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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Lease Questions



  • Is this what you are looking for?

    It took me a while but I think I have master it. I also put it on a spread sheet so that it calculates the payment for me.
  • newkid300newkid300 Posts: 18
    Car_man I am in NYC and looking to lease an ES350 for 36 months, 15,000 miles. I really don't want to put anything down except security and first month. I know the money factor is .00245 and the residual is 60%.
    On the lexus site the MSRP for the following is $37,690.00 (actually $37,685.00) and the TMV on Edmunds is $37,690.00.
    The package is the Premium package which is
    High intensity headlamps, heated and ventilated front seats, wood and leather trimmer steering wheel and shift know, bluetooth, FS spare, rear seat airbags.
    The website includes a delivery process and handling fee of $695.00 to get to the $37,685.00. Price. What would a good lease deal be? Thank you.
  • Car_Man overlooked my last leasing question I posted over a week ago. Hopefully he will not do the same to yours. I don't think this Leasing Thread is a very popular one or not many people view it. I will be leasing an ES in the next couple weeks or sooner and need all the information I can get. :)
  • newkid300newkid300 Posts: 18

    I spoke to a dealer this morning. Offer was $589.00 per month with taxes in the payments. Car has premium package, sunroof pkg, park assist, wood/leather wheel/ rear A/B, wheel locks, cargo net and all weather mats for MSRP per him of $38,379.00. He told me the Net Cap at $37,579.00. TMV said vehicle would not go under MSRP. Think I also can get him down prob $10-15 per month to close the deal. Lease is 36 months, 15K miles
  • Wow! I think that is pretty good. I am going for the UL Package so the numbers are going to be different. I would recommend getting some other quotes in writing from other dealerships. You may receive a better offer. Go back to the dealer that is closest to you and see if they will beat it.

    Thanks for your response. I feel loved again. LOL
  • newkid300newkid300 Posts: 18
    Now I am confusing myself as the SUV has a lease special which may be better than the car. Also, reconfigured for 2007. I really hate this nonsense.
  • You? I am down right embarrassed at how I have been going back and forth with picking a color. I don't even post half of the turmoil I have been going though in the main thread because people would think I am nuts. :D
  • newkid300newkid300 Posts: 18
    So here's the deal I did this afternoon. 2007 ES with NAV, and Premium package. MSRP was about $40,300. Sell price was about $39,600/ With 1400 out of pocket, 36 months comes to $608.00 per month with 8.375% tax in the payments. Up front is bank fee, ($600), MV and plates, reg and first month. No security. Getting 15,000 miles. Got black on black. Money factor was .00161. Think I got a pretty good deal - Car_man?
  • Wow, a money factor of .00161? What is interest rate of 3.8? (If I calculated that right.) How can that be. You must have amazing credit to get it that low.

    So last time I chatted with you this morning, you were thinking of leasing the SUV. LOL What happened? You moved in pretty fast on that one.

    Black on Black. Nice!
  • forthillforthill Posts: 31
    Yes, how is that possible? Even for returning LFS customers the money factor was .00255 (that was before July 1st, I think they have gone up since then).
    Also, the residuals were to have gone up on July 1st.

  • sammyssammys Posts: 30
    What is the easiest way to back into the dealers selling price if I know everything, including monthly payment?

    I know the RV % and amount, money factor, term, msrp.

    Does anyone have, or know of, a spreadsheet available where I might just plug in numbers to see the affect?

  • newkid300newkid300 Posts: 18
    I don't know how the money factor was so low. I told him that I had a dealer in NJ for 589.00 per month with same out of pocket (for a non-NAV). I guess he just wanted to get the deal done. It was with a very reputable dealer on Long Island. Regarding the SUV, I sat in it and my right arm fell off the armrest. I know it may sound like a small thing but in a truck that costs $43K the armrest should be wide enough to not have this happen to a driver who is 6 feet tall and 220lbs. Stupid as it sounds, I got in the truck several times and made sure that I was centered in the seat and each time, my arm fell off toward the middle of the car. After that, I did not want it. Hopefully, I will be picking up the car on Thursday or Friday. I really can't wait and am much more excited than I was for my 2004 Acura TL (that was totalled while parked last Thursday night thanks to some idiot) :shades:
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Newkid, sorry about what happened to your
    TL. Talk about freak accidents!
    I agree with you about that silly armrest on
    the RX SUV. I also am interested in that
    vehicle from Lexus. What's with that style
    of armrest anyway? Those are usually found
    on minivans, not SUV's. I wish Lexus would
    just redesign the center console higher up
    to also be used as an armrest instead of that
    hideous armrest connected to the seat. I
    think the GX SUV has this also.

    Lexus, if any of you are listening, get rid
    of those silly armrests!!!
  • SammyS,

    I just used Excel software to create a spreadsheet that calculates the entire formula for me. I put in several scenarios and printed them out. That way I am not fumbling with my calculator and trying to keep up with all the numbers they throw at me.

    I have to appear like I know what I am doing in there, you know.

  • Now you have me curious about these mysterious armrests. What are they sloped inward? LOL. Even though I am not interested in the SUV, the next time I go to the dealer, I will have to try them out. :D
  • sammyssammys Posts: 30
    Ok, here's the quote I received from a LI NY dealer (it was valid as of 6/30/2006):
    Premium package, 36 months 12k miles, msrp of 37400, sell for 35425, payment of $489.

    What do you all think?
    Also, does anyone know the current money factor from LFS (it was .00255)

  • robynlrobynl Posts: 38
    I am getting ready to lease ES350 UL. Several questions:

    What is the money factor (Excellent credit) and can that vary by dealer and region?
    What additional fees should I be expected to pay and which can I negotiate out? Is doc. fee and acquisition fee the same thing?
    Can I pay the taxes and additional fees up front instead of putting them in my lease payment? Not sure I will want to do that, just asking? Is this not a good idea? I'd like to keep payment down.
    I got a quote of$1000 off sticker price of $44,044. They've had one UL at my dealership since they introduced the ES.
    Based on my lease calculations thru Edmunds I come up with a payment of about $676 including the tax.
    Money factor of .00255
    Residual of 60%
    No extra money down

    This seems rather low compared to others. Am I figuring something incorrectly?
  • newkid300newkid300 Posts: 18
    I recently posted my deal with my money factor of .00161 which is accurate. however, the dealer used Toyota Motor Credit Corporation, not LFS. Good idea to get the payments down. I have read in here that he LFS money factor is .00225.(5.4% as opposed to my 3.864%)
  • Robynl,

    I came up with a monthly payment of $691.43. I did it for 36 months (you did not specify) and calculated the tax in my state (CA) which is .0825. Not sure what state you are in. I did it first on a calculator and then on my spreadsheet to double check my work.

    So when are you going to make your move? Seems like you and I are one of the few left that have not purchased yet. :)

    Royal Ruby, right?
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    If Newkid and I are thinking of the same
    thing, the armrest on the RX is attached to
    the seatback. For instance, if you're in the
    driver's seat, it's attached to the side of
    your seatback on your right. It can also be
    raised up, which helps somewhat, but I'm used
    to having the center consoles in my cars high
    up enough that I can rest my elbow on that,
    particularly on longer trips. The RX center
    console doesn't sit up high, it only slides
    backwards and forwards.
    That's how the mini-van picture comes to my
    mind because I believe mini-vans have these
    armrests; if not on the front seats, in the
    back seats if they have captain's chairs.

    By the way, the lease support for the RX350
    seems to be very aggressive here in the Tampa
    Bay Area.
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