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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • BEACHSEEKER could you tell me which dealer you went to? What was your out the door total (tax etc.)?
  • I bought my UL with Marc Levinson, tinted widows, park assist,all weather mats wheel lock, trunk mat, cargo net for 39,000. MSRP was about 44,000. My price was 82% MSRP plus TTL. Grapevine, Texas Dec 29, 2008. Really nice and moe than I expected in amenities
  • Thanks lexpaul. I really appreciate your comprehensive response. I will continue to do some research. Yes, I really appreciate your offer to recommend a salesman. Please send me the info at
  • Diamond15, that seems to be a great deal in DFW!

    I was looking at a similar car on their lot in Grapevine---what color did you get? Can you recommend someone to deal with at the dealership? The figure they gave me for a similar vehicle was $40,500 + TTL--closer to $43,500 net!

    You did great for net $39,000!

    Any info you can share would be great. I want your deal!! :)

  • Hello. That is a great deal. I tried last night to offer sewell in fort worth 82% of MSRP that is 42,595. They would not go for it. His offer was 37,800. Any idea how you got such a great deal? Congrats!!!
  • Yes, I worked with 2-3 dealers telling them I was going for the lowest price. I calculated mybase 2009 car plus options on and offered below invoice. I had the salesman fax me the car dealer sticker and compared apples to apples. My husband wanted me to go $225 lower but I asked for allweather floor mats and window tinting to be included in the $39,000. I found Sewell to be the least helpful. They had the specific car and color I wanted as a demo 2008 but would not come down from 39,450. The grapevine salesman(kn) tried to tell me that the car mats were $200 but I told him I had paperwork saying $69 and he accepted. Just tell them you are a serious buyer and let them know you have other active options. Also I just told him thank you for his offer but I was waiting to hear back from the other dealer to see who was lowest. Other (Plano) dealer called me back 1 hour after I agreed with Grapevine by phone. Just be nice but firm on what you will pay. Be ready to move on though. I really wanted only white and all the luxury options and two dealers had this same car, very helpful. Good Luck
  • Yes, KN was my salesman. His first offer to me on the 43,985 MSRP was 40,309. He had spent about an hour with me test driving and educating me on the car. I told him I was going to Sewell and was in contact with his counterpart in Plano to see who would give me the best price. I got the sticker from the car and compared options on to get invoice price and offerred below. He acted like it was a stretch, he's very experienced, but really took it when I held firm on my price in a nice way. He new I was a serious buyer. I think playing dealers who had the same car agianst each other helped. Just keep telling him you know he can do it. May have helped that it was the end of the year, but really don't know because it was an 09. I heard several times, from dealers, that 09 is about $1,000 below 08 because of a price reduction. I think this was true when i compared cars/options online. 09 was less, but they have good financing on 08. Won't got that low on 09. I had my own financing ready to go with exceptional credit all in my court too. Good Luck, I love the car. I got the white with tan interior. Did not like truffle color left in the 08s on that lot. Husband has a black M35 so didn't want black. i was pretty limited because i only wanted white but tried not to show this to salesman. He said not many come with Mark Levinson and ultra luxury.I think he was trying to tell me I wanted a more rare car and should pay more. I thought of it as a car and just the numbers and stood firm
  • Clarify

    MSRP sticker $43,985 plus tinted windows and all weather mats
    Deal $39,000 plus TTL
    Hope this helps
  • It was at Stevens Creek. OTD was around $38,500 (at 8.25% sales tax), but your total may differ depending on the sales tax where you are.
  • lexpaullexpaul Posts: 40
    Down-to-Earth, Sorry about the delay...I'll be sending you the dealer name and number and salesman's name I dealt with. They have some very aggressive pricing...stay tuned.... :)
  • Hello everyone. I got an e-mail from the salesman at Grapevine lexus yesterday. The 2008 ES 350 in Truffle Mica is being sold for 36,494 + TTL. The MSRP is 43,075. It is brand new and not a demo. I thought it was a good deal and have not made an counter offer yet. Any thoughts on this deal? Please let me know. It is not my favorite color but I think it may be too much of a good deal to pass up.....

  • Hi Nalini, I got quoted at $34,700 + TTL at the end of the year for a brand new 2009 ES350 with the Navigation package and then at $35,741 + TTL in January. So I think you still have some room to bargain. :shades:
  • Wow that is a great price... Was that at a dealership in Texas? If so which one?
    Thanks for the reply
  • Really great price. When i was there the last week in December they had 3-4 in Mica left for 2008. I think it is a harder color to sell becuase that was the only color they had. Color not bad but not my first choice either. Money is great, if you like color then go for it!
  • Is this car a Pebble Beach Edition? I was looking at Sewell and they have the Pebble with a MSRP of $43705, but I have him down to $36900 + TTL. It is a 08 in Truffle Mica. I think the Pebble is the only one with that color. Great car. I am going to Grapevine to check them out tommorow.
  • This was in the Bay Area, California. I think that $36K is a good price for the Pebble Beach.
  • other than calling each Lexus dealer, is there another way to determine inventory of 08 ESs?

    I was quoted $36K for a Levinson ($34K for just Nav) a few weeks ago, and expect that the recent $4K Lexus is contributing to dealers to move the 08 ESs will make dealers more aggressive.

    Just need to know who has the inventory, and what they have.....

    thanks for any suggestions.
  • I would suggest looking at their websites. Oakland was the one that offered me the $34K deal, Santa Rosa offered the $35K in January for an 09. Santa Rosa had a Pebble Beach edition for 08 and the Lexus in Redwood City (Putnam) had an 08 with Mark Levinson but I didn't want to spend an extra $2K - $3K for these features since they don't appeal to me.
    Check out their website for Team Members's phone numbers so you can call them directly when you find the car you want.
  • gbjerkegbjerke Posts: 158
    AMEN on any site that would carry current inventorys on '08's.
    Used one for Corvette and found what I wanted.
    My problem:
    Currently have an '05 ES which is my wifes car and she loves it. She is gonzo over the Royal Ruby Red color and does not like the '09 Red. Understand, if she could get an '09 for less than a Ruby Red '08, she would jump at the '08.
    Would love to be able to search a site that carried '08 inventories.
    Two of my last three Vettes were a fly out/drive back and would not mind doing the same for an '08 the right color you understand.
  • Hello. Yes that is the 2008 pebble beach edition in truffle mica. If you look on the lexus website the truffle mica is listed as a special order color for 2009. I however did not ask how much the 2009's are being sold for. Because there has been a $1000 price drop off of MSRP for 2009. I was not really interested in the pebble beach until he told me the price. The salemans initials are KC. But he will not be in tomorrow(Tuesday) he just sent me an e-mail.. I wonder what kind of deal they would make if we both bought one? I believe they have 4 of them left.
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