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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thanks all.... Closed my deal...

    $36.2K on an MSRP of $42.1.. ES350 + Nav option (pkg b) + ZZ pkg
    includes 875 - DNH

    overall cost + with taxes + regn --> $39.3

    cheers, Yo..
  • I think I'm ready to buy - but - not sure I am getting offered the best deal. Sticker is $37K and change; their "best price" is $34,500. I am NOT getting navigation.... Is this decent, or ...? Thanks!
  • nah, you can do better. Even though you aren't getting a lot of options you should be able to at least get in the 9 % disc range from msrp minimum. Inv is right around 9.5% from msrp but they still have many ways to make profit off veh even selling below inv...holdback 2-3 %, other lexus incentives, time on lot. Bottomline I would look to get 9-10 % from MSRP AND should be good deal for both firm and do your homework. go to edmunds and other sites for info.

    good luck.
  • lexhou - thanks for the advice!
  • welcome. I purchase mine in March-es350 2010 w/ nav and many options. MSRP was @ 41,510 and was able to get disc to 10.2 % disc but keeping in mind the options are marked up way more than base veh ( usually 20 % mark up ). Still I've seen some recent post where buyers are getting 11% range....not sure what interest rate they are offering..mine was @ 2.9..chose 36 mos to keep interest down. Last if you dont mine paying 14.00 one time fee you can get very detailed report from Consumer Reports on exact cost of vehicle and waht dealer pd. you can do online and they will email you report. Good Luck !
  • pbundy -- u can certainly squeeze in another 500 odd easily..

    i got mine one with nav option @36.2K.
  • 35525 plus 599 Dealer Fee with navigation, cargo net, floor mats etc. Paid 3 weeks ago. Send email to this dealer to get to Internet Department. I found they are not paid commissions only salary plus bonus if they sell more cars, DO NOT deal with floor sales person or you will OVERPAY.
  • Hi friends,

    Just wanted to let you know, that my lexus dealership sent a discount certificante from 'Kramer Portraits'. They say that its worth $2000. As it is free i will take it. Doesnt seem any catch reading the fine print as well.

    If anyone got a similar certificate please let me know.

    thanks, Yo lee.
  • himahima Posts: 1
    Great deal. I am ready to negotiate but I have now idea where or how start the negotiation process. any tips are welcome
  • publichelperpublichelper Posts: 3
    edited September 2010
    I am talking to two Lexus dealers in NJ. Both say there is a discount available for sale by 9/30.

    Does anyone know about any expiring offers? I do want to buy a car but don't want to rush into it if the discount is still available next month
  • pbundypbundy Posts: 5
    edited September 2010
    I am picking up my new ES350 today in suburban Minneapolis. While I am not getting as much off as some who have purchased here, my dealership explained that they are not getting any promotions from Toyota, and thus they can only cut so much. Still - I checked with Costco Automotive program, which has pretty steep cuts, in Chicago - and they were only a few hundred less than here. Not worth my time to fly down, drive back, etc.

    The dealer did cut slightly from his original "lowest we can go" price - and is tossing in winter floor mats. I think I am getting it now for $34,400 - with the mats and a decent price for my trade-in. Now - if only it hadn't taken me forever to decide what color! (I'm going with silver :) )
  • Oh! And my dealer also said that he might not be able to offer the same deal in October - so - I decided to bite the bullet.
  • gursgurs Posts: 11
    I am new to this and have to say that I am glad that i found it. It is so informative. I wanted to ask something and was wondering if someone could help me. I am planning to buy a CPO es350. I found one online and it is a 2009 model with 10,000 miles on it with the nav package. It is priced at 34000. I was wondering where should i begin my negotiations and also how much do you guys think i should be paying for this car ???
  • You can get a 2010 ES350 W/ Navigation at JM Lexus the largest Lexus dealer in the world in Margate Florida for less than what you are looking at. :)
  • gursgurs Posts: 11
    its just that i am in chicago and i dont think i can drive it all the way from florida.
  • cartman13cartman13 Posts: 43
    edited October 2010
    Not sure if midwest has it going right now, but out west dealers have a $1k incentive cash to unload the ES350's from lexus.

    At the very least you should be able to get invoice pricing w/o breaking a sweat. expires tomorrow 10/05. Incentives expire tomorrow. Not to say that new ones wont' pop up, but you never know i guess.
  • allawallaw Posts: 14
    Having your car shipped to chicago is only a few hundred bucks considering that you are getting a new car instead of a CPO.
  • Looking to pickup a new ES350. MSRP - $41414, dealer is offering it for $34671 plus tax and tags. There is a $3K cash rebate from Lexus effective today. Don't have much details on how long the offering is for but read it on - sj.html

    Waiting on the dealer to confirm the financing rate. The 1.9% expired yesterday.
  • gursgurs Posts: 11
    will the rebate apply to 2011 es models too ???
  • No rebates on the 2011 models as yet but the 2011 models will get the 1.9% financing. I wasn't able to get the 1.9% on the 2010 model but brought my own financing of 2.99% from Pentagon Federal Credit Union and the dealer matched it.
  • gursgurs Posts: 11 i guess i shd be able to get 10% discount from MSRP for 2010 ES model or do u think i should try for even more. Its my first time buying a car and i really have no clue how all this works.
  • I'd like to buy a new 2010 ES350 (trading in my 08 ES350) with the options UL and FS. What price do people get for a similar configuration?
  • i guess i shd be able to get 10% discount from MSRP for 2010 ES model or do u think i should try for even more. Its my first time buying a car and i really have no clue how all this works.

    8.5% - 9% off the MSRP will land you at close to the Dealer Invoice price. Add a couple of hundred to go over Invoice and then subtract the $3K rebate to get to the final price, plus tax and tags.
  • I just used Edmund's new car pricing tool to try to get the TMV for the car I want. And it gives a TMV that $2500 lower than dealer's invoice price. If you add in the $3000 rebate from Toyota, that'll be $5500 lower than the dealer invoice. So I'd get the TMV from Edmund's website and try to get a dealer to agree on that price starting with offering a price lower than the TMV minus rebate.
  • Just bought a 2010 ES with an MSRP of $41,215 for $35,000 +tax and tags - had a fun bidding war with two local dealers. Financing at 3.99 for 60 mos. This is the same car that was offered to me at $37k two days ago before the new $3k rebate incentive. Couldn't get it any lower.
  • vt2010vt2010 Posts: 13
    Just bought a new 2010 ES350 Base model, sticker $37,435 for $30,100 (Total 33.3K out of the door). (Dealer at Los Angeles, CA.) When delivery, I noticed that the dealer name on MSRP windows sticker is from Arizona. Is it made any different on the car?
  • charlieliucharlieliu Posts: 80
    edited October 2010
    Any options, HL, HH, WU, HN, FS, etc?
  • gursgurs Posts: 11
    Hey guys...

    just wanted to ask you guys if I am getting a good deal on a 2010 ES 350...the dealer is asking 36000...its a model with navigation and all the accesories which usually come with it...i am just curious if I am getting the best deal....I am in chicago....
  • vt2010vt2010 Posts: 13
    MSRP $35,175 + option Heated Seat, Full size spare tire, etc, fee. Total $ 37, 435.

    19.8% off MSRP.
  • vt2010vt2010 Posts: 13
    My opinion: Depends on invoice or percentage discount off MSRP.
    Dealers have cash back $3000 to move 2010 model, expired 11/1/10
    May I ask what is the MSRP sticker price?
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