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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • girlie16girlie16 Posts: 4
    Thank you for your advice. I actually got another quote around $36.5k excluding tax and fees in New Jersey. I'm going to try to negotiate a bit more to see if there are any additional options I can add. I should be able to close the deal this week or next week.
  • girlie16girlie16 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the tips. Will try to negotiate the price again to see if they can go lower otherwise I'm going to an alternative dealership with a lower quote.
  • beezer86beezer86 Posts: 13
    In Jersey, I found Presitge and Edison to be the lowest. Luckily we have about 12 dealerships to quote from.
  • I am trying to buy Lexus Es350 in Chicago area. I like to have premium plus and Nav. MSRP is $41704. What should I offer?
  • I am trying to buy 2009 Lexus ES350 in Chicago area. MSRP is $41,704. I believe invoice price is 88% of MSRP which is $36,700. I think it is right price to offer. Let me have your opinion.
  • pweaver1pweaver1 Posts: 3
    I would like to purchase an ES 350 in Central Florida at approximately 88% off MSRP. Does anyone have a recommendation of a dealership that might accept this offer? I am not having success so far. Thanks!
  • nick1234nick1234 Posts: 2
    I am also looking to buy ES350 in Central Florida. If you find a deal, please let me know!
  • pweaver1pweaver1 Posts: 3
    I am looking in the Orlando area. So far the best quote I got was from a dealership in Tampa Bay for $4,000 off MSRP. This is for the ES350 with navigation and premium plus package. Are you finding any better deals?
  • nick81982nick81982 Posts: 14
    Looking for 09 ES350 with Premium Plus, Mark Levinson + Nav. What is the expected price?

    Edmunds shows 37,1xx for the area. However as built on edmunds, it doesnt include the wood steering wheel and backup assistant.

    Dealer claims all lexus's from factory are equipped with those options if you choose Mark Levinson package and gives me quote for 37,7xx while including those.

    Is it true?

    Can I opt out of getting backup assistant which would shave off 500 and still get everything else?
  • nick1234nick1234 Posts: 2
    What was MSRP+Destination charge?
  • Hello, reading these chats, i see most people are getting their cars below invoice. I am having a very hard time in michigan getting dealerships to even take these offers below invoice seriously. has anyone found offers in this state below invoice (or the 88% below MSRP) that everyone is writing about? The lowest price i have been able to get is 38700. I know the market in each state is different, but any help would be appreciated. (i want the prem plus with nav, park assist, spoiler MSRP being 41700)

  • nick81982nick81982 Posts: 14
    38700 is definitely very high for the car as equipped. Here is northern cali I got a quote for 37,7xx for same car plus Mark levinson package.

    However, I'm wondering if this quote is too high.
  • helenewhelenew Posts: 3
    Hello, girlie 16,

    Have you got the car? what is the final price and with which dealer? I am looking for a similar car too in NJ. Thanks
  • 36.5 for MSRP 41,700 is very good deal. I hope I can find that deal in Chicago.That is almost invoice price.
  • pweaver1pweaver1 Posts: 3
    The MSRP is $41,585. One dealer is offering $37,671 plus tag, tax and title.
    I wonder if we could get a better deal if we negotiate for two cars!
  • b_jb_j Posts: 7
    My wife and I are planning to buy car in a month or 2, haven’t decided yet but in the short list that we have, Lexus ES350 is on the top. We checked the web and this is what we got so far:

    From Lexus sit,

    Base $ 34,470
    Delivery $ 875
    Options $ 3390 Total MSRP $ 38,735
    The option is called premium plus package.

    My questions are:
    1. If the price above is MSRP, then 88% of that is about $ 34,100 that we should aim for, correct?

    2. Pebble Beach Edition is about $ 7350 but in it showed this option cost around $2970, anyone knows why such a huge difference?

    3. Is the fuel has to be 91?

    We do appreciate the help, suggestion and the recommendation that you may provide…

    p.s. the above message has been also posted on other board.
  • girlie16girlie16 Posts: 4
    Hi Helenew,

    I apologize for the delay. Yes, I have gotten the car in NJ. The price of the car is 36.5k and with tax and fee it was around 39k more or less. Please note that the tax was based on CT and I'm not sure how much difference it would be for NJ. You can try asking for online quotes and then negotiate with the individual dealers.
  • aja1122aja1122 Posts: 1
    i am looking for a 2009 lexus es350....either base or with navigation. my best deal so far is from ray catena in long branch. they are offering the base at $33,600 and the navigation at $36495. on both they are offering 2.9% to finance. can i do better in nj?
  • nick81982nick81982 Posts: 14
    Bought ES350 premium plus + nav + wood leather steering + xm + 17" full size spare for 35,500 + TTL in SF Bay area.

    Smokey granite mica with black interior.

    Awesome car and awesome service at Putnam in redwood city. Can't be happier....highly recommended.
  • I bought 2009 ES350 with Prem plus + Nav + Heated & vent seats, Power rear Sunshade, HID lamp, Full size spare, back up camera, Intuitive parking, All weather mat, wood and leather trim streeng wheel, wheel locks, bluetooth, Smoky granite mica w/black leather, rain sencing inter. wipers in Chicago, IL,

    $37000 plus tax,plate, itle, doc MSRP $41754
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