LFS (+$28/mo..they wouldn't give it to us unless we were ES to ES. We own an RX.), the .00080 MF (I got 0.00115. +$22/mo) and our sales tax is higher (+$10/mo). Enjoy your beautiful red ES!
  • As a service to others researching prices, here's what we paid for a 2008 Lexus ES350 from Sterling McCall Lexus in Houston on June 6, 2008:

    PT Premium Plus pkg
    NV Navigation/Bluetooth/Backup Camera
    WU Wood/Leather Steering Wheel
    HL HID Headlamps
    PA Park Assist
    HN Power Rear Sunshade
    BE Rear Seat Side Airbags
    FS Full Size Spare Tire
    Z1 Preferred Acc. Pkg (Whl Locks,Cargo net, Trunk Mat)

    MSRP 42,235
    Internet Price quote received 39,675
    Price we paid 37,700 (not incl TTL)
    Driveout 40,319

    From what we've seen, most of the 350s appear to be configured with certain options and packages. It's difficult to find one with only the options that you want.

    I did review Edmunds TMV (seemed high) and Consumer Reports but I'm not sure what invoice is anymore. I ended up starting with the CR bottom line price and dealing from there.

    Hope this helps in your research.
  • thepostmanthepostman Posts: 49
    I am also in Houston. I am looking at the ES also. I stopped at Sterling a couple weeks ago. Do they still have the tax credits on the ES. I have not purchased yet. What is the monthly payment and the money factor they gave you. I also noticed that all of the ES comes with the same options except either you get Nav or you don't. If you want you can e-mail me at
  • tango19tango19 Posts: 4
    Actually there are other options on the ES. The upgraded Mark Levinson audio system and the Ultra Luxury package are 2 notable examples.

    I was set to buy the ES with premium package and Nav. Then I calculated that the UL package (with ML audio) would only cost me about $40 more per month (buying, not leasing) so I went for it.

    I'm very glad I did as these options made the ES a completely different luxury experience. You get much softer upgraded leather, powered rear window shade (great in hot weather) much nicer wheels, parking assist, 2 sun roofs which really brighten the interior on nice spring/summer days, ML audio, Nav, and probably other things I don't recall. The glass roof and upgraded wheels really stand out (in a good way) from a standard ES.

    Definitely drive a UL equipped ES before making up your mind.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    tango 19-
    I think you got a great deal! Last year (August 07) when I was looking to buy I could not get any of the Houston dealerships to deal. They would not budge so I bought from North Park in Plano. When I went back and told them what deal I was getting from North Park one of them told me I should take counter offer, nothing. So I did. :)
  • thepostmanthepostman Posts: 49
    Houston dealers are tough to deal with. They will let u walk away if you don't like the deal they put before you. A few months ago I was considering leasing a IS 250, and when I showed the sales guy what others were paying, he said if u want a deal like that, u should go and buy it from that dealer. With 4 dealerships in the Houston area, they should be willing to deal, but I guess not. If you've noticed lately, all u see driving on the freeways in Houston are new Lexus and Mercedes Benz. The price of oil is driving the economy here and it has put the luxury car buyers in a tough situation, especially if u are looking for a good deal. Dealers are like " if u don't buy it at our price, someone else will". I guess that is why I still have not purchased yet.
  • The Specs on this car are:

    2007 Lexus ES 350
    Dark Blue (Blue Black mix if you will) Exterior/Tan Interior
    9100 miles driven
    Premium Plus Package w/. Rear Spoiler
    Bluetooth, Heated and Ventilated Memory Front Seats
    Aftermarket Tinted Windows (I specifically wanted this in the deal)
    No iPod Adapter
    Balance of Factory Warranty

    Asking Price: $33900
    My Offer: $31600

    $64k to all you Lexus afficionados out there: Deal or no deal? :confuse:

    Thanks for your input in advance. :shades:

  • Adding to the description, it also has the power rear sunshade. The iPod kit is an additional $425!
  • Actually I think I might have been able to slightly better but my wife got impatient and too excited. I had a second dealer offer to match the price at the 23 hour. They were stuck on offering 2K for the trade but up it to 3K pretty quickly when we were thinking of walking.

    In the end ...she is happy so I am happy. Ironically I have not driven it yet :)
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    $33,900 is close to Invoice for new 2008 (w/special APR financing), they are crazy to ask the same price for used car with 9,100 miles. It has to be less than $30,000 but check on KBB for used car pricing.
  • Thank you, Praz. KBB shows $33295 for the vehicle loaded the same as I have described. I have offered $31600 and they are tinting the windows all around.

    To me this sounds reasonable but still the insight from all of you is very valuable to me. Thank you all in advance.
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    It will be better if you check local listings for the same car or wait a couple of months so that when the 2009 model roll out you might get a good deal on left over/loaner 2007 models, my 2 cents.
  • hedonisthedonist Posts: 3
    Hi there

    Last month I bought a 2008 ES350 in Houston for $32725 plus TTL

    It was a Lexus Dealer Loaner with 4000 miles on it, Silver Exterior and Gray Interior.

    It had the Premium Plus Package which included:

    - Heated and ventilated front seats
    - Driver's seat power cushion extender
    - Electrochromic outside mirrors with tilt-down in reverse
    - Rain-sensing intermittent windshield wipers with mist cycle
    - Audio Bluetooth® technology
    - Full-size spare tire with 17-in alloy wheel
    - Rear seat side airbags
    - Wood- and leather-trimmed steering wheel and shift knob
    - Power rear sunshade
    - Preferred accessory package (includes Cargo net, Trunk mat and Wheel locks)
    - Tinted Windows with Transparent Edge on the hood.

    It is give you some comparison. I think I did OK for Houston market but then there is always someone doing better. No Trade in....I sold my old one myself using Craigslist.

  • Thanks for your valuable insight. Consequently, I turned down the deal here in Plano telling him what kind of deals were being made in the Texas region as a whole as well as elsewhere. (Your deal was not the only one that convinced me to pursue this approach :-) ).

    I spelled out my requirements firmly for the dealership in hopes that I may get something more reasonable in the near future.

  • malibu0212malibu0212 Posts: 16
    I am in Houston too - has been looking for a ES for a while, but only went to Clear Lake Lexus since it is the closest. I found all the dealers (I've been to at least 6) here are tought to deal, not only lexus.

    Looks like I may have to go to DFW to buy - their economy is not as good as here.
  • malibu0212malibu0212 Posts: 16
    In Apr and May 2008, nationally. I'd think the dealers would be more willing to deal - but obviously not quite in Houston.

    A friend paid 39000 OTD last Nov - that's the kind of people dealers are looking for. And they can find enough in the past, but still need to see that's the case next.
  • mshapmshap Posts: 2
    shopping for an ES350 as we r returning infinitiM35x-also great car. Deal Rallye started with is 36m/15k List w nav lexpremium audio premium plus package is $42025 discounted to 37,351 with $724 down payment is $586 with 1300 down its $570/mo at 3k down its $517/mo This is out of LI NY. Your thouhts would be appreciated -many thanx-Mshap
  • gavrikgavrik Posts: 27
    We are going on Wednesday to lease new '08 ES350. I am interested in ES350 w/ Premium and Accessories package with MSRP of $38,209.

    Can someone tell what reasonable numbers (Negotiated price, residual, money factor) I should expect to receive while at Lexus? I am here in Lake County, IL, my credit score is above 800. I spoke with the dealer who I leased my current car from and they say I will not be paying more than what I pay now ($500 w/ tax). However, w/o any supporting numbers this amount is useless.

    Also, as I a current ES owner, I qualify for $1000 cash incentive. I also received $500 cash incentive from Lexus. I wonder if I can combine both.

    Your help will be appreciated.
  • beezer86beezer86 Posts: 13
    About the lease questions - I just got an email from Lexus:

    2008 es350
    $399/month 36 months $3499 at signing -
    fine print:
    Offer ends 7/7/08. On approved credit. Excludes official fees, taxes, and dealer charges. No security deposit required. *Available on approved credit to qualified customers through Lexus Financial Services and participating Lexus dealers on new 2008 ES 350. Offer based on MSRP $37,770 including delivery, processing & handling. Monthly payment may vary depending on final price of vehicle & your qualifications. See dealer for lease program details. Offer not available outside of the Eastern Region. Must take delivery by 7/7/08. Vehicle shown with optional equipment 2008 Lexus.
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