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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bluer0cks...Unfortunately you have to actually be an employee of GEICO...or have a spouse that is (my case)...but I would check out other FCU's in your area because they have in general lower rates than banks...and don't forget that Lexus is running a special on low rates for December, I had a salesman tell me that the rates would be going down in December which is the time I expect to buy....
  • Weniki...can you tell me which salesperson or manager did you talk to? I tried Clearlake Lexus a couple of times with no luck. They always give me a high quote and would not budge. Thanks!
  • My total price paid was $34K + TTL.

    There are three major options: Premium Plus Package, Ultra-Luxury Package, Navigation System/Mark Levinson. Every other option accessory (HIDs, etc) are an additional to those packages and is tacked on with an additional cost. Go with with pricing.

    I would first find out what options you want in the car. Then price it out at Then contact the dealer to see if they have the car with the options you wanted and you can bargain with the nada invoice from there.

    Good luck!! You won't be disappointed with the ES350. Smoooth ride it is!!
  • I just came home with what I think was a great deal on an 2008 ES350 Pebble Beach Edition, with Nav, sunshade and extra spare. MSRP was 42,320 and selling price was 35,650 (2k back of invoice). LFS MF and residual at 10k miles put my payment with basic driveoffs at 443. Northern Cal dealer. Let me know if you need specifics.
  • Was that a 36 or 48 month lease? Also what amounts were included in you driveoff? Does your payment of $ 443 include sales tax? I appreciate any infor you can give. It is a great riding car.
  • 36 mo/10k miles
    1430 in drive offs incl first month
    yes, 7.75% sales tax included
  • Got a price on an 2008 ES350
    MSRP 39745
    48 Month Lease
    407plus tax with total drive off $ 550

    Is that a good deal

    Any help appreciated
  • you can do better....where r u located
  • Ft Lauderdale

    what would be the right price 48 months - 10000
    miles msrp 39765 drive out 550 which includes first payment of 407 plus tax
  • wenikiweniki Posts: 13
    I thought I wasn't allowed to post names?? If you want, I can email it to you.
  • Hi - Do you mind giving the name of the dealer? Do you recall what's left in the dealer's inventory of remaining 2008 ES350? I've been looking at 2009 ES350 at local Bay Area dealers, but have not been getting much of a deal. Since 2008s seem to be the way to go, any information you can share about which dealers had the most inventory of 2008s left and which were the most willing to deal would be greatly appreciated! Actually, any information on your experiences with all the various dealers would be great. Thanks!
  • They have a few left. Jeff at Lexus of Concord. Tell him Gregg sent you! Good luck.
  • What about 407 including 6% tax with driveoffs being
    600 total?
  • sounds very good...of course, it depends on the equipment and term of lease.
  • premium plus package 39765 msrp 10000 miles 48 months
  • it really depends on how willing your regional dealers are to deal. I think you should be able to get a cap cost of at least 5k back of sticker. At that point, with the MF and residulas, you can back into a payment. Perhaps California has better deals due to more competition.
  • Hi, I got my for 34200 plus tax&fee. Premium pk, HID, DC, LM, GN, FS, WF, BE, HH, WU, WL. I got it from a dealer in Philadelphia area. Hope this help and good luck.
  • So Texas lexus dealer offers me 2009 350 es base price 34320 plus extras to sticker price of 41595 including dest fee. I added window tint and stripping bottom line of 42185. We negotiate price of 37937 plus ttl. I call dealer in Houston who quotes me exact same vehicle for 37000 plus ttl. Please comment.
  • Do you mind telling me which Lexus dealership you went to in Houston. I'm probably going to start my search next week for an es350. I had no idea that they were giving out deals on 09 ES 350s. Whats the stock like for 2008 ES 350s in the Houston area? Thanks.
  • sterling mccall in houston and actually was 2009 pebble beach listing for 42705 asking 37000 plus ttl. good luck
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