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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ldubb1ldubb1 Posts: 4
    Congrats on the good deal. More than 11% off MSRP. Did u go to McGrath Lexus? Did they offer 2.9% financing?
  • I went to Woodfield Lexus. All others were expensive. 2.9% financing was offered.
  • nick81982nick81982 Posts: 14
    Same here, got 2.9%.

    Glad that I did not choose Acura - TL. Features list is good with tech package but I was turned off by those hideous looks of it.

    Glad to be a member of Lexus club : :)
  • b_jb_j Posts: 7
    35.5k is very low with all the options. Is it new car? congrats anyway on your purchase
  • nick81982nick81982 Posts: 14
    Yup brand new car with only 13 miles on the odometer. Very happy with the price and buying experience. Whole thing was totally hassle free, no gimmicks and no bait and switch stuff.

    This was first quote and there was no need to haggle as price was really good already.

    Highly recommend everyone in SF bay area in the market to go to Putnam in redwood city.
  • Ok, so I want to lease the ES 350 here in TX this month since it will be sales tax free, I have excellent credit 780-800 range for all 3. Today is Cinco de Mayo, and I have put my feelers out after being in contact w/ 3 dealers...I've gotten 2 quotes from the 3: $40,100 & $40,900. I want prem plus pkg, navi/backup cam, power sunshade, park assist, pref accessory, etc, etc, + chrome wheels and satellite radio, I've done research for invoice prices and that comes out to about 39,100 including destination...I understand that Lexus has a 13% profit margin + 2% holdback on base model price, with those figures, their actual cost is about $38,039....I offered $38,500, and he declined. I said ok, thanks, bye....this is just one of the 3 dealers, the one that quoted me the lowest in the 1st place. Did I mess up by quoting a # after his number? I think it's fair given the state of the economy and the fact that lexus sales plummeted almost 40% this past yr. Oh, and I'm a woman, so I know the cards are stacked against me. Please help\. thnx!!!
  • b_jb_j Posts: 7
    I think you did the right thing and I bet the saleman is going to call you soon.... let us know
  • I sure hope so, it's been strange to say the least, I've told all 3 that I'm willing to deal right away if they'll work with me...this was just e-mail communications, but today, like I mentioned above, I actually called one of them, since no one had ever e-mailed me back after saying I was ready to go ?!?!
  • b_jb_j Posts: 7
    Just wait if you can, they're the ones who may lose not you. You're the one who is going to pay a lot of $$ but if they don't call you then you may shop some where else..
    What was the MSRP of the car that you offering $38.5k?
  • MSRP $44,511, which includes all options & destination of $875...I multiplied this number by 13% profit margin which=$5786, and I multiplied base model price of $34,320 x 2% for holdback=$686...invoice price about $38,100---I this right?
  • b_jb_j Posts: 7
    Check out Lexus official web-site, you will find the followings:
    1. Base = $ 34,470
    2. Dest. chg.= $ 875
    Then the options, there are 4 options
    Option 1=2365 and it's Premium plus
    Option 2=3390 and it's Premium plus with additional options
    Option 3=6240 and it's Voice-activated, NAV with back-up camera, etc...

    Then there is what is called Pebble Beach Edition and cost about $7350

    I think yours is option #3 what will come to MSRP $34,470+875+6240=41,585
    88 to 90% of this figure would come to $36,595-37,427

    If you can obtain the invoice then offer them $500 above the invoice #
    I haven't bought lexus yet still shopping...

    Good luck
  • ok, I checked that out and added $1995 for chrome wheels + $695 satellite radio, which comes to $44,275 and 88% of that is $38, I low-balled the guy ($38,500), I guess, but not by too terribly much!! lol! Wonder if he'll call me back?

    thnx for the help!
  • b_jb_j Posts: 7
    It seems that you're doing your homework!
    For some reason I thought the satellite radio and chrome wheels were included in these options.
    I still (and this just me without much buying experience) think the $ number you gave was adequate. You may just pick the phone and talk with the internet sale directors (for all 3 dealers in your area), you might also check others out of your area.
    Have you ever gotten the invoices from the dealers and was there much difference in the one provided by edmunds?

    Good luck
  • boytboyt Posts: 6
    I would like to buy one for that price. Could you give me the location of the dealership and also the contact. Thanks
  • boytboyt Posts: 6
    I would like to buy one from them. Did you talk to internet sales manager?
  • All 3 Park Place Plano, Sewell Dallas & Shreveport Lexus were willing to give to me for $38,500, I talked to Brian Safinow at Park Place extensively also
  • oh, and Gerald Jackson-Sewell Dallas, very nice fella!
  • boytboyt Posts: 6
    How much are the plate, title and documentation fees?

  • ballpark, tittle fee about 35, license 60, doc fee 35 in Shreveport, 50 in Dallas
  • boytboyt Posts: 6
    It looks like a good price.What is the MSRP price. Who is your contact at Putnam?
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