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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Looking in Towson, MD area for new ES 350 Sedan with Nav. Received price of $40,300 on the road with $3,000 down. Can I do better?
    Thanks for any advice.
  • rhk1rhk1 Posts: 10
    Although I did not buy in this area I have dealt with the Internet dept at Lexus of Towson, MD by email and phone and found them to be honest and very price competitive.

    What is the MSRP and options for the model you are looking at? Is your price for a lease or finance?

    Always negotiate on an outright cash purchase with no trade in. After you get the deal you want work on the financing or leasing then deal with the trade in at the very end.
  • I am getting pricing on the 2011 ES with Ultra Luxury at $39480. The sticker is $45220. Is this a good price or could I do better?
  • car20car20 Posts: 12
    I am looking at purchasing a 2009 350 ES with 24,000 miles..what I am wonderwing is what is the max i should look to pay it is fully loaded with NAV. I have him down to $27,500 but thinking I should be able to get for $26K does anyone know?
  • mgeomgeo Posts: 1
    That doesn't sound too bad - but I'm certainly no expert. I've been hoping I could find one with ML/Nav but without the UL package - they just don't make them that way. I tried to configure one on paper with all the options I would want (including some UL features, like the HID, vent. seats, wood trim), and the invoice for my "ideal" vehicle (if it existed) was around $39.5K. Still about $5-6K more than a comparably equipped Avalon, which is also on my list. Can I ask who quoted you that price?
  • car20car20 Posts: 12
    Try it is great for new car enter in all your options on the right and then it goes to 3 best priced dealers..and they you can either go to them..or print off your voucher...and get your local one to match it. Huge savings can be found under invoice.
  • lexpaullexpaul Posts: 40
    Actually $27, 500 is not too bad. I have an 2009 Nav/park assist, but my miles are much less than that. If you can get $26, then go for it, but that's another $1500 off, so it might be dicey.
  • Hello folks,

    I recently bought a 2011 Lexus ES350 at Putnam Lexus in SF Bayarea for $36,000. MSRP sticker price was $41,900. It has navigation, power rear sunshade, LCD display for backup camera, parking assist, wood and leather steering wheel, preferred acc. package, leather trim, and spoiler. It's not UL package. They called it Navigation package.

    I also got a $1000 discount as a current owner of another Lexus vehicle.

    Other dealers in the bayarea were quoting $37,000 for the same package.

    No haggling was done. I requested a quote from all dealers in my area using and just picked the lowest. This price is about $1200 below invoice per and

    This was my easiest car purchase ever. It was like buying an iPad at Bestbuy. :)
  • rhk1rhk1 Posts: 10
    That is a great deal and should set the bar for anyone else looking at the same car. Did you buy or lease? What was the dealer fee?
  • What is dealer fee? I can' find it in my sale contract. My total OTD price is $39k = $35999 + tax + dmv + license fees + doc fees + CA tire fees - $1k loyalty discount. The $1k loyalty discount is after tax.

    I purchased the car.
  • rhk1rhk1 Posts: 10
    What was your doc fee? Sometimes dealers build their profit into the doc fee instead of or in addition to a dealer fee.
  • coder4lifecoder4life Posts: 4
    edited March 2011
    Hello rhk1,

    Here's the breakdown of my cost:

    Cash price: $35,999
    Doc fee: $55
    CA Sales tax: $3,335
    DMV fee: $29
    License fees: 415
    Registration fee: $90
    CA tire fees: $9
    Loyalty discount: ($1000)
    No trade-in

    Total out the door: $38,932

    I made a 60% down payment and financed the remainder through Lexus/Toyota corp at 2.9%. I'm not sure if this had any effect on the price because when I was quoted the cash price of $35,999+Tax+fees, they did not know my payment terms and if I was eligible for loyalty discount.

    Also, the mileage on the car was 85 miles. It looks like this had been in their inventory for quite a while before the purchase that was why they gave a good deal (?) just to get rid of it. This is just my theory because in my previous car purchases, they were all less than 10 miles.
  • coder4lifecoder4life Posts: 4
    edited March 2011
    > I hate haggling at the dealership. Internet is a wonderful thing. The key is getting the online dealers to quote a price in email print

    I agree. Get a quote by email from several dealerships. Research the prices at online sites like or and compare. Make sure the prices refer to the same package or options. This is one of the tricks dealers employ to make it difficult for you to compare prices. While you may be getting a lower price quote from one dealer, it may not be the same car from another dealer.

    It is really hard to find the lowest price out there because it depends on so many factors including time of year and day of the month. The best thing you can do is get a quote from several dealers. It's like bidding, thus forcing your sellers to compete. If you can get four or more quotes, it is likely that you'll get competitive pricing, thus, would be getting a good deal.

    Some dealers don't like to make a quote by email. I think one reason to this is that they are afraid you might bring this to another dealer and ask them to match the offer. If they can't make a quote by email, call them up and at least get a verbal quote.

    Another reason why they won't make a quote in email is because this is pretty much a closed deal for them and would not have any more chance to increase their profit when you visit them. The verbal quote is tricky because they wanted you to come to the dealership and once there, they can use all their sales tactics in getting you to buy the car you were not originally quoted. Don't fall for this. Prepare to walk away if you can't get them to honor their original quote. It's called bait-and-switch tactic.

    If a dealer doesn't want to make a quote by email or on the phone, just ignore them (unless nobody else is making a quote). In my last purchase, the dealers who didn't make a quote were calling me a week after to follow up. I told them I already made a purchase. I told them I didn't call them back because I didn't receive a quote from them. I hope that would teach them a lesson to make a quote when they are asked to and not BS around. I don't get it. I went to and and filled up this form to ask dealers to send a quote. Instead, they contacted you and asked to visit their dealerships to talk about it. What?

    I wish someday buying cars would be like buying a TV at costco, bestbuy, or even You are given the prices upfront and you just choose. I may find out later that there is a lower price somewhere else. I am fine with that because I have already done due diligence in researching the price I am willing to pay. I was offered this amount and was not coerced.

    I think this is one thing car dealerships still don't understand about consumers. Consumers don't want to lowball the sellers. They just wanted to get a fair price. Consumer don't want to get ripped off by paying more than they need to or expect to.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 43,670
    CA restricts dealer document fees to $55.. (it's the tax and title fees that will kill


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Sounds like a great price; I'm only finding $3700 off MSRP; did you get the deal?
  • paripari Posts: 7
    I think you got a great deal very much in line with what I got in Dec, 2010.
    I worked with Magnessun Lexus to get my Truffle Mica ES 350 for $38,700 OTD after the $1000 loyalty discount. My car too had 95 miles on it but I believe it was driven from Freeman Lexus since Magnessun did not have this color in stock. The specs of my car are identical to yours and are pretty standard for Lexus without UL but with Nav. I also had a trade in and they offered me KBB trade in values for my car (2009 Acura TSX with Nav) which was I think fair. Putnam was offering me $3K below KBB value and that got me away from them.
  • I am about to buying 2011 Lexus Es 350 with navi in tx
    MSRP is 42190, but they just gave me $1500 off from MSRP.
    IS there any better offer?
    Hyundai Genesis 3.8 + Tech package is all most same MSRP but they gave me $9000 off
    what's going on? their invoce price is only $3000 different.
    how can i better deal with Lexus?
    give ma an advice please
  • car20car20 Posts: 12
    For either car try pick your extra's... they give the best prices in area from 3 dealers.
  • Got a lease deal $3500 down Tier 1 credit 2011 ES 350 with Navigation Package and Chrome Rims 36 month 15k miles for 515 per month + tax so $548 per month....Dealer also threw in cargo mats and tinted the car...good deal??? MSRP was $42,065 they came down to $37k
  • town12town12 Posts: 2
    Does this car has Navigation ?

    What other options that this car has ?


  • yes Navigation package fully loaded sat radio bluetooth back up camera heated seats rear shade etc....
  • joez34joez34 Posts: 1
    Just an FYI for anyone looking for this car..

    In New Jersey
    Sticker $ 38,300
    Price Paid $35,000 + Tax, MVS, $239 Doc Fee

    Easy purchase experience with very little haggling.
  • somanssomans Posts: 10
    Where in nJ?
    Which dealer?

    What extra it has/
  • activex111activex111 Posts: 41
    looking at buying a 2008 Es350, aquamarine blue , 43K miles and fully loaded. mark levinson audio, backup camera,navigation, ventilated seats, wood trim etc.
    dealer is asking 24.5. is that a good price?
    also, any known issues with 2008 es350?
    thanks in advance :o)
  • ezericsezerics Posts: 25
    Anyone have an advice on their negotiation strategy. Looking at the ES 350, never personally negotiated a lease or bought a car new before. Complicating things are the fact that we would like a navigation system and have another lease about to expire with two payments left we may want them to take over. Any tips? Do people here generally go by the Edmunds TMV? Invoice? Are the TMV and Invoice figures shown on Edmunds for this car accurate and good to base negotiations off of?

    Think I may want to lease, am I supposed to negotiate the purchase price first as low as possible, then arrange a monthly lease payment? How do you negotiate a lease without getting caught up in a 4 square monthly payments game? How do you pay less of a down payment/drive off cost or get additional mileage or options over and above what the current advertised monthly lease special is?

    Any suggestions? Where to begin...
  • gordongjgordongj Posts: 23
    The Canadian MSRP for an ES 350 with UL package is $55,000 including PDI & freight. Thank gooodness that Lexus vehicles dereciate quickly because I may have to wait until 2012 to buy my 2011 ES!
  • town12town12 Posts: 2
    Could you post the dealership that you got this good deal ?

  • coachjoshcoachjosh Posts: 3
    JM Lexus Margate Florida
  • nilmadnilmad Posts: 1

    I have an offer for ES 350 OTD for 37500 is it a good price to pay for? VA registration. It has below options
    Full Spare tire, HID, Park Assist, Heated seats, Preferred package 2, wood trim steering
  • 4barbara4barbara Posts: 46
    edited June 2011
    Here's what we got just today...comments:

    2011 Es 350...Fully Loaded & yes with Wheels & Spoiler, rear shades
    NO Down...12k miles per mo......36 mo's
    $600 OTD
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